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The 2008 Burning Man Decompression heated up the streets of San Francisco on October 12.
16 Oct 2008
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AquaBurn is an award-winning documentary film by director Bill Breithaupt showcasing "The Floating World" theme of the 2002 Burning Man Festival. AquaBurn features many of the incredible Burning Man art installations, the imagination and originality that went into their creation, and the artists who conceived them. Unlike conventional documentaries on the Burning Man Festival, AquaBurn captures the true feeling and excitement of the event itself, transporting the viewer to a hot, dusty wonderland without ever leaving home. AquaBurn introduces you to artists like Peter Hudson, who created Sisyphish, a life-size 3D zoetrope of a swimmer, Nate Smith, who conjures a 20 ft. fire tornado, David Best & his crew’s 78 ft. Temple of Joy - a tribute to 9/11, Deirdre DeFranceaux’s beautiful sculpture of singing sirens, Shane Rogers and the Sky People show off their sky diving skills over Black Rock City, Terry Shreck’s glowing metal sculpture Beacon, and Kiki Petit’s incredible fire waterfall Egeria. Officially beginning on Baker Beach in 1986, Burning Man began on an impulse when Larry Harvey & Jerry James created a man out of wood and burned him on the beach. Various myths and rumors circulate about what the man represented: a love lost, a memorial to Larry’s father, etc. Larry insists it is not what it represented that matters, but that the act of burning the effigy was the “first recorded form of what we now call ‘radical self-expression’ ” (from Burning Man’s MySpace page) a concept that became his gift to the world. Others joined him for the burn on the beach, bringing their influence and arts, having their own moments of “radical self-expression”. The crowd grew each year, and in 1990 San Francisco police stepped in to halt the expanding event, and a new location was obtained in the Nevada desert. Now, over 45,000 people travel to Burning Man Festival at Block Rock City in the Nevada desert to participate in an experience that is unlike any found in modern society. For one week in late August they become part of an experimental community, which challenges its members to express themselves and rely on themselves to a degree that is not normally encountered in day-to-day life. They are to provide their own food, water and shelter, enduring sweltering temperatures often above 110 degrees and overwhelming sandstorms. In the face of such a formidable environment the society flourishes. There is no commerce, Burning Man is built upon a gift economy mentality. No commercialism, no vending, no money at the Burning Man Festival. Gifting is part of the experience. And an experience it is. All around the playa large art installations challenge the elements, rising above the horizon. Theme camps are abundant, each offering their creativity to passers-by in the form of body painting to grilled cheese sandwiches. Burning Man is the catalyst for boundary pushing artists & scientists. MIT Press Journal article on Nate Smith & Kiki Petit’s projects. People are beginning to take it seriously as an arts festival, rather than just a bunch of crazy hippies partying in the desert. Dr. Megavolt On Saturday night the man is burned. All the members of this unusual city convene in the center, watching as the 40 foot structure is ignited. As the flames burn higher and the Man falls, each takes away his own memories and experiences. One would be wary of truly being oneself, even in such an uninhibited environment, if the threat of exploitation of one's art for any commercial purposes was present. It is for this reason that film and video cameras are forbidden without permission at Burning Man. All video cameras must be registered and tagged. If you are considering filming for professional purposes, you must have a commercial agreement on file with the media team prior to your arrival onsite. Even with an agreement on file, you still must have permission from Burning Man (the Burning Man Organization) to use any images commercially. This is