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Best known for our Custom Tournament Sportfishing Boats, Whiticar Boat Works has also been a full service repair facility since 1947. Our "Southern" hospitality and professional service together with over 60 years of experience makes it possible for us to tackle any job. Profiles Series (Profiles Productions LLC) Features (Whiticar) Show: The Profiles Series Executive Producer Wali Waiters FILMED BY the Profiles Series Produced by Profiles Productions LLC
2 Aug 2007
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12 Jun 2019
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Maggie and Travis are restoring two boats. This video shows them tackling their respective projects. Learn more at DogOnBoat****
6 May 2010
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This instructional video by Scuba**** describes the two major types of fins available. There is the paddle fin and the split fin. The paddle fin uses more effort from your leg to push the water. It’s similar to a boat paddle, whereas the split fin is similar to how a propeller from a boat works. The water goes through the blade and creates vortices that push you along. Ultimately the split fin reduces the amount of energy you use, and it saves your air because you’re using less energy.
29 Aug 2007
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how can the tug boat works
17 Nov 2008
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30 Jun 2010
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20 Jan 2013
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