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This is a cover of Led Zeppelin Communication Breakdown guitar solo on a Gibson Les Paul Jimmy Page #1
18 Dec 2011
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This is a cover of Led Zeppelin Communication Breakdown (my version 2) on a 2004 Gibson Led Paul Jimmy Page #1
18 Dec 2011
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What is a nervous breakdown? Dr David Foos the founder of Foothill TMS where depression is treated with transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) talks about the disorder.
9 Feb 2012
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Kaos Orumcek Agi Cinema Movie Breakdown vfx animation
11 May 2012
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Breakdown review. Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of Breakdown for the Xbox developed by and published by Namco. Breakdown tells the story of Derrick Cole, a soldier who finds himself in a lab with no memory of how he got there—or who he is. Strange things immediately begin happening to him, and he soon finds he has strange abilities. Though its gameplay is severely flawed, Breakdown was in many ways ahead of its time. This video review features video gameplay footage of Breakdown for the Xbox and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
1 Mar 2013
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Manchester Breakdown Services Ltd
1 Dec 2016
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Check out some fantastic VFX and compositing work in this revealing VFX breakdown featuring for the television hit-series "Game of Thrones", (Season 7)!
5 Jan 2018
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Game Of Thrones - Season 7 - VFX Breakdown
5 Jan 2018
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The Brink Breakdown (Part 1) Director: Jonathan Li Production: Sun Entertainment Culture VFX Production: Free-D Workshop Limited
5 Jan 2018
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The Brink vfx Breakdown (Part 2) Director: Jonathan Li Production: Sun Entertainment Culture VFX Production: Free-D Workshop Limited
5 Jan 2018
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Mahesh Babu Spyder Fantastic VFX By Alzahra VFX Team Spyder VFX Breakdown Making of Mahesh Babu Tamil Hindi Dubbed Movie Spyder.
10 Jan 2018
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GAIA VFX Breakdown Romy Tesei – I worked on this TV commercial like a CG Supervisor with a fantastic team. Thanks to Diletta Catà, Jonathan Symmonds, Grzegorz Flaga, Tommaso Malaisi, Gianluca Sulsenti, Silvio Muscella. VFX Breakdown of GAIA Voice Of The Voiceless. Director: Guy Goossens Agency: Flexus Post-Production: PIXMIX STUDIOS
20 Jan 2018
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Ulhasnagar is a town located in the Thane district of Maharashtra state in Konkan division. This city is part of Mumbai Metropolitan Region managed by MMRDA. It had an estimated population of 506,098 at the 2011 Census.[1] Ulhasnagar is a municipal town and the headquarters of the Tahsil bearing the same name. It is a railway station on the Mumbai-Pune route of the Central Railway. Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation controversy ULHASNAGAR MUNICIPAL CORPORATION - GB MEETING DP PLAN Ulhasnagar Property Tax Update1 ULHASNAGAR MUNICIPAL CORPORATION KACHRA GHOTALA BY CCTV : Shiv Sena workers Vandalised Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation Staff Breakdown Hawkers Vehicle
21 Jan 2018
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2 Feb 2018
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FEEL THE PUNCH Short film animation breakdown by the students of Arena Animation Dilsukhnagar. Best Multimedia training center in Hyderabad, India.
19 Apr 2018
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How to Tell You’re Having a Nervous Breakdown. Emotional and physical overload, anxiety, high expectations, and increased responsibility bring us close to crossing the mental health boundaries every now and then. How can you tell if your nervous system is about to collapse and avoid serious health issues? We put together a list of warning signs your body can send you as described by Professor Shahram Heshmat and psychotherapist F. Diane Barth. People rarely admit that they've turned into a walking emotional atomic reactor. We tend to exaggerate the faults of others and completely ignore our own. There’s also a big difference between introspection and obsessive memories. Your task is to feel it at the time. Preston Ni M.S.B.A. is positive that your voice and diction are indicators of your emotional condition. Stress attacks your voice just like your cat attacks your Christmas decorations. According to data from the National Institute of Mental Health, about 7% of Americans have social anxiety disorder. You might have a similar condition if your muscles and limbs seem to get out of control in public places. TIMESTAMPS There are too many idiots around. 0:47 You keep going over events from the past. 2:26 People can’t hear you. 4:16 It seems that the whole world is busy judging you. 5:12 You need a good deal of self-control to be around other people. 5:56 You can’t just relax and take it easy. 6:40 Your life is constantly poisoned with annoying "What ifs?" 7:24 You take any conversation to the dark side. 7:58 You can’t go without your "protective" rituals. 8:33 It seems really hard for you to please anyone. 9:32
12 Jul 2018
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