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Nat had the chance to sit down with Alessandro Juliani, the multitalented Canadian actor behind her favourite character, Lt. Felix Gaeta. Find out what he had to say about the finale (SPOILER WARNINGS!), the mutiny arc and get a glimpse into the mystique of the man... the MAN-stique. ~Matt + Nat
24 Sep 2009
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In keeping with our apparent theme of beloved characters who die in the back-10 of the final season, Nat had the chance to chat with Michael Trucco, the actor behind Samuel T. Anders, the resistance-fighter-turned-cylon (or would he really be the cylon-turned-resistance-fighter?). He tells us his thoughts on the finale, working with Katee, playing injured in a tub of goo, and what's next for him in his acting career. ~Matt + Nat
2 Oct 2009
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Burn Notice returns in January 21st at 10pm! In the meantime, visit the official fan page *******www.facebook****/burnnotice and follow us on Twitter! *******twitter****/burnnotice_usa . For more info, please visit the official site *******www.usanetwork****/series/burnnotice
12 Oct 2010
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Burn Notice returns in January 21st at 10pm! In the meantime, visit the official fan page *******www.facebook****/burnnotice and follow us on Twitter! *******twitter****/burnnotice_usa . For more info, please visit the official site *******www.usanetwork****/series/burnnotice
23 Dec 2009
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Amanda sees Head-Darius? Her old saying? Plus, Daniel finally suspects Zoe survived in U-87 and Joe gets into New Crap City! Get your voting fingers ready, this episode of Capricast also features our two favourite submissions for our new show intro! Team Izzy and Team Chuck Norris made such awesome contributions, we couldn’t decide on our own. Nor should we. Capricast is for you as much as it is for us, so it’s only right that you get to have your say on how we start it off each week! Voting will last midnight on Monday March 22nd in your timezone. How do we know your timezone? Magic. ~Matt + Nat
17 Mar 2010
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*******Capricast**** - Spoiler Alert! With the amount of death and destruction wrought in this episode, it's a wonder there are any pieces to pick up in September, but this mid-season finale has shaken every character to the core. Is Amanda dead? Is Zoe? It sure looks like Philomon is... and Joeseph thinks Tamara is, too. And it'll take a miracle for Graystone's military contract to survive!
31 Mar 2010
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*******Capricast**** - On the eve of the first mid-season finale of Caprica, actresses Luciana Carro and Magda Apanowicz paid Toronto Comic Con a visit and treated us to a panel that gave us some insight into their experience making the show, and dropped some hints about what we can expect from the back-9 episodes of the season! Hit up *******Capricast**** and leave a comment for your chance to win the Caprica Soundtrack! ~Matt + Nat
8 Apr 2010
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Something a little different, as requested by a fan....Enjoy!
17 May 2010
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What's the game plan, Doc?
17 Nov 2012
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Young Brock first single released 2017,representing B.S.G Recordz
5 Dec 2017
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Battle star galactica razor teaser trailer preview. A trailer for the upcoming season of BSG starting in October on Sci Fi...Battlestar Galactica BSG Season
3 Mar 2008
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TV stations, Commcercials, Germany instead of SXSW and another BSG actor
23 Mar 2008
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Matt + Nat do a last-minute info update on the April 4+5 Frak Party in Vegas, and also serve up the latest scoop on the BSG-Spinoff series, Caprica. The chery on top is a quick chat about the BSG apppearance on Letterman, with a quick mention of the next BSGcast: the Review of the Season 3 DVD Box Set!
10 Dec 2009
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We hope you enjoy our respective takes on the return of Season 3 with episode 3.11 - Rapture... and whether you do or don't, be sure to let us know! now you can leave comments for Matt+Nat right here or on the BSGcast blog at www.BSGcast****! Of course, you can still catch Matt + Nat dishing your favourite BSG news and theories all over YouTube, Google Video, MySpace and Veoh, and we'll still be keeping up with comments from all over, but now you can catch it here too! ~Matt+Nat
31 Mar 2008
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It's going to be a long 2 weeks with no new episodes of BSG until February 11, but we can help fill the void: Matt + Nat are going to be doing a special "Theory" only videoblog next week, bringing together some old an new ideas of where the series is going. So drop us some comments and let us know what you think is happening in the world of Battlestar Galactica, we'll feature your ideas as well as our own! And a special shout out to our "Fan of the Week" this week, Matt from Georgia. Check out his profile on MySpace by clicking here. Of course, you can still catch Matt + Nat dishing BSG all over YouTube, Google Video, MySpace and Veoh****, and if you leave your comments on any of those sites, we'll be reading them there too! ~Matt+Nat
24 Mar 2008
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It's been a rough wait, thanks to Superbowl Sunday, but in a few short days, we've got a fresh episode of BSG coming our way... but since two weeks is too long to wait, we wanted to give some of the under-currents of Battlestar Galactica a bit of focus. The Theories, the speculation, all the things that could be going on behind the scenes. We've asked you for your theories and ideas, and you'll get to see some of them here, and you'll also get some personal ideas both from Nat and from Matt. Tell us whether you agree or not! ~Matt+Nat
31 Mar 2008
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