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I lip sync Weird Al - eBay, a very funny song. Lyrics: Yeah A used ... pink bathrobe A rare ... mint snowglobe A Smurf ... TV tray I bought on eBay My house ... is filled with this crap Shows up in bubble wrap Most every day What I bought on eBay Tell me why (I need another pet rock) Tell me why (I got that Alf alarm clock) Tell me why (I bid on Shatner's old toupee) They had it on eBay I'll buy ... your knick-knack Just check ... my feedback "A++!" they all say They love me on eBay Gonna buy (a slightly-damaged golf bag) Gonna buy (some Beanie Babies, new with tag) (From some guy) I've never met in Norway Found him on eBay I am the type who is liable to snipe you With two seconds left to go, whoa Got Paypal or Visa, what ever'll please ya As long as I've got the dough I'll buy ... your tchotchkes Sell me ... your watch, please I'll buy (I'll buy, I'll buy, I'll buy ...) I'm highest bidder now (Junk keeps arriving in the mail) (From that worldwide garage sale) (Dukes Of Hazard ashtray) (Hey! A Dukes Of Hazard ashtray) Oh yeah ... (I bought it on eBay) Wanna buy (a PacMan Fever lunchbox) Wanna buy (a case of vintage tube socks) Wanna buy (a Kleenex used by Dr. Dre, Dr. Dre) (Found it on eBay) Wanna buy (that Farrah Fawcet poster) (Pez dispensers and a toaster) (Don't know why ... the kind of stuff you'd throw away) (I'll buy on eBay) What I bought on eBay-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y
19 Sep 2009
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Hi my name is Terry and I’m doing a video review for I ordered 5 ampoules of HCG through and here is the envelope that it came in and here is the product it itself, it came wrapped in a box, the envelope itself is bubble wrapped so everything is fairly protected. There is the product as you can see. There is 10 ampoules, 5 of them are the bacteriostatic water that you use to reconstitute the powder with. The only issue that I had was the original pharmacy I ordered the products through could not deliver them to where I live and what ended up happening was customer service got in touch with me. We changed the order slightly so that a pharmacy in India could send the products onto me. There was a surplus of money which they sent back to me by Western Union, it was no problem they sent me an MCTM number I think it is and I got the money the very next day. These people are top drawer; their customer service is bar none, the best I’ve ever experienced. They are on top of everything. They email you or they phone you, they wanted to make sure that I was 100% happy with everything that went on and from the time we changed pharmacies to the time we got the product I think was about 10 days so still overall very very fast service. Like I say, the product is top drawer, 5 stars for everything. I just go 5 stars, 5 stars, 5 stars, so go to, check out their products, and if they have anything your interested in I recommend it wholeheartedly 100%. Thank you very much.
18 May 2009
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*******www.bigappleboxes****212-777-5278What moving supplies and packaging supplies do you need when you are moving? BOXES! Moving boxes, wardrobe boxes, storage boxes, cartons of all kinds. Get a room kit... plus packaging supplies such as bubble wrap, packing tape, and wrapping paper.You don't need to pay a premium at your local moving store. Buy your moving boxes at a discount from Big Apple Boxes and have them delivered to your door, saving you time and money.
9 Jul 2009
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*******www.bigappleboxes****/lower-east-side 212-777-5278 Are you on the Lower East Side and in need of Moving Boxes, Packing Supplies or Shipping Accessories? Big Apple Boxes 47 Essex Street Location (near the Williamsburg Bridge) has been serving the Lower East Side of Manhattan for more than 50 years. We sell all sorts of Moving Boxes and Supplies, including Specialty Boxes, Packing Tape, and Bubble Wrap. You can pick up the boxes directly, or if you would rather have them delivered to your door, you can order online!
31 Jul 2009
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*******www.bigappleboxes****/lower-ea... 212-777-5278 Are you on the Lower East Side and in need of Moving Boxes, Packing Supplies or Shipping Accessories? Big Apple Boxes 47 Essex Street Location (near the Williamsburg Bridge) has been serving the Lower East Side of Manhattan for more than 50 years. We sell all sorts of Moving Boxes and Supplies, including Specialty Boxes, Packing Tape, and Bubble Wrap. You can pick up the boxes directly, or if you would rather have them delivered to your door, you can order online!
31 Jul 2009
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*******www.bigappleboxes**** Packing Boxes the right way is important not only for being able to quickly and easily move out, but it will also help you easily move in to your new place. Here are a few quick pointers on Packing Boxes: Boxes should always be arranged by their destination room, and should be clearly labeled with a marker. Moving Boxes should be packed with heavier items in the bottom of the boxes, and lighter items in the top. Box Padding and Insulation, such as Bubble Wrap and Inkless Packing Paper, should be used to keep fragile items safely in place during transportation. Also, when packing your belongings into Moving Boxes, it essential that you use moving tape to securely seal the boxes. Given a load of heavy items such as books or metal objects, even the sturdiest moving boxes might break through the bottom if not secured with Packing Tape. Many consider it to be the most important Moving Supply (Besides the Boxes of Course).
