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Family Filter: I wanna say that I have always been smart about what I ate and how I exercised. That I never neglected to research proper form on routine executions resulting in disproportionate muscle development. Or that I always replenished my body with water before, during and after workouts. But the truth is: At first, I didn't. It took a hernia surgery, constant muscle cramping, soreness and fatigue to really push me into educating myself about how to build a healthy body and mind. My journey taught me to have patience when searching for results on my way to achieving total overall health. Fitness is about how you feel when you are 70, not how you look when you are 20. I wan to educate others what it means to be healthy on the inside and out!
Hello folks, this is my second review of PhrmacyEscrow****, when I re-ordered my Hcg, it came in the mail approximately two weeks, everything was packaged very well again, nothing was broken and I’m looking forward to start doing the second phase of the Hcg diet. During the first phase, I did it for about 34 days, the reason being that I started to become a little immune to it and I started getting a little hungry before the actual 42 - 43 day period, I did manage to lose 30 pounds and I’ve kept them off, this has been about two months now since I’ve been off to the first phase. I am a diabetic and I use insulin and since I’ve lost the 30 pounds, my insulin use has dramatically reduced, as a matter of fact I went to the doctor and had blood work taking care of and the doctor told me that the results are very good, my blood looked very good and I’m at the lowest level of the diabetes I have ever been, he then told me that if I lose another 20-30 pounds, I might be off to insulin altogether. The reason that I didn’t lose more than 30 pounds is because I couldn’t stay to this trick 500 calorie a day diet because of the insulin used and it would make my blood sugar come down a little bit too far but I was staying around the 800 calorie range and I still manage to lose weight. I’ve had friends that have followed the diet to the 500 calorie a day and they have managed to lose 45 to 48 pounds actually in their phase alone, I have a friend that has finished second phase and she’s lost 84 pounds which is unbelievable, you don’t go hungry whatsoever and you feel satisfied with the little meal you eat, so, the Hcg does work and Pharmacy Escrow, it is a good company because they do send you the products, like promised, very well packaged and their customer support, phone number and website is excellent, every time I’ve needed them, I’ve called them up and they’ve answered my questions and taken care of me, really good, this is what I call good customer service, so, I highly recommend PharmacyEscrow****
26 Oct 2010
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A little holiday cheer is nice, but there is often someone who takes it a bit too far.
6 Dec 2011
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