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Tonight, on That's Bizarre, UFO Hunting Equipment You Can Buy Online. Are you ready to check out what's going on at Area 51? Thousands of people are, but do you have the right equipment to track down a UFO? For years people have caught UFOs on their cameras. As you look at these pictures, some are old and some are more recent, but imagine what you could do with better equipment. There's nothing like being in the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment. UFO Hunting Equipment You Can Buy Online: 1. The SpaceProbe 130ST Telescope is on UFOStop 2. The EVP Band Wrist Recorder is on UFOStop 3. The Full Spectrum POV Camcorder is on UFOStop 4. The Scenix 7x50 Night Vision Binoculars is on UFOStop 5. The FLIR Thermal Cam TG165 is on UFOStop 6. The K2 Deluxe With Sound Alert is on UFOStop ╚═► Voice Over/Narrator: DHS ╚═► The "royalty-free" music is "Apex - Futuristic Background Music" by COAG Music
18 Aug 2019
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*******www.inbux****/camera/ Click Here for Binocular Digital Camera - Take Closeup Photos From Over A Mile Away!
5 Oct 2007
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*******www****videotv.blogspot**** Playing soccer while wearing binoculars is not easy.
22 Nov 2007
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A soccer game where everyone wore a binocular
29 Nov 2007
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How to make Gunsights and Binoculars using a video editing program. Difficulty: 2 out of 5 Editing Requirements: Chroma Key (in some cases) Thanks for watching!
8 Jan 2008
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takeshi kitano show - binocular football match
9 Jan 2008
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Great ans simple solution for a amateur telephotography. In this video used regular stillcamera and cheap binoculars. zoom in a amazing 30X(or even more).
21 Jan 2008
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Binocular football :)
6 Jul 2008
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The team players are wearing binocular. They don't know where is the ball.. Very Funny! :D I can't stop laughing... ENJOY IT!!!!!!
10 Oct 2008
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Stylish Pocket Binoculars is perfect to meet a wide range of observers' need from students of nature to concertgoer. It is ideal for vacation, travel, watch sporting events, observe nature or just enjoy the outdoors.
8 Jan 2010
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This astounding little pair of binoculars records video too. It's like being in the front row at your favorite sporting event--and then being able to take the memories home. Available at Gadget Universe.
26 Nov 2008
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Visit Binocularsale**** - *******www.binocularsale**** Interested in the Carson NoShock?: *******www.binocularsale****/Compact-Binoculars/Carson-Compact-Binoculars/Noshock-Ns-025-Compact-Binocular.html
5 May 2009
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*******www*** UK Binoculars Direct specialise in qhality binoculars and scopes at discount prices. Leica, Zeiss, Bushnell, Horizon ans Adler to name a few. Free UK Delivery.
26 Jun 2009
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*******www*** Birdwatching is a facinating hobby and you can get started very easily and cheaply. Just watch this video to see how
30 Jun 2009
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The Digital Binocular Station (DBS) is based on a traditional binocular station, but adds a layer of interactive, 3D stereoscopic digital content between the user and their view of the real world. *******www.DigitalBinocularStation**** This DBS is in the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch, New Zealand - 10 artifacts are glowing, and when looked at for 3 seconds, come to life in various ways. The main aim was to add a deeper layer of context and understanding to the artifacts - how they were made, how they were used or experienced in their original environment and the stories or legends that are associated with them. Bring your location to life and create a new revenue stream: Increase interest, relevance and accessibility of your location with this unique, compelling installation. Create another revenue stream with its pay per use (e.g. coin-operated) features. Peace of mind - robust, self-contained, easy to use, and has a small footprint. Affordable - available to lease, and can be paid for by a fraction of the revenue collected.
10 Nov 2009
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*******safari-binoculars.blogspot****/ Safari binoculars Choosing binoculars for a safari, wildlife observation and identification, african safari ideas, bird watching, destinations for wildlife. *******safari-binoculars.blogspot****/
15 Nov 2009
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