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A funny funky original music video Break A Sweat
4 Aug 2008
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put water in a can, boil the water, turn the can upside down in iced water. This crushes the can so you don't have to use your muscles
28 Dec 2006
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Just warming up 4 lata ya dig!!
19 Oct 2008
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29 Jul 2009
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This black cat is not afraid of to swim and is a good swimmer. It followed the human like a boss without breaking a sweat.
4 Sep 2018
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Breaking-Legs is a professional service that films auditions for actors. Actors. Can’t make an audition? Need to put yourself on tape? Don’t deal with the headache of setting up a camera, a tripod, lighting and a friend to read your scenes with. Only to spend hours trying to upload a shaky, amateur video that’s hard to see and hear. Breaking Legs is the hassle-free solution. We provide studio space with top quality lighting, crisp clean sound, and film you in dazzling HD. All designed to make you look and sound your best so you can concentrate on what’s important – your performance. We send your audition online using a secure link so it gets into the hands of those who do the hiring. Fast. You never have to touch a camera, burn or send a dvd, or upload from your computer again. We do it all for you. You’ve worked hard rehearsing and memorizing your lines. Don’t let technical distractions get in the way of landing your dream role. Please visit for a sample video and booking information. We now offer Audition Coaching! Both face-to-face and ONLINE! Our method zeroes in on what the scene means, how your performance can shine "in the room", and what aspects of your audition can make your read memorable. Visit our site for details! Tags: actors, acting, actors on tape, tape audition service, film audition service, los angeles, LA, hollywood, cazt, online casting, casting directors resource, acting class, online auditions, audition coach, audition coaching, reality audition service, acting class, demo reel, hosting reel, need an agent, talent agent search, glendale, culver city, santa monica, west hollywood, studio city, burbank.
Try this if you are obsessed with texting or you are brilliant at multitasking. This person does it without breaking a sweat. You can too, just keep your foot ready.
29 Jan 2019
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An enormous python protecting eggs- The thought alone would make most people scared. This guy casually messes around with the snake without breaking a sweat.
6 Aug 2019
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This woman is pouring boiling hot tea into cups inches away from her face without breaking a sweat. Now that's called an amazing glass of tea.
28 Sep 2019
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It's pretty hard to comprehend how powerful and torquey modern bikes really are getting. This bike is towing a car without breaking a sweat.
30 Oct 2019
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8 Apr 2008
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Learn what 1 realtor did to earn Robin's business - and keep it - without breaking a sweat! Put this knowledge to work in your JV's and you'll be WAY ahead of the game. Become a Powerful Joint Venture Broker at www.jvwisdom****
12 Apr 2008
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Sony invited renowned football freestyler Dan Magness to the unveiling of the star of their latest advertising campaign, the BRAVIA-drome. As well as setting three Guinness World Records ™, Dan warmed up with an awesome display of flicks and tricks, which you can see for the first time right here. Dan smashed all three records he attempted at the event. He performed 188 Football Rolls Across The Forehead, a record which had previously stood at 56, and spent three minutes and ten seconds Controlling A Football On The Back (breaking his own previous best of two and a half minutes). He also set a brand new record for Most Consecutive Football Touches With The Shoulders, bouncing the ball 251 times without breaking a sweat. You can watch the video of Dan smashing these records elsewhere on our channel. I felt like I could just keep going and going, said Magness, the crowd were great and I wanted to put on a show for them that theyd remember for a long time. The BRAVIA-drome was a hard act to follow, but I really went all out and I am just glad Sony gave me the chance to be part of the whole event. The BRAVIA-drome was designed to demonstrate the technology behind Sonys Motionflow 200Hz functionality, which eliminates all jerkiness and smoothes the images on screen as they happen. The football theme was chosen as watching a match is one of the best ways to fully appreciate Motionflow, allowing viewers to watch the flight of the ball as it crashes into the back of the net. Check out our other videos to see Dan replicating Kaka's moves from the drome, plus a whole host of other Kaka and Sony related content.
5 Jun 2009
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