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An introductory message from British Stand Up Comedian "Sir George Prince Vespa" about his comedy, the Queen, and his beagle.
11 Aug 2008
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The longest, quietest interview of Eddie Izzard I've ever seen. Noted Canadian journalist Arlene Bynon talks with him for nearly an hour about all the subjects he holds dear. A bit more about Arlene: Arlene Bynon is renowned for her intuitive questioning, charming style and intellect. She has been a weekly columnist for the National Post and has been honoured with an unprecedented number of international awards, including eight gold medals from the prestigious International Radio Festival of New York. Arlene's writing has appeared in The London Mail on Sunday, The New York Post, the National Post, The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, Canadian House and Home magazine and Flare.
22 Aug 2008
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The longest, quietest interview of Eddie Izzard I've ever seen. Noted Canadian journalist Arlene Bynon talks with him for nearly an hour about all the subjects he holds dear.
22 Aug 2008
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The longest, quietest interview of Eddie Izzard I've ever seen. Noted Canadian journalist Arlene Bynon talks with him for nearly an hour about all the subjects he holds dear. What a big hairdo Arlene has!
27 Dec 2009
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The longest, quietest interview of Eddie Izzard I've ever seen. Noted Canadian journalist Arlene Bynon talks with him for nearly an hour about all the subjects he holds dear. Had to cut out a very funny clip of Eddie in Velvet Goldmine to make this last segment fit so, if you haven't seen it yet, rent or buy it! All the prettiest boys are in that film...
23 Aug 2008
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This film is going ot be good! From the hottest new British comedians Mitchell and Webb and the creators of the award-winning 'Peep Show' comes MAGICIANS - a hilarious new British comedy set in the world of stage magic. Lifelong friends Harry and Karl (David Mitchell and Robert Webb) are the greatest magic double act in the country. But after a guillotine illusion goes horribly and spectacularly wrong, their friendship and their careers are finished. Now, down on his luck and out of cash, Harry sets his sights on the prize money of the prestigious 'International Magic Shield' tournament. But to win he will have to compete against the world's oddest (and saddest) magicians - including his deadly rival Karl, performing under the guise of ridiculous psychic 'The Mindmonger'. Can new tricks and a new assistant (Jessica Stevenson from 'Confetti' and 'Spaced') help Harry to triumph over his underhanded opponents and his disastrous past? Starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb (Peep Show),
19 Mar 2007
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The UK's version of Apple's PC vs Mac adverts. Starring British comedians Mitchell and Webb Episode 5 - Tentacle
25 Jan 2009
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Get Over 2,000 TV channels on Your PC ▬►*******budurl****/watchTV01 A Parody Song about Osama Bin Laden by British Comedian
15 Apr 2010
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British comedian Russell Brand stunned the guests when he gatecrashed an Indian wedding reception in London.
13 Oct 2010
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The Red Stag Comedy Lectures are the first ever PowerPoint karaoke events to be held in the UK sponsored by Red Stag, the new black cherry infused bourbon from Jim Beam. PowerPoint karaoke started off in Berlin where student rage against boring lecture slides gave birth to a new alternative culture form of entertainment. Even a new self-style “Anti PowerPoint Party” (APPP) has popped up in Switzerland claiming that PowerPoint sucks the creativity, spontaneity and audience interest out of any given topic. At PowerPoint karaoke events participants must present an impromptu presentation projected on a screen to an audience. The presentations can come from a collection of random images downloaded from the Internet and then anything goes. The Red Stag Comedy Lectures were launched by cult British comedian Adam Buxton (Adam & Joe Show, The Last Chancers, Hot Fuzz, The IT Crowd, XFM and BBC 6 Music). Watch the video below to see his turn at PowerPoint karaoke where a mash-up of live stand-up and visual presentation turning boring lecture slides on their head. For information about upcoming Red Stag Comedy Lectures please follow www.facebook****/RedStagUK About Red Stag New to the UK, Red Stag by Jim Beam is made with four-year old Jim Beam Bourbon, slowly infused with natural black cherry. The result is a sophisticated drink that retains the Jim Beam quality standard and 40 % ABV. The smooth taste of Red Stag is best enjoyed as a chilled shot, or mixed with cola or ginger for a refreshing long drink. Links * *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Powerpoint-Karaoke http:www.facebook****/redstaguk Enjoy Red Stag Responsibly Drink Aware
4 Aug 2011
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He was barred from arriving at the Oscars in character. He was told not to pull any stunts at the Oscar red carpet. But despite all these warnings he did exactly the opposite. Yes, British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen arrived at the Academy Awards red carpet ceremony in his latest character General Aladeen from his new movie “The Dictator”.
2 Mar 2012
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Sick Thug Repeatedly Hits His Dog In The Head While His Friends Are Laughing?! We have seen some pretty shocking things in our time, but this flagrant disregard for this doggie and the awful things he is doing it truly upsetting and saddening, to say the very least, the poor defenseless dog looks petrified! The video shows the shocking actions of this thug as he repeatedly beats the dog around the head, what is wrong with people like this? The footage pretty clearly shows a guy in a red sweatshirt, sat in the passenger side of the car, he has stood the dog, who looks scared to even move, between his legs while his buddy films him abusing the dog! He then slaps the dog as hard as he can to the head with hos right flat of his hand, right in the ear and the head, now I know how sensitive our ears are and getting slapped in the ear really hurts, so imagine what it must be like for that poor dog! The thug repeatedly hits the dog about the head, mercilessly, all the while encouraging his buddy to film it and watch, you can hear them laughing and at that point, my stomach is turning, like a tightly twisted rope, with disbelief and anger about what I’m seeing! The clip was shared on the Twitter platform by the protect all wildlife blog, it has been seen millions of times just in the last few days! It has since been reported that the abused dog has very sadly died, such a terrible and sad thing, I can not believe that some people can really be like this? Apparently, it was also reported that the video, made in Iran or Iraq was shared with the British comedian and creator of the office, a British comedy television show, called Ricky Gervais. Gervais said: “Who are these dirty, sub-human c****? Surely someone knows?” “This video is f***ing horrible by the way and shows a beautiful dog being hurt, in case you do not want to watch.” The group “Protect All Wildlife” is run by a mental health nurse, Paul Christian, from York, he dedicates all his spare time to raising awareness a
19 Aug 2018
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