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Take a peek at an african grey breeder's nest box, plus some other fun pics of their pets.
26 Sep 2007
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Boomer tells the hot male horse committee that the picks are being worked on for the Breeders Cup...Shady starts to get the hang of Black Track Tuesday. We celebrate an 8-2 Football weekend selection with Buffalo's spread save over Dallas on Monday Night... Get your weekly picks delivered to your e-door by us for the one time annual price of $59.95. We're 39-8 this season. it's been a winning season for us here at the pig barn. Write us at Join the hundreds of others who take part in our system.
9 Oct 2007
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Boomer shares an old story about a Breeders Cup hopeful he worked with. It's LongShot Thursday and the Pig Barn needs a winner today. They've been threatened.... The pig barn is 39-8 for this Football Season, having mixed both NCAA and NFL into the weekend picks. Buffalo's Monday Night Football point spread win puts us just one win away from the big four oh! Write us at to order your weekly package picks from us.
11 Oct 2007
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Shady calls light to the fact they are on a losing streak of two days. Boomer's concerned with Breeders Cup coming up, so he connects with a celebrity spirit from the 60's.10-12-07 Pick. Bet It. Horsetradamus and his Pig Barn are now 39-8 with their football season picks, but just fell slightly below 60 percent on their horsecappin! Write us. brings 1000's of people winners with our weekly sports pick packages.
12 Oct 2007
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It's Black Track Tuesday, but that doesn't stop the barn from yappin a little before turning in for some rest. Shady tries to get Boomer to let him in on the plan as to how they will get to the Breeders Cup. It's October 16 and the big weekend is getting closer. Oh, the football season. Well, Giants won on last nights daily pick. That puts the barn at 47-9 on the season. Get your weekly pick package by writing us as $59.95 one time yearly charge.
28 Oct 2007
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this activating breeder farm tradisional in Indonesia, follow me upload
The Pig Barn hit yesterdays pick "Whistlin" who went on to win the race. They're warming up for next weeks Breeders Cup 2007 with today 10-18-07 pick. Singing praises in the barn.... Boomer Horsetradamus and his Pig Barn have worked up an amazing football season record of 47-9. Get with us and make some cash the rest of the year. Full year analysis picks to you for $59.95. Delivered weekly to your e-door. Write us with the subject of weekly package and we'll link you to the page.
18 Oct 2007
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The Pig Barn is on a Daily Pick run by scoring winning picks on this Sunday and Monday's NFL games and Wednesday and Thursday at the track. Boomer called for getting ready for the upcoming Breeders Cup 2007, and shows his softer side today! Get in on the weekly winners circle with more picks from the barn. Write us with the subject of weekly package. Just $59.95 for the year.
19 Oct 2007
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Its Black Track Tuesday and the barn is talking about how they're going to get in to the Breeders Cup Races. Coming off another Monday Night Football win, they're hot and ready to swing back to the races this week. October 23,2007. The Pig Barn is now sporting a very impressive 54-11 record for this football season. They'll now take last weeks 3-0 daily pick record to the big boy track at Monmouth Park where horsecappin will be much harder with the class A horses running. Get in on our fun. We win! Write us at and find out how you can get the full weekly pack packages from us for just $59.95
23 Oct 2007
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Today kicks off the Breeders Cup week at Monmouth Park. Boomer and the boys will converge on the track later in the week, but first they need get the Wednesday 10-24 pick out. Boomers BIG on show tickets. Especially with class A runners going at it this week.
24 Oct 2007
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Horsetradamus starts giving orders for getting the barn ready to sneak into the Breeders Cup this Saturday. He still has time to work it into his daily pick too. The barn hopes to take their winning streak right into the Saturday premier race!
25 Oct 2007
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19 Nov 2007
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19 Nov 2007
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