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How to bake your own easy delicious brownie out of real chocolate
19 Mar 2007
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What happens when a Michigan cop steals a quarter ounce of pot and bakes some brownies with his wife? Why it leads to the funniest 9-11 call ever made. Fun with real audio.
21 Jun 2007
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Receta de brownies
25 Jul 2007
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How To Make Chocolate Brownies
5 Sep 2007
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How much did you eat? "I don't know we made brownies. And I think we're dead. Time is going by really really really really slow."
10 Jan 2008
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In this show I make brownies with my mom, from an old recipe that is still my favorite. Plus we get to meet my dad as well. And taking the place of Mij and Henry is my sister's pup, Sam.
14 May 2008
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Richard Richardsons and Dr. Scholls make Brownies. To download this video, go to: www.jaybirdmovies****/clockwork.aspx To download the songs in this video, go to: www.jaybirdmovies****/clockwork.aspx
4 Jun 2008
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Mmmmm...Brownies! For those of you who love delicious, chewy edges, you're in for a real treat with the Edge Brownie Pan. Its patented design ensures that every brownie has at least two chewy edges. This translates into 70% more edge surface area than a traditional pan. The interior side wall design of the Edge Brownie Pan also ensures more evenly circulated heat and thus fewer burned edges and undercooked middle sections. Basically, this is the best brownie pan in the universe. Features non-stick coating, recessed handles for easy flipping, and sturdy cast aluminum construction. Made in the USA.
4 Oct 2008
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[Video] Billy Connolly - In The Brownies (Wiggy St Helens UK 2002)
5 Oct 2008
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Julie flips through the new ‘Entertaining with Booze’ cookbook and cooks up a recipe for brownies that will knock your socks off. For more like this visit: Distributed by Tubemogul.
1 Dec 2008
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Who is crazy enough to combine a brownie & a s'more for true chocolate-overload? A ninja! Just watch Cooking with Ninja to find out how you can bake this easy dessert. Not only does it taste like your favorite camp-fire treat, but the brownie has half the fat of a normal brownie. Think only a ninja is clever enough to take away half the fat, but give you ALL the taste? Think again, because you too can make this dessert quickly & easily. Just go to *******www.mychiaseeds****/CookingWithNinja.html for the recipe & your own secret ingredient.
16 Jan 2009
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Un clásico para los fanáticos del chocolate. El Brownie es un pastel jugoso e intenso excelente como postre o merienda. Aina nos explica paso a paso cómo se prepara. Más información en *******www.verycocinar****/receta/el_brownie_de_aina
23 May 2009
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