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Paródia de Breaking Dawn feita por Peter Facinelli legendas
29 Nov 2009
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Change Player Size Watch this video in a new windowMovie Buzz 187: Iron Man 2, Breaking Dawn, Deathly Hallows
5 Dec 2009
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Subscribe my darlings - its fabulous fun and free! Here is an anticipated Kristen Stewart make-up tutorial inspired by Bella Swan's wedding to her beloved vampire Edward in Breaking Dawn (following New Moon and Eclipse from the Twilight series. Taking inspiration from Bella's neutral make-up look in New Moon, and given a gothic vampy twist.
4 Feb 2010
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Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg Interview THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, and BREAKING DAWN - For more movie news and interviews go to *******www***llider**** - With The Twilight Saga: Eclipse finally getting released in a few days, it's finally time to post the exclusive interviews I did at the junket a few weeks back. While I debated who to post first…I decided to go with screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg. During the extended interview she discussed how working for director David Slade was different than Catherine Hardwicke and Chris Weitz, how much time she's spent writing all the Twilight films, what was cut out of Eclipse, and regarding Breaking Dawn….I asked her how long she knew it was going to be two films, when exactly did she start writing it, what was her reaction to Bill Condon directing the films, how has she been working with Condon on the script, and we ended the interview talking about with the 4th book being the most controversial among the fans…how is it for her to tackle the writing. She talks about how some fans want an R rating and she explains why it doesn't have to be so graphic. If you're a fan of the Twilight films, I promise you'll love the interview. Watch it after the jump and look for more exclusive Twilight interview tomorrow night: Melissa Rosenberg How has it been for her going back and forth from Dexter to Twilight 1:00 - How was working for David Slade different compared to Catherine Hardwicke and Chris Weitz 2:45 - How much time did she spend writing each Twilight movie. She says she had the most time on Eclipse 3:50 - Did she notice anything missing out of Eclipse that she wrote 5:20 - Breaking Dawn talk - How long has she known that it was going to be 2 films. 6:40 - How happy is she that the press release finally got released that the movie will be two films and how long ago did she start writing the two scripts. She says the fall or winter of last year she was writing it. Says she was writing before her deal was made. 7:45 - Has she spoken to director Bill Condon and how did things change when she got involved 9:35 - When she first heard that Bill Condon was going to direct it, what was her reaction 10:25 - With the 4th book being the most controversial among the fans, how is it for her to tackle the writing? She talks about how some fans want an R rating and she explains why it doesn't have to be so graphic
28 Jun 2010
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For more movie news, reviews and interviews go to -With The Twilight Saga: Eclipse finally in theaters, it's time to post my final interview and it's with producer Wyck Godfrey. As the producer of all the Twilight movies, Godfrey is in the unique position to be able to talk about the franchise in a way the actors and even the directors can't. After all, while an actor might be able to talk about filming a certain scene or what it was like for them working with the director, Godfrey is the person who can explain why they chose to film a certain way or why they wanted a certain actor or director to be a part of the franchise. To put it simply: producers are the ones with all the answers.Anyway, during the interview Godfrey talks about making Eclipse and what fans can expect on the DVD/Blu-Ray. We also talked a lot about Breaking Dawn including how they'll be filming it in Louisiana and Vancouver, how long does he expect the movies to be, how did they get Bill Condon to direct them, and a lot more on the next two films. We also talked about the eventual ultimate DVD/Blu-Ray box set for Twilight, his other projects with Channing Tatum and Amy Adams, and way more than I can put in this intro. It's a great interview so take a look:Producer Wyck GodfreyDidn't we just talk%U2026he talks about the crazy production scheduleSays he is very busy prepping Breaking Dawn. Says they are shooting in Louisiana1:00 - What was the biggest hurdle to overcome on Eclipse1:45 - How involved is he in the IMAX release2:15 - How much talk was there to do Eclipse in 3D. Says they are talking about it for Breaking Dawn. How does he feel about post converted 3D? 3:20 - How much got cut out of Eclipse that will be on the DVD/Blu-Ray. Says at least 3 scenes that were either cut or cut down4:00 - Has there been any talk about doing an ultra box set for all the Twilight movies on DVD/Blu-Ray4:25 - Do they have anything that they're saving for the big box set5:05 - Bill Condon talk. How surprised was he that they got him for Breaking Dawn6:05 - Are they planning on changing stuff out of Breaking Dawn the book versus the movie7:20 - How long does he think each Breaking Dawn movie will be? Will they both be 2 hr movies?8:02 - Says they are shooting Breaking Dawn in Vancouver and Louisiana 8:25 - What else is he involved with? Talks about his Wizard of Oz project at Warner Bros./New Line. Says his film is a faithful adaptation of the book9:15 - With two competing projects happening does he think whichever one goes first will get made9:45 - Talks about a Channing Tatum 10 year High School reunion movie that he's working on. Also a Janis Joplin movie with Amy Adams directed by Fernando Meirelles *******Www.Collider.Com
2 Jul 2010
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CLICK TO EXPAND: Links and Fun Below! PLEASE CLICK TO TWEET THIS VIDEO! *******clicktotweet****/96C7R Please RATE "ThumbsUp" Leave a Comment/Fave! I hope you SUBSCRIBE! Thank you! Comment Questions of the Day: 1. Did you read Breaking Dawn? Did you know about the baby and the teeth in the placenta? PS -is it going to be in 3D? 2. What do you think of Bristol Palin NOT TELLING her family about their engagement but telling US Weekly? 3. Did you watch The Hills finale? What did you think of the ending? Awesome or Wrong? 4. Are you watching Mad Men, So You Think You Can Dance, or Big Brother- keep me posted what is worth covering? 5. What did you think of Selena Gomez's performance on America's Got Talent? WHO IS THE BEST ACTRESS/SINGER (good at both??) Watch here HERE: ***********/watch?v=x5Jd7645mRg BONUS: Buck is taking SONG REQUESTS - this one was Endless Love from Watermelli on Twitter! ______ GET BUCKED! What the Buck Show: SUBSCRIBE! *******youtube****/buck Personal Buck Videos: SUBSCRIBE! *******youtube****/peron75 Additional Buck Shows: Live Shows! Sun & Thurs 10pm Eastern: *******www.blogtv****/People/buckhollywood Follow Buck on Twitter: *******twitter****/buckhollywood Friend Buck on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/buckhollywood
28 Jul 2010
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Hollywood star Robert Pattinson who is currently dating his ‘Twilight’ co-star Kristen Stewart got freaked out over the thought of hurting his girlfriend while filming a sex scene in ‘Breaking Dawn’.
3 Dec 2010
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10 Feb 2011
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It's the moment that all Twi-Hards have been waiting for! The first Twilight: Breaking Dawn trailer has been released and it's got everything from an exciting wedding to the passionate waterfall makeouts.
7 Jun 2011
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Take a look at the official trailer for Twilight's Breaking Dawn, part 1.
8 Jun 2011
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9 Jun 2011
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9 Jun 2011
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