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watch the zamalek black panther (next ronaldinho) this guy is only 22 years old and he's an artist and really great potential to be one of the greates players ever... isa u'll watch him in next club world cup with zamalek:)
25 May 2007
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In this animated clip from the documentary CHICAGO 10, Black Panther leader Bobby Seale argues for his right to defend himself against charges of conspiring to start a riot during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. For more on this film by Brett Morgen and Participant Media, TakePart****/chicago10. In theaters now.
6 Mar 2008
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Sidney Blackmer (Rosemary’s Baby) stars as a sharp minded police commissioner out to solve a baffling murder in The Panther’s Claw. A creepy wig maker is caught by police traipsing through a cemetery at night, and they hardly believe him when he claims to have been sent there by a blackmailer known as The Black Panther. After a little looking in to the minor oddity, Blackmer is forced to pounce on the wig maker when his girlfriend is found murdered. But none of the clues add up, and Blackmer must search through deception and misdirection to find the truth. The Panther’s Claw is a taut and tense mystery full of plausible and engaging suspects that remains unsolvable to the very end.
8 Apr 2008
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This is a music video about the Black Panther Party. Featuring: Bobby Seale, Huey P. Newton, Fred Hampton Sr., Assata Shakur, and others
22 Jan 2010
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Fred Hampton was a Black Panther. He created change in his community and spoke his mind. The FBI and The Chicago Police conspired to kill him for this. He was assassinated on Dec 4th 1969
20 Jun 2008
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John Sinclair has a rather interesting history. John Lennon preformed and helped free Mr. Sinclair after he was jailed for two joints, Sinclair was a White Panther, an off shoot of the Black Panther party, Manager of the MC5 and was basically on the front lines of REVOLUTION in the early 60's. We met with John while he was in New Orleans visiting his daughter. Beware - his words ain't easy to shake.
20 Jun 2008
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Barack Obama's entire life seems to be a trail of foreign, Communist, and Anti-American influences. A complete list would take a two hour movie at least, but you can get a quick overview here in time to make an informed decision of your own on election day. A 'Must See' video, in time to understand today's unfolding drama in American politics. Who was Frank Marshall Davis, and what does his FBI file really say? What did Obama learn from Davis? Who is Khalid Al Mansour, the prime backer of Obama, and what is his objective for America? Why did the Black Panther Party re-form to support Obama? From Washington to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, to Indonesia and beyond, the web encompasses the world.
17 Aug 2009
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Ayers and Obama have worked together on books for at least 21 years, and have cooperated in funneling tens of millions of dollars to leftist indoctrination progammes for youth. All this you may have already known. What is even more chilling is this expose' on how William Ayers is planning to implement their mutual Marxist ideology, should Ayers attain influence on Obama through their long standing relationship. Larry Grathwohl penetrated the Weather Underground to bring this fist hand account of Ayers' (and the Weather Underground's) plans. As you may know, Ayers remains unrepentant to this day, and lives just a few houses away from Barack Hussein Obama. Obama's flimsy and ever-shifting denials of his relationship with Ayers have all but completely disintegrated. Furthermore, the prime backer of Obama, Khalid Al Mansour, was a legal assistant to the Black Panther Party (with an office next door). It is known from testimony of Weather Underground members that the BPP and Weather Underground worked "very closely" together. Therefore it it likely that Mansour (who was advising Obama even before he moved from Hawaii, under the tutelage of Communist agent Frank Marshall Davis), was working with Ayers and Dohrn simultaneously.
5 Nov 2008
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Song - Crystal Castles "Black Panther" / Weird / Fast / Random / Rave / Light / Livelavalive
30 Oct 2008
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Alexa brings you a bevy of Hollywood news with Thor, Black Panther and Captain America, checks in with UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture and unveils the Weekly Watcher World Premiere of SECRET INVASION: INHUMANS #4!
20 Nov 2008
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24 Mar 2010
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Someone is trying to kill Lila Hilliard. During the Christmas holidays she returns from running errands to find her family home in flames, her father and brother trapped inside. Later, she is attacked by a mysterious man on a motorcycle. . . and the threats don’t end there. As Lila desperately tries to piece together who is after her and why, she uncovers information about her father’s past in Chicago during the volatile days of the late 1960s . . . information he never shared with her, but now threatens to destroy her. Part thriller, part historical novel, and part love story, Set the Night on Fire paints an unforgettable portrait of Chicago during a turbulent time: the riots at the Democratic Convention . . . the struggle for power between the Black Panthers and SDS . . . and a group of young idealists who tried to change the world.
4 Dec 2010
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