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This geep is made from pieces only found in the Mindstorms NXT set appart from the wheels and the speed computer. it is controlled remotely by an sony erricson mobile phone via bluetooth. It is the biggest project i have made so far as it uses nearly all the pieces in the set. I have been working on it non stop for 2 days now. The steering uses 2 worm gear screws and one motor. in the program, it moves 15 degrese in one direction, then 15 in another. I had some difficulties on giving them enought room to move but still it can only in large circles. The rear bumper uses the touch sensor to register a bump from behind. I expanded its range by putting a long beam onto it and the added the rubber pieces to cushion it a bit. The front bumper is just ther to look good! I use this to take note of how far the geep has gone and how long it has been running for. It is connected to the rear axell and it can also tell me the speed at which the car is moving. you can email me with questions or comments at airkraft-nxthotmail******
14 Feb 2007
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bluetooth function, file transfer,,,,,,,,
26 Apr 2007
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Bluetooth Marketing - TeriZone**** system is the sort of a marketplace connecting businesses (brands, retailers, content and information providers) and consumers all over the world in one place. Although TeriZone is a global system, it serves the needs of location based services: the consumers registering in the system give the permission for the businesses to contact them through Bluetooth in the proximity area of the points of sales of the businesses.
29 Apr 2007
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Identify and remember your customer through bluetooth. TeriMobile**** has developed a comprehensive web-based platform for Bluetooth communication projects. The main idea that the platform serves is delivering fully personalized information to the mobile phones through Bluetooth. The mobile users will have a chance to set up their preferences and receive free deliveries only where they want them, when they want them and from the brands they prefer.
29 Apr 2007
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Chatterbox X1 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Communicator Annual Events/Gallery *******www.motorhelmets****/gallery website *******www.motorhelmets****
30 Jul 2007
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Bluetooth marketing
8 Oct 2007
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The interesting thing about this lil pup is not the pair of tin-can speakers, but the inclusion of a variety of controls to flip tracks and such while your Bluetooth phone or DAP is tucked away safely in your man-sack.
17 Oct 2007
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iBlue launches a unique Bluetooth marketing solution in MENA
29 Oct 2007
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bluetooth hacking en direct
23 Nov 2007
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A very ingenious device allowing bluetooth enabled phones to be used to make and receive calls while driving that might just save your licence
24 Nov 2007
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This video demonstrates how to connect your wii controller through bluetooth to use cool programs through a script editor called glovepie and use the wiimote in programs like virtual drums.
12 Dec 2007
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The YP-S5's Bluetooth feature allows users to connect their Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to the player, essentially turning it into a hands-free speakerphone.
14 Dec 2007
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