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I make movies... you like movies, right?
We're Matt + Nat, two big Geeks who happen to be lucky enough to get some sweet geeky content that's worth sharing. From Previewing and Reviewing upcoming "Geek Movies" with in-depth interviews and advanced clips, to our favourite show "Battlestar Galactica" and our BSGcast! That's why we also make the internet's only video BSG podcast designed to help everyone digest the episode of the week, and also be a forum for the BSG community to dish on theories and interact with each other! And it's all in free at and
Matt + Nat do a last-minute info update on the April 4+5 Frak Party in Vegas, and also serve up the latest scoop on the BSG-Spinoff series, Caprica. The chery on top is a quick chat about the BSG apppearance on Letterman, with a quick mention of the next BSGcast: the Review of the Season 3 DVD Box Set!
10 Dec 2009
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We hope you enjoy our respective takes on the return of Season 3 with episode 3.11 - Rapture... and whether you do or don't, be sure to let us know! now you can leave comments for Matt+Nat right here or on the BSGcast blog at www.BSGcast****! Of course, you can still catch Matt + Nat dishing your favourite BSG news and theories all over YouTube, Google Video, MySpace and Veoh, and we'll still be keeping up with comments from all over, but now you can catch it here too! ~Matt+Nat
31 Mar 2008
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Sorry it's a bit late this week... but we went to Miami for Nat's birthday, and also wound up meeting up with a fellow BSGcast comment contributor, DJ Brazen, while we were there! So this week we have quite a bit to say about this Adama-centric episode that continues the recent pattern of stand-alone episodes. From the dysfunctional relationships of the Adamas and the Tyrols, to the sexual tension of The President and the Admiral, the episode does a better job of asking questions than answering them. This week's Fan of the Week, is Amanda, a major comment contributor both here and on myspace, go say hi on her personal myspace account, she's got some great theories on the show! Hope you enjoy the BSGcast this week, and we can't wait to get started on next week's! ~Matt + Nat
31 Mar 2008
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As promised, here is Part 2 of our BSGcast special Interview with Katee Sackhoff. Part 1 was mostly about her inside knowledge of upcoming Battlestar Galactica, be it Razor or Season 4. Part 2 is more about Katee herself, her past and upcoming roles, as well as her own take on what Battlestar Galactica is all about. Visit us at www.BSGcast**** and get in on the chatter! ~Matt + Nat
4 Jul 2008
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Matt and Nat chime in on the 2-hour Telemovie, RAZOR, sharing their excitements and disappointments... what did you think? Come visit BSGcast**** to speak your mind! Oh, and plan to be in Vegas in April for the premiere... we are!
31 Mar 2008
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The beautiful and talented Luciana Carro, who played Starbuck's Nugget-turned-CAG nemesis 'Kat' in Battlestar Galactica, sits down for a chat with BSGcast Las Vegas Correspondent Rudy Jahchan to talk about her experiences on the show, what she's up to now, and the information she's privy to for Season 4.
5 Aug 2008
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Matt+ Nat get back to the regularly scheduled BSGcast with the second episode of the regular season, "Six of One", with lots to say about Cylon Insurrections, Multiple Super-Pimp Baltars, and Lee's increasingly pop-star wardrobe... and a nice surprise or two for you from our fellow BSGeeks over at Alienware!! ~Matt + Nat
18 Apr 2008
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The Top 10 Reasons to Watch this Season of BSGcast! Written by Battlestar Prometheus scribe Ryan Keeton, produced by Matt + Nat and performed by the various characters who attended BSGcast LIVE in Las Vegas! ~Matt + Nat *******BSGcast****
27 Apr 2008
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This is the sub-10-minute version, check BSGcast**** for the full cut, with more Roslin in this episode! So, “Escape Velocity” in a nutshell was brilliantly directed by Eddie Olmos (”Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down”) and masterfully written by Jane Espenson (”Dirty Hands”… anyone else notice Galen’s nod to that episode “to put her up against the bulkhead and shoot her”), but did it have enough action to keep everyone happy? We’re stewing the character arcs now, we know we’re getting ready for what is sure to be a massive cliffhanger for episode 10 of the season, but did it keep everyone satisfied for another week? Watch this week’s ‘cast and leave us with your thoughts for a chance to win some wicked Alienware goods. ~Matt + Nat
30 Apr 2008
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More Starbuck the crazy captain hunting her while whale... and this time she catches a Leoben just before her crew decides to Mutiny. A lot happens in this episode, but did it keep your attention? Did it give you your BSG fix? Matt and Nat enjoyed some parts more than others... what about you? Hit us up at BSGcast**** and let us know! ~Matt + Nat
7 May 2008
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This is what we signed up fo: we've been clifhung like no other show on TV can do... in fact, cliffhung in a way Ron Moore has never done before, Revelations is going to make the next 6 months go by REALLY slowly! We announce the winner of the Ozma-7 Headphones AND tell you what's in store as the Grand Prize for our giveaway in the back half of Season 4! Hungry for more BSGcast? Don't you worry, we've got something very special in store for you next week! ~Matt + Nat
17 Jun 2008
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Here it is! Part 2 in our three part Q&A with Aaron Douglas and Edward James Olmos from Fan Expo 2008 in Toronto… it was a one-hour session, and we can't do more than 10 minutes on here, so be prepared for a SUPER-long Part 3 next week on BSGcast****! ~Matt + Nat
3 Sep 2008
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The 10-Minute edit of Part 3 of 3 in Matt + Nat's coverage of Edward James Olmos and Aaron Douglas' 1-hour Q&A at Fan Expo 2008 in Toronto. For the 21-minute version, visit *******BSGcast****
19 Sep 2008
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We've got some big news! The BSGcast LIVE Frak-Party on January 16-17 is not only happening at the same place as the PROPWORX Battlestar Galactica Prop Auction, but now we've got special exclusive PREVIEW access to the auction items on Friday before the bidding even begins!
11 Dec 2008
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