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It's a well-established fact that it's stupid to be cracking wheelies on a public road, but this driver straight up annihilated this guy on the bike.
18 Aug 2019
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Some bright individual thought that bikes don't need parking space and decided to ram into a parked bike. That's just terrible.
22 Aug 2019
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Maybe the dogs are intimated by the sounds produced by a motorcycle or they have territorial issues. Either way, dogs and other stray animals are responsible for many accidents like these.
14 Sep 2019
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This woman on a scooter just comes in front of a biker and makes him crash because he had panic braked to avoid a collision.
19 Aug 2019
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You may have worn almost every style, channeled the famous celebrities you admire and you might have rock every cut, but your wardrobe is missing this heart-throb Vintage Café Racer Brown Leather Jacket,
5 Sep 2019
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+ Author : Neil Gaiman (Author), Terry Pratchett (Author), Martin Jarvis (Narrator) + Format : MP3 ( without DRM – You can listen on many Other Devices ) + You will get link download from Dropbox when Completed Purchase ! + Listening Length : 4 hours and 19 minutes + Language : English There is a distinct hint of Armageddon in the air. According to The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch (recorded, thankfully, in 1655, before she blew up her entire village and all its inhabitants, who had gathered to watch her burn), the world will end on a Saturday. Next Saturday, in fact. So the armies of Good and Evil are amassing, the Four Bikers of the Apocalypse are revving up their mighty hogs and hitting the road, and the world’s last two remaining witch-finders are getting ready to fight the good fight, armed with awkwardly antiquated instructions and stick pins. Atlantis is rising, frogs are falling, tempers are flaring. . . . Right. Everything appears to be going according to Divine Plan. Except that a somewhat fussy angel and a fast-living demon — each of whom has lived among Earth’s mortals for many millennia and has grown rather fond of the lifestyle — are not particularly looking forward to the coming Rapture. If Crowley and Aziraphale are going to stop it from happening, they’ve got to find and kill the Antichrist (which is a shame, as he’s a really nice kid). There’s just one glitch: someone seems to have misplaced him. . . . First published in 1990, Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s brilliantly dark and screamingly funny take on humankind’s final judgment is back — and just in time — in a new hardcover edition (which includes an introduction by the authors, comments by each about the other, and answers to some still-burning questions about their wildly popular collaborative effort) that the devout and the damned alike will surely cherish until the end of all things.
19 Aug 2019
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Quinta canción del noveno (sin contar la recopilación de 2015 "Frankenstomp: Singles, Rarities & More 1993-2014") e interesantísimo álbum del grupo instrumental y de música surfera Satan's Pilgrims, el también llamado "Siniestro" (2017, su genial portada en el centro de la imagen del vídeo), con el que sus cinco miembros (Dave, Scott, Bobby -estos tres, encargados de la guitarras y Dave también de la Farfisa-, John -bajo- y Ted -batería-, todos ellos apellidados Pilgrim -"Peregrino"- artísticamente) conmemoraban los 25 años de la formación de la banda. Con canciones de títulos tan curiosos como "El Cid" o "Manzanita", en este disco contaban con la colaboración del saxo de Justin Thompson. La banda Satan's Pilgrims ("Los peregrinos de Satanás") se formó en 1992 luego de una serie de fiestas caseras organizadas por los miembros del grupo, todos ellos de Portland, Oregon. Con una sonora atmósfera tenebrosa con ciertas reminiscencias a las viejas películas de horror y bajo presupuesto, no por casualidad el quinteto saca su nombre de la película de Al Adamson "Satan's Sadists" ("Los sádicos de Satanás", 1969), film representativo del género biker (películas moteras) y de pandillas. Recordando inevitablemente a canciones de películas de Tarantino, amén de por su genial música, pronto destacarían por sus trajes de vampiros (de hecho su tema "Vampiro" es de los más escuchados en YouTube), capas incluidas, para acabar convirtiéndose hoy en día en acaso la banda instrumental de surf más influyente del mundo.
9 Sep 2019
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These rebel bikers always do as they like and won't listen to nobody
13 Jul 2006
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This biker is tired. His friends decided to help him out...
6 Sep 2006
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Check out the view of this 7 mile downhill looking backwards from Adventure-Biker's bike! *this video has no audio*
15 Oct 2006
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Mont Biker
24 Oct 2006
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An amazing skills done by a biker
30 Nov 2006
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