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3 Jul 2009
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20 Oct 2008
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30 Jan 2011
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Colorful String Twinkle Light For Christmas Decoration from Budgetgadgets**** Free shipping worldwide + low price here : *******www.budgetgadgets****/?ref=168
2 Apr 2011
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18 Apr 2013
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MegaBloks Playground, developed by Budge Studios, is an interactive toy for the iPad. This special touch-play app features intuitive controls designed to help teach fine motor skills to children 2-5 years old. Help your MegaBlok buddies sail across a pond, play on a seesaw, hop on a swing and even fly in a hot air balloon! And of course, you can help your new friends find piles of Mega Bloks to build & play with. Features: - Explore an interactive playground featuring a hot air balloon, pond, swingset, teeter-totter, slide and MegaBloks - Easy-to-use interface designed to enhance fine motor skills in children ages 2-5 - Superior touch-play with rich graphics, vibrant sounds and cheerful music. - Open-ended, unlimited play; it's always recess at the MegaBloks Playground! Mega Bloks Playground is brought to you by MegaBrands, the home of kid-approved MegaBloks, MegaPuzzles RoseArt and Board Dudes brands.
5 Oct 2010
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Cats can go on staring at the blank like this for hours and it never does make any sense. You just can’t make them budge no matter what.
28 May 2019
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Speech by Anne E. Jensen MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on : Draft general budget 2009 as modified by the Council (all sections) [on behalf of the Group] [Language DA original] Jensen_081217_092210_obog_da
25 Dec 2008
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30 Nov 2011
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Eve shows the way to fine-tune and set your lipstick so it lasts without budging. Plastic Surgery Without The Surgery. www.evepearl****
22 Aug 2007
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I manage to keep a good pace on the highway, and I head toward my hotel in a tourist resort town called Kihei in Maui. The luggage on the back of the motorcycle hasn't budged, and it's working great so far.
11 Sep 2007
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How muchever i tried waking this up, this fella would'nt budge!!! too much
28 Jan 2008
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Get more at getthedaily**** In the world of video games, industry giant Electronic Arts decided to not extend their bid for a sixth time to acquire “Grand Theft Auto” makers Take Two Interactive. When Take Two learned about the bigger company's decision, they offered to open up their books to EA. Most analysts believe that the companies need each other and any animosity caused by the negotiations will eventually be forgotten in hopes of closing-out a deal. The Princeton Review is getting low marks from the public after a recent fiasco. Due to a problem with its website code, The Princeton Review unintentionally shared personal data about thousands of students publicly for seven weeks. Because of the code flaw, any web-searcher could easily access thousands of files on the site. Hardest hit were 34-thousand students from Sarasota, Florida and 74-thousand students from Fairfax County, Virginia, as data about gender, learning disabilities, birthdates, ethnicities, and test scores were on public display. And there is more rotten news for Apple. The company's troubled MobileMe service is still causing so many problems that the company has announced they will offer users two more months of free service. MobileMe has only been available for a month and Apple had already given out a free month of the service because some MobileMe users had lost emails. The service has been so unreliable that Steve Jobs admitted in an email that MobileMe has not lived up to the company's high standards. Analysts believe that Apple overextended itself when releasing MobileMe the same day as putting out the new 3G iPhone, the iPhone 2.0 operating system, and the new App Store. And in web radio, popular streaming radio sites like Pandora could be in big trouble if royalty laws are not changed. Last year, a federal panel ordered web radio broadcasters to pay twice the fees they were already paying, per song, per listener. While traditional radio doesn't pay such a fee and satellite radio pays a much lower one, web radio sites will see most of their revenue eaten up by the fees, with 70-percent of revenues going towards the fees. This week, California Representative Howard L. Berman is trying to make a last minute deal between webcasters and SoundExchange, the company that reps recording companies and artists. However, both sides have not yet budged. If an agreement is not reached, Pandora and other similar sites might simply have to shut down.
23 Aug 2008
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‘The First Time It Hits’
Enter Skater Boy. Sitting by the wall is Bad Girl, the object of his teenage desire. How to get her attention. Perhaps a trick ...
‘The First Time It Hits’ is an acclaimed short film by the Director / Screenwriter Jason Budge and Producer Dave Tomalin, commissioned by Screen Yorkshire/UK Film Council. The film features on UK Film Council/BFI/Sight & Sound Digital Short Showreel and has played at numerous international film festivals including Brief Encounters – Bristol; Halloween Film Festival – ICA, London; Short Circuit – Curzon, Soho; Cinemagic – Belfast; Britspotting – Berlin; Videotheque - Cannes. 

RUNNING TIME: 2mins 46secs
28 Aug 2008
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