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SDSU Biodiesel
11 Apr 2007
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Make Biodiesel while you sleep Call 866-605-6431
25 Oct 2007
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Biodiesel production
7 Nov 2007
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Biodiesel production
9 Nov 2007
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Biodiesel production
9 Nov 2007
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Biodiesel production
9 Nov 2007
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Sustainable Living students at Maharishi University created a biodiesel processor.
7 Dec 2007
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A walkthrough of the steps required to make biodiesel at home and start driving your car for 65 cents / gallon!
13 Dec 2007
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First car powered by algal biodiesel to demonstrate real-world driving at Sundance Solazyme, Inc., a synthetic biology company unleashing the power of aquatic microbes to create clean and scalable solutions for biofuel, industrial chemical, and health and wellness markets, today revealed the first ever algae-derived biodiesel fuel (Soladiesel™) to have undergone road testing by successfully powering a factory-standard automobile for long distances under typical driving conditions. The car and fuel will make their public debuts at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, where they are also featured in Fields of Fuel, Josh Tickell's documentary about renewable fuels. Soladiesel biodiesel is clean, renewable, environmentally sustainable and scalable.
27 Jan 2008
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How to make a biodiesel from animal fat? My BMW 525 TDS loves it... i love 1/10 of costs... :o) Very good and very cheap fuel, for diesel engines. Fumes smell like a doughnuts :o) Power sleeping in pigs !!! How to call such a car? Pigwagen? :D
16 Mar 2008
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LOS VIEJOS GIGANTES TEMEN AL CAMBIO The most abundant element in our universe is Hydrogen Atoms have a rather peculiar behaviour they love to be shared They join forming ... todos » molecules, exchanging their electrons Each atom remains complete for a short period of time, this relation seems to make them happy. The energy generated by fuels is usually a reaction between Hydrogen and Oxygen. Carbon plays an important role, since it's the natural container of Hydrogen If we add Hydrogen to the carbon we get a fuel: wood adding more Hydrogen, we get a paraffin or oil \"Biodiesel\" adding an alcohol \"Petrol\" and adding a methane gas \" Natural gas \" What we need to get a fuel is: Hydrogen and Carbon Hydrogen can be found abundantly in compounds like water but a lot of energy is needed to divide it from the Oxygen \"let's allow others make this work' Bacteria usually carry out this process If we pay attention in pools or in rivers's backwaters we will see a thin oil's layer, which is produced by bacteria on having extracted the hydrogen what we we need to our experient is: Water and Carbon \"organic residues are free and contain a lot of Carbon \" Hydrogen and Carbon we crush the rubbish with a mixer then we add water Once we get an homogeneous mass, we add bacteria, in order to extract the Hydrogen from the water, this one remains mixed with its own carbon We beat all again and we let work the bacteria for a few days After this, we get an oil's layer that we can extract for decantation In this process we also get methane, that we can store after having extracted the paraffin, we can distil the mixture getting a methanol Finally we let the rest of carbon dry off, being able to be used as charcoal The CO2 expelled to the atmosphere, completes his cycle in 72 hours as it comes from vegetable material it is considered as neutral for the pollution's effects \" The paraffin is filtered and mixed with lighter oils, which dissolve impurities \" We have carried out a few changes in our vehicle Mainly the change of the pipe that gives the fuel from the tank, since this one is denser we have also changed the injectors for some one bigger With an adjustment of the carburation, the car will be ready to use the new biodiesel Our car doesn't know if the fuel comes from organic wastes or from a splendid maize or sunflower's seeds It takes one year that a maize's crop or sunflower's crop grow it needs a lot of space and and a lot of care. however a bacteria's crop is ready in few days. OLD GIANTS ARE AFRAID OF CHANGE energy is decentralized and nowadays many people get their own energy, showing us how will be the future The global network \"Internet\" has changed the way people interact with information Now, the change is coming to the energy industry «
13 Mar 2008
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The T-CO ClearView™ tank is designed to optimize the viewing and analysis of each critical stage of processing, as in this example, Biodiesel and its by-products.
28 May 2008
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biodiesel oil
5 Aug 2008
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Learn how to make a batch of biodiesel without leaving your home, school or business. Using our state-of-the art elearning facilities, you may attend our seminars from any location that has a computer and a high-speed Internet connection.
12 Aug 2008
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The guys at Parleys *******www.parleysdieselperformance****/ Diesel Performance Parts and Graydon Blair of *******www.utahbiodieselsupply****/ team up to bring you more information on how to brew your own biodiesel and cover topics such as gel points and bio diesel performance.
17 Aug 2008
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