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EMMA Trust campaigns against discrimination. We challenge ignorance, extremism, and racism in all their forms, to promote social cohesion. Our efforts to end discrimination are delivered through awareness campaigns, an online presence, and the EMMA Awards. www.emmatrust****
20 Apr 2010
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Opening Of The 3rd session in 2007 at Scottish Parliament in June, 2007, a historic piece of history captured on video. Watch this video of a Parliament British.
24 Jul 2010
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A Russian aide to British parliament member Mike Hancock has been arrested on suspicion of espionage. Mike Hancock’s position in parliament and his reported flair for Russian women make this story sound like a Tom Clancy novel. Sky News ramped up the rhetoric -- implying Hancock has access to governmental and military secrets. “So would have access in his office to quite sensitive information surrounding the military, by default really. He as a Portsmouth MP would have close connections to the royal navy there.” And the Mirror highlights physical attributes of the aide -- Katia Zatuliveter -- and her wardrobe choices, suggesting Hancock was a target for a sleeper spy. “‘Certainly some thought she was charming and intelligent. She would walk around in very short skirts and high heels with Hancock and they would be seen having lunch together.’” Concern over Russian spies reached fever pitch as Anna Chapman was found to have had UK citizenship. But a writer for The Guardian asks - the Cold War is over, right? “Incriminating evidence, we are told, is that Hancock has tabled questions to ministers about the Trident missile system... Serious spying ... is done silently, or as silently as possible. Planting parliamentary questions is akin to shouting from the rooftops.” RT provides a broader context for Hancock’s political appointments and access to information – but it’s much more fluff than substance. “He was chair and is now vice chair of All Party Parliamentary group on Russia. So they meet once every so often and talk about Russia and what British policy towards Russia should be. Not necessarily making policy, but certainly advising on it. He’s also on the defense select committee, which sounds much more serious than it is in fact, because the defense select doesn’t necessarily have access to secretive information.” Hancock may not be the best mouthpiece right now -- himself out on bail under charges of indecent assault. His explanations sound a little less James Bond and more Spies Like Us. “But what on earth was she spying on? The House of Commons relies on leaks to survive. And as far as I’m concerned, there was nothing that she was doing for me that was in any way sensitive.” The truth - we may never know. Hancock explains to The Telegraph that Katia’s arrest information may never be released. "Because the system we work under is I will never see that evidence, she will never see the evidence and only a secret court will have that evidence and the desk of the home secretary. So we live in a system where you can be deported from this country without ever knowing the reasons why or what you’ve done.”
9 Dec 2010
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July 19, 2011(2:02) Murdoch attacked with foam; House to vote on Tea-Party bill; Teenager kills parents and throws party; Egyptian cabinet delayed; Atlantis leaves ISS.
20 Jul 2011
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August 10, 2011 (2:04) While U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron is hiring police to combat violence, some say it’s not enough.
11 Aug 2011
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At the start of twenty days of debate in the British parliament the Foreign Secretary tells MPs that the new EU treaty for the enlarged union is good for Britain and good for Europe.
6 May 2008
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INFORMATION: # There is a mistake on the Ahmadinejad photo, it should say AFTER not BEFORE. # The prices have increased ever since this video was made, for example 1 kg meat is now 8k tomans. ENJOY! # Sources/Referances Speeches: Before: www.aryamehr**** (Sayings) After: Speech in Qom 1980 Foreign debts: (Scandinavian country-encyclopedia) Before: (Utlandsskuld) After: (Utlandsskuld) or worldbank**** Unemployment: Before: (Swedish encyclopedia written by experts, known for attacking Shah!) After: *******www.indexmundi****/iran/unemployment_rate.html Football: Before: Fifa**** After: Fifa**** Loans: Before: Sweden: * DN, 14 mars 1987, s. 6 (Riksbanken: Storlån av Shahen) (Swedish newspaper, 14 March 1987. Statebank: Big loan from the Shah) United Kingdom: Mr. Healy, Chancellor of the Exchequer in a speech addressing the British parliament on July 22, 1974 thanked the Imperial Iranian government for providing Britain with a line of credit of $1,200m. After: Worldbank**** Average Salary etc etc: Before: Information from people during that time After: Information from people during this time Shah forgave: More detailed: *******youtube****/groups_forum?name=shahanshah&topic=78Zi_0YlJAM Persian Gulf: Before: *******youtube****/watch?v=hQgZ3oLp_WY After: Wikipedia, along with other encyclopedias -- and -- ******* Inviting Human Organizations: Before: ***********/Other-Side-Story-Mohammad-PAHLAVI/dp/141964341X
10 Mar 2010
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Here is a list of all political events that have taken place in the past,in India:- 11-July-1630 Rezabeebeth Sookeas Begum passed away. 11-July-1832 British Parliament finally rejected to remove the appeal of Hindus puritans against Sutee abolition, as demanded by tradional orthodox Indians. 11-July-1882 Baba Kanshi Ram, great freedom fighter and social reformer, was born at Dada Siba village, Tehsil Dehra District, Kangra. For more info:- Visit to *******raajneeti****/ & *******raajneeti****/history-of-politics/today-in-history-11th-july/
11 Jul 2012
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