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In Sedona popular place known for dynamic personal growth and inspiration is the Center for the New Age, located on 6 pristine acres on the banks ... all ยป of Oak Creek. The center draws people from all walks of life. Visitors are cheerfully welcomed and invited to explore extensive displays of healing crystals, jewelry, music, books and other holistic and personal growth offerings including an exotic array of Tibetan bowls and artifacts. Many visitors choose to have their aura photographed and privately read. Others may prefer to have an astrology or numerology report prepared. A private psychic reading, healing, or massage can be arranged thru the center's conciege services with one of 20 professionals at the center - no appointment necessary. Also, let the conciege give you an event calendar and free vortex information or arrange for your own personalized, vortex adventure... Visit the Center for the New Age. You will leave feeling enriched, inspired, and enlightened. Sedona TV Red Rock TV 16 *******
20 Dec 2007
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