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Une animation test sous blender, physic avec un voile, du vent et une interaction avec un objet et une suface plane.
4 Dec 2006
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This is just a short 3D clip of things I did with a free 3d package called blender during 2006. I hope you enjoy this video and if you do you can see more at *******www.myspace****/phongthesizer or www.glesca******
19 Dec 2006
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try this in blender 3d
11 Feb 2007
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This is what I have done so far for my intro animation I will put on the next video for the website im working on, keyframing in Blender rocks as you shall see from the video, enjoy...
13 Feb 2007
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Just tried to pour some simulated 3D water over a logo in blender 3D, this is what happened
15 Feb 2007
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This is the first peice I have managed to get with a changed background. This little movie shows a little animation of a head and logo for the picture in the background. Peri have a gig on next month and details of this can be found on my site at www.glesca******, thankyou for watching my first chroma keying experiment....
18 Feb 2007
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Just faffing about making 3D objects an then animating them as per....
18 Feb 2007
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A short animation with this months Peri gig in mind on the 27th. Again using blender I have managed to do a short cool looking video, sorta, of a fender guitar model that can be customized at a later date in blender, thanks for reading and watching, marty out.....
4 Mar 2007
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This is a series of short animations that I created in Blender. Look for more soon!
1 Apr 2007
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Okay, having spent an absolute age trying to animate stuff in blender for various reasons I started to do this wikibooks tutorial with blender, called box dude. So I boned him up and he didn't move. Then I learned that the principal of the thing is the same if your animating anything like rotating and moving the camera by changing frames and hitting 'I' then selecting 'locrot' so this little video is just my experiments with that but ,well, let me know if you think I should animate the robot guy ill be posting on my page under the main 3D gallery at www.glesca****** on Sunday, thanks for reading, Marty out...
4 Apr 2007
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This is a to make an easter egg in the 3D anim / render tool called Blender 3D available free from www.blender**** . I hope you enjoy my little first attempt at a Blender Video Tutorial. Happy Easter
9 Apr 2007
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Animation of yin and yang in 3D made in Blender. Note the precise fit of the "ball" in the hole. Amazing!
14 Jul 2007
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