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Crystal Bridge - russian english-speaking vocal and instrumental duo, consisting of Artem Platonov and Andrey Kintukhin. Created by Artem and adapted for his idea which were, after some experiments, realized two years later: re-open for the modern listener electronic music 80's, its variety, a pleasant sound and relentless pursuit of quality and emotional performance. The duo puts by their music in the atmosphere of that time - night, neon, clubs, bars, cafes... Name of the project planned to some unusual, fairytale, and eventually came up with Artem "Crystal Bridge", like the embodiment of connecting two different worlds: the performer and the listener, the music and the lyrics, 80's and today. All materials are created equally divided: music composed by Artem, lyrics by Andrey. It’s merging with the unpredictable melodies, filling it with meaning and a feeling of completeness. From the very beginning of their work between them formed a kind of mutual understanding, a sense that complement of each other, which in the aggregate over time has made the necessary inspiration to create their own world, based on the youth culture of the eighth decade of XX century. Crystal Bridge are hoping to win a piece of love in the hearts of the people and not leave them indifferent to their creativity. Crystal Bridge © 2009-2012 All rights reserved. Full or partial performance of materials by third parties will be prosecuted.
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21 Oct 2019
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Double decker hits a low bridge.
20 Apr 2006
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A skydiver lands below a bridge. Good thing a truck didn't pass at that time...
17 Apr 2006
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This bridge doesn't withstand the storm.
26 Mar 2006
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This guy climbs up a bridge and then jumps off it. It's pretty high...
13 Jun 2006
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When jumping of a bridge this dude hit his knee really badly..
1 Aug 2006
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Magician makes Tower Bridge disappear. Pretty clever magic trick!
6 Aug 2006
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A few bikers riding over this little bridge...
20 Aug 2006
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4th. of July under the brooklyn bridge,people watching the Fireworks, the Manhattan Island at front. Year 1995.
12 Oct 2006
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Williamsburg Bridge linking Brooklyn with Manhattan.
8 Oct 2006
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The bridge lowers one February 2006 evening. Captured from the art gallery across The bridge.
5 Nov 2006
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Ales Karnicnik jumped from 17m high bridge.
13 Nov 2006
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