9 Sep 2009
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*******movers4me****/index.html), Movers Los Angeles will be most helpful even when you are moving within the city. If you are a resident of Los Angeles and just shifting from one locality to another, Movers Los Angeles will be the best choice you can make to shift your luggage and furniture to the new location. They know the by-lanes and staircases and door numbers of the city like the back of their hand. However, it is not just their familiarity with the lanes and regulations and idiosyncrasies of the city that makes Movers Los Angeles the right choice for anyone moving Los Angeles. Movers Los Angeles is also one of the best in their field of operations. Their staff is trained to handle the packing of the most delicate to the heaviest of objects. They have moving supplies of excellent quality and trained personnel whose performance exceeds customer expectations. When you are moving Los Angeles, even the minutest of your possessions are safe in the hands of Movers Los Angeles. Each and every item of their moving supplies is selected with the utmost concern for the safety of the customers' goods. Electronic goods are covered with layers of bubble wrap and packed in anti-static bags, and the moving boxes in which they are kept are lined with foam sheets. Likewise, breakable objects like mirrors, monitors, tabletops, or chin aware are packed with special care, cushioned with layers of foam sheet.Movers New York also takes care to fill even the smallest gap in the box with paper loose fill, or thermo col or other plastic loose fill as required. (*******movers4me****/index.html),In short, if you are moving Los Angeles, you need worry only about getting an accommodation. The easy quote you can received from Los Angeles 24/7 our friendly sales department will help you out for any moving needs such as with: quote for residential movers in los angeles ca,commercial movers in los angeles,office moving and long distance service with pro movers Los Angeles Movers. If you like to visit our office we are located in heart of Downtown Los Angeles at 123 South Spring Street, Los Angeles 90012 or you can call us at (888) 854-4421‎ our toll free number or visit our site (http:www.movers4me****)
17 Dec 2009
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Hi, if you're looking for mailroom supplies then you are in the right place - *******www.euroffice******/g/14l/Offi... We have a huge range of packaging products from mail bags to bubble wrap as well as weighing scales and poster tubes. All your mailing needs are taken care of in this category and we offer free next day delivery so you can get delivering the next day too! As well as all the stuff you'd expect to find here like packing boxes and packing wrap, we also stock the marvellous invention the folding machine. This is a worthwhile investment if you have a lot of letters to fold for mass mailings. A standard Paper folding machine will fold any size up to A4 our most popular Letter Folder will fold around 4000 sheets of standard A4 paper in an hour. We also stock leading brands in mailroom supplies 5 star, Salter, Ambassador, Marland and Flexocare. If you want a detailed description of this category, just take a look at our Buyers Guide. We also thought it'd be helpful to give you a Royal Mail pricing and size guide for all your mailing needs, so check that out to see how much postage will cost. And remember... We won't be beaten on price.
9 Jan 2010
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*******Moving-Saltlake**** Moving Supplies Salt Lake City Moving Supplies Salt Lake City *******Moving-Saltlake**** (877) 696-0018 Customers need to be able to get easy access to moving supplies. We have a resource for moving supplies and these include boxes, sealing tape, protective items, and tools for lifting boxes, bags, lock, and ropes. In terms of boxes, these are in line with the different moving needs that different customers have. There are boxes for both heavy and lightweight items. Boxes with handles are also available to enable easier handling of bulky items. Proper packing is essential for the moving process to be successful. It is therefore important for customers to select boxes that are appropriate and suitable for their diverse needs. Packaging tape is another essential moving supply. This is used to stick on labels and secure packaging boxes. Moving supplies are available in various areas, including these zip codes: 84112, 84101, 84201, 84404, 84415, 84601, and 84606. Protective supplies are used to protect items from any possible damage. Options for protective supplies include bubble wrap, wrapping paper, foam, pads, and cushions. Bubble wrap is ideal for fine and fragile items. Wrapping paper is best for artwork such as picture frames. Lifting tools facilitate easy movement and mobility of items as opposed to trying to carry bulking items with no assistance. There is no need to cause back damage when trying to move about things. These tools are a worthwhile investment and they include furniture dollies, hand trucks, and portable steps. Furniture dollies make it easy to wheel heavy items around. Portable steps are ideal for gaining elevation when moving things in and out of trucks. Bags are an important moving supply because they help to conserve space, which can then be used to store other things. Mattress bags are great for covering mattresses and protecting them from dust and tears on their surfaces. Bags that are specially designed for clothing items also serve the function of protecting them from dirt and excessive moisture that may be encountered during moving. Computer bags free the mind from worries about the safety of computers during the moving process. For customers who want peace of mind, locks are a good idea because they keep valuable items safe. It is wise to invest in a strong and durable lock that may cost slightly more than some inferior medals. Ropes are great for tying down boxes to keep them from moving about excessively. For more information, do not hesitate to call us on (877) 696-0018.
