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Barack Hussein Obama is not black, he's bi-racial. The message was preached on 26 September 2008.
2 Oct 2008
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Mario visits with KJLH morning host, Guy Black at the Tavis Smiley Foundation 8th Annual Salute To Youth Leadership. More information at Pax Stereo Tv (
6 Oct 2008
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At a black smith we saw the processing of iron into a chopper. The ritmic hammering was amazing. Inle-lake Myanmar.
7 Oct 2008
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David & Raina Spates Bring you a story from the Dr. Suess character "The Black Cat In The Hat". Check out some of David's other videos on his page like "The Dark Knight Batman 2 Spoof", "Curse Words","Just Say No (Part 2)" "Talking With Dave#12 - 420 pound 8 year old"," "The First Black Homosexual", and many others with more to come! Don't forget to add me as a friend and subscribe. :-) Also if you have a Myspace, Facebook, or tagged account, please add me there too. Just search for my name. David Spates :-) P.S. You can buy David Spates Internet Videos #1 (1 hour long) at www.myspace****/davidspates
17 Feb 2009
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NOTE: For a quick overall view skip to 8:25. Pretty much shows the case completed Info: 2000+ 1 inch wooden cubes 4 Elmer's glue wood bottles Right hand is power button Mouth is dvd tray Fan controller/Media reader on bottom 7 port usb on shoulder (4top/3bototm) Weighs ALOT :D Hat IS removable (for travel) 2 250mm fans. Finished about 2 weeks ago. This is my first case mod of any sort and the first time I actually made something. I had to pretty much buy/borrow stuff as I needed it b/c I don't have any tools in my studio apartment :D. I had the idea for this case in January but did not order the wood until late june and began the recording. This is about 50-60 hours of video into 8 minutes. I put alot of unrecorded hours in also. Not positive on total time spent on this case. My goal was to make it look 8 bit from any side you look at it. I've had some remarks that it resembles the wizard from super mario bro's which is understandable with the rod and all. Edit: It got entered into a competition, *******moddingcomp.custompc******/project/301/Black+Mage If anyone has a second to vote I would appreciate it. Would be neat to win with my first case mod :)
29 Nov 2009
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We caught up with Black Thought - lead mc from the legendary "Roots" crew - about his trip to South Africa and what he thinks about the state of the Hip Hop industry right now.
9 Oct 2008
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AMV about Black Lady Song by: Arvil Lavigne
12 Feb 2009
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Who vould imagine that there was a black hole in the earth
17 Oct 2008
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Deleted Scenes from "The New Black Nerd". She-Ra, freestyle rap, and a hot, sexy girl in a Scooby-Doo costume. Big special thanks to Natalie Howe for doing this. She's funny! *******www.blacknerdcomedy****
11 Sep 2009
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The Peoples' String Foundation perform 'Red Dress Woman In Black' for their RouteNoteTV session.
16 Oct 2008
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Black Bean Recipe from SimpleFoodie****. People are always judged by their Black Beans. People will say he/she makes some great beans. This is your classic recipe for Cuban Black Beans. You have the black beans that are still a bit firm in that silky juice that is full of flavor. These can easily be eaten on their own.
16 Oct 2008
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This is my personal opinion about the Black Hair Documentary. I think as black people we need to come together as a community and work to succeed as a team. T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More. United We Stand, Divided We Fail. Whether its the Black Hair Industry, Food services, mechanics...Whatever. We need to stick together.
16 Oct 2008
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