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Project Mission - ------------------- The Abundance Challenge project is a divine inspiration with a mission to assist the awakening of humanity into Abundance Consciousness and uplift the global economy through an energy transformation. We intent to touch & transform millions of lives leading to a global shift on this planet: A world where people are free, hopeful, joyous and abundant, businesses and world leaders are working collaboratively simply for the good of everyone free of fear and competition. Using Power of Intentions to Change Your Life and the World ------------------------------ ---------------------- One important goal of this project is to gather 1 million people around the globe join forces on our website to simply hold a positive vision of Abundance for yourself and the world. This will generate a powerful wave of Abundance to embrace the entire globe through our collective intentions. With large enough number of people participating, we can achieve critical mass for a major shift to occur and allow humanity to access Abundance Consciousness effortlessly. Our first aim is to reach a million ------------------------------ ---------- You can help to support this effort by telling others about this wonderful free opportunity to transform your life and the world. Your simple efforts can make a difference in the Abundance of the entire planet. Join today, invite ALL your friends, and let's begin to build an Abundant future! Together, we can touch & transform one million lives! Join in the mission today @