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Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house four wallflowers were scheming matchmaking and dreaming. Rafe Bowman has been instructed to marry a peer. Unfortunately, he can't stop thinking about…or kissing, her companion! This ride in the sleigh is fun, funny and feel good! A book that will make you smile, laugh and sigh with delight! What a perfect gift! The gift of love. ISBN:978-0312533786 *******www.lisakleypas**** Genre(s) of this book romance, historical, comedy
23 Aug 2008
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Bad Boys On Board, Bad Boys To Go and Bad Boys in Black Tie have something in common. The Watson Brothers. This is the reissue all in one book with those devilishly handsome Watson Brothers. Bad boys have never been so good! *******www.lorifoster**** Genre(s) of this book romance adventure contemporary
24 Aug 2008
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The magical tairen were dying, and only the Fey King's bride could save them. Rain had defied powerful nobles to claim her, battled demons and Elden mages to wed her. Now, he would risk everything to protect his kingdom, help his truemate embrace her magic and forge the unbreakable bond that alone could save her soul. ISBN# (13 Digit)- 978-0843960594 *******www.clwilson**** Genre(s) of this book Fantasy romance
30 Aug 2008
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True love never dies… From the national bestselling author whose sexy stories "you will not soon forget"(Romance Review) comes a brand-new, sinfully sexy romantic suspense novel. Her psychic gift drove away the man she loved— and years later has drawn him back to her… ISBN# (13 Digit)- 978-0425224380 *******shilohwalker**** Genre(s) of this book Romantic paranormal suspense
31 Aug 2008
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Downsized manager Frank Moon dies and is whisked away to an afterlife. There, Frank learns about human warmth and is asked to return to earth to use it. With this story of challenge and risk, comes an original seven-song soundtrack that provides a rich rock-and-roll accompaniment to Frank's spiritual journey. *******www.afterlifecrisis**** ISBN # 978-1-934454-24-4 Genre(s) mainstream fiction
3 Sep 2008
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Recurring nightmares and visions drive an heiress to probe her past-life memories and uncover the depths of her grandfather’s evil: a runaway conspiracy that threatens her and all her friends.
5 Sep 2008
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Rafe Bowman has been instructed to marry a peer. Unfortunately, he can't stop thinking about…or kissing, her companion! A book that will make you smile, laugh and sigh with delight! What a perfect gift! The gift of love. *******www.lisakleypas****
25 Dec 2009
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Harmony is a straight laced professional and spends once a year with six college friends enjoying a week of wild sex. This year, however, she is involved in a serious relationship. She’s afraid if she tells Aiden, she’ll lose him. When he decides to join her… then his ex-girlfriend shows up… Harmony realizes her problems have only begun. *******www.opalcarew**** Genre: erotic romance contemporary ISBN# (13 Digit)- 978-0312384791
1 Sep 2010
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In A Worthy Legacy the first book from author Tomi Akinyanmi, A young girl goes to her hometown to join her family at her grandfather's deathbed. As they say their goodbyes, grandpa shares with them lessons he has learned about living life, rather than merely surviving it. *******www.AWorthyLegacy**** *******tomilade****/ Genre(s) of this book INSPIRATIONAL; SELF-HELP; MOTIVATIONAL
12 Sep 2008
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Terrorist Force Logistic Assault Command is TFLAC and the men there fight for the lives of those they are sworn to protect and for those they love. Classified missions, adventure, high tech and fast paced. The only thing more remarkable than their mission is their secret, they are wizards. Cherry Adair brings her highly acclaimed TFLAC series to a trilogy that offers action, adventure and romance. Night Fall. Night Secrets. Night Shadow. Bring on the night! *******www.cherryadair**** Genre: romance, military action, adventure
15 Sep 2008
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Why do we dream? Are coincidences meaningful? Is there really a sixth sense? Phenomena: Secrets of the Senses explores these fascinating mysteries and more. Our senses help us navigate the same physical world, yet we all experience it differently. Why is that? The answers will make your mind tingle! URL: *******www.donnamjackson**** ISBN# (13 Digit)- 978-0316-16649-2 Genre(s) of this book Children's Nonfiction, ages 9+
19 Sep 2008
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NYT bestselling author Carly Phillips brings you LUCKY CHARM – Long ago, as revenge on a family who stole her son's fiancée, a witch proclaimed an eternal curse that every Corwin male who married for love would be destined to lose his woman and his fortune… But will unwavering love be the lucky charm so desperately needed? *******www.carlyphillips**** CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE
20 Sep 2008
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