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Traffic rider the great android bike racing game
30 May 2019
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Traffic rider the great android bike racing game ...part 2
30 May 2019
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Motorcycle Rider - Racing of Motor Bike - Racing game by Enjoysports - Gameplay Description by Developer Motorcycle rider is the most realistic highway racing game on smartphones of this year, with addictive racing gameplay! Now, FREE for you! An extreme style of motorcycle racing with the best game modes. Plenty of racing tracks and scenes are waiting for you to explore. You are the most shining star in this race. Choosing the sporty, smart and cool motor in your huge garage, starting the engine, touching to accelerate, tilting the motorcycle, clipping along the road! Speed up! Gallop! Rush! Crash! Shuttle! Overtake! Just experience the thrill of handling the hundreds km/h crazy monster. Enjoy extreme racing game with your fantastic motor! #bringiton #bringitongameplays #gameplay #androidgames #downloadgames #mobilegames #gameplay #racing #bikeracing #motorcycleracing #heavybike #trafficrider
26 Mar 2019
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Dirtmania is an all-ATV dirt track based in Bangalore. Its focus has been to give people the experience of riding race oriented quad bikes in a controlled and focused environment. *******
23 Mar 2011
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Dirtmania provides all the riding needs on location, from the Vehicles and Fuel to complete Safety Gear. We house two race derived ATVs for the enthusiasts and regulars. Our stable also has five mid-segment bikes for the casual riders and those who do not yet wish to give speed demons a run for their money. *******
23 Mar 2011
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Thumb Car Racing 3D Android Racing Games Discover Thumb Car Racing, the car racing game that can be played with the thumb in portrait mode, entirely free (all extra contents in the game are free)
31 Dec 2017
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Classic Game Room reviews MOTO GP 10/11 for Playstation 3 PS3, also available for Xbox 360. This motorcycle racing game published by Capcom has smooth visuals and an excellent track selection to deliver arcade style motorcyle racing that is fun and playable. This CGR review of Moto GP 10/11 has gameplay from Moto GP 10/11 on PS3 showing Moto GP bike racing game play videogame action on Playstation 3 (also available for Xbox 360) in this video review of Moto GP 10/11.
17 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews DUCATI WORLD RACING CHALLENGE for the Sega Dreamcast from 2001. Heres one of the most forgettable Sega Dreamcast driving games out there, Ducati World. While the game is certainly dated by todays standards it also pales in comparison to some of the really good racing games on Dreamcast like Ferrari F355 Challenge, Sega GT and Test Drive LeMans. Its not all bad though, Ducati World does have a fine selection of new and classic Ducati motorcycles to choose from, a small variety of courses and some halfway playable gameplay. The fact is the driving in this game feels nothing at all like driving. At no point does it feel like the bike has contact with the road, leaning from one side to the other is awkward and not terribly well done and the music is terrible beyond imagination. The Moto GP series blows this to pieces. Players do get a behind the bike view, first person cockpit view and crashes where your rider slides down the road and explodes into flames. Well, not the flame part. That would be awesome! This CGR review of Ducati World Racing Challenge has gameplay from Ducati World on Sega Dreamcast showing this bike racing game in action. Only for really hardcore Ducati motorcycle fans wanting a motorcycle racing game with their brand on it.
5 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of SBK X: Superbike World Championship from Milestone and Deep Silver for the PlayStation 3. SBK X: Superbike World Championship is also available for the Xbox 360 and PC. It's a bike racing game broken into three main modes. You've got arcade, simulation and multiplayer...pretty self-explanatory stuff. If you play through the arcade mode, Superbike World Championship is a lot more lenient with its implementation of physics and gravity. The bike won't fall over, things are a bit more arcadey...only they're not really very arcadey. This video review features video gameplay footage of SBK X: Superbike World Championship for the PlayStation 3 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
23 Oct 2012
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Moto-Cross review. *******www.ClassicGameRoom**** Shop for your used games on ebay through CGR! Classic Game Room reviews MOTO-CROSS for Intellivision from Mattel released in 1982! Moto-Cross is an ambitious dirt bike racing game with an Off Road or R.C. Pro-Am viewing angle played on a 1979-era game console! There's three tracks to choose from and a track editor that allows racers to create their own dirt bike tracks with jumps and turns. Motocross video game review shows Moto-Cross Intellivision gameplay recorded from the Intellivision II. You can race one or two-player races in Motocross vs. the computer or your friends! Gameplay may be a bit slow and sluggish, but for a 1982 game Motocross is very cool and worthy of being in your Intellivision game library.
9 Jan 2013
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Trials Frontier - Racing game by Ubisoft Entertainment - Gameplay Description by Developer Play the mobile version of the best-selling and critically-acclaimed Trials series, by the award-winning developer RedLynx! Experience the ultimate SKILL-BASED BIKE RACING GAME for free, on your smartphone and tablet! “Looking like the real deal.” - Pocket Gamer Trials Frontier is unlike any other bike or car racing game you’ve played before! Ride your motorcycles on extremely addictive tracks while you perform slick wheelies, crazy jumps, mid-air flips and menacing stunts! Battle players from around the world and dominate global leaderboards on every track! Race, explore, upgrade, and compete. Accept no substitutes! #bringiton #bringitongameplays #gameplay #androidgames #downloadgames #mobilegames #gameplay #trialsfrontier #motocross #racing
30 Apr 2019
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