9 Feb 2010
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Journeys Storage & Removals is an independent removal operator offering a highly professional removal service throughout the West Midlands region. Over the years, they have gained an enviable reputation for quality and reliability, working closely with many local estate agents who value their service and are happy to recommend them to their clients. They have their own local storage unit and can offer both containerised and self access storage facility. They can supply and sell all forms of packing materials including boxes, wardrobe cartons, paper, bubble wrap both to the industry and to individuals to support their requirements. They are extremely professional and reliable. All work is carried out by fully qualified removal and storage specialists they endeavour to provide the best service to their customers at all times. They are situated near Birmingham, Walsall, Coventry, Warwickshire, Stratford and upon Avon. For further information or if you have any queries please visit *******www.touchbirmingham******/business/list/bid/6793402 or *******www.storagesuttoncoldfield*******
6 May 2010
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Hi, I’m going to tell you about my experience purchasing through PharmacyEscrow****. This is my first time buying HCG and I decided to go with PharmacyEscrow**** after researching different companies and checking prices. Previously I had been seeing a doctor who was charging me $70 a week, for six doses of sublingual tablets and I was just really spending way too much, so I decided to start doing a treatment at home and the site was really easy to navigate and when placing my order, all I had to do is follow the steps and I was done. I was curious about all the different kinds of HCG but I spoke to one of the representatives and they told me of my different options and explained them to me and I decided to go with the High Purity HCG. I placed my order on June 26 and I received it twelve days later and I purchased through the North Indian pharmacy. I was able to track my package on USPS**** and since I shipped with the express mail option and my shipping was supposed to be between 10 and 16 days I believe and I received it in twelve so that was remarkably fast and I could see how long it took for my package to clear customs and it only took about 3 days, so, after I got my package, it was sent in a brown envelope bubble wrapped mailer and inside was this white package and inside that was the package that contained my HCG, right here and as you can see it was the proficient high purity 5000 IUs unit and this is what it was, so, from this I’ve used 40 doses to make 125iu each for injections and PharmacyEscrow**** is really a great and helpful site, they give you lots of free tools and you know the things that you need, like the Simeons book “pounds and inches” that they give you for free and I especially like the excel spreadsheet that gives you an HCG progress report and really helps you track and see how well you are doing. I was really satisfied with my purchase and I look forward to doing it again, thanks PharmacyEscrow**** you really helped me out. Without purchasing through them I would have had to keep spending so much money going to the doctor and not really knowing what I was taking because it was just a tablet that I was given, I wasn’t actually seeing them make the tablets or mix the different kinds of medicines that they were giving me and this way im able to dole out my own and choose the dosage that I want to take. Other than that its really up to you when you buy your own what you want to do with it, but PharmacyEscrow**** is there to help you. If you just follow the instructions, do your research and get good products you should do well on the diet. I’m doing my own and it’s going pretty good. Thanks again PharmacyEscrow****, great place.
29 Sep 2010
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*******spokane.clavideo****/business_listings/Self_Storage_Spokane_Packing_Tutorials_Part1.html Are you building, selling, or buying a new home? Is your lifestyle about to change because of a separation, new marriage, or someone moving in? Do you have extra things that you don't have room for? Are you experiencing a major change such as going to college, joining the military, or relocating? Or are you just in need of some storage space for a vehicle, boat, commercial, or seasonal items? If so, you probably have more questions than answers. Self Storage of Spokane is here to help you have a successful move. To start, you should make a list of the packing supplies you'll need. Supplies include boxes, bubble wrap, packaging tape, locks, and coverings. To find out what size storage unit and moving truck you'll need, simply go to SelfStorageSpokane**** and use their helpful calculator. Now that you have some important information about your move, see the pros at Self Storage of Spokane to make sure you get the right amount of supplies. Be prepared to get the right amount of supplies by knowing what types of items you're moving or storing. You should know how much you have of dishware, clothes, books, fragile items, electronics, etc. When you're at Self Storage of Spokane you can confirm the size unit you need by using the mock unit. For more information on packing supplies, view our other tutorials, or visit *******www.SelfStorageSpokane****.
25 Feb 2011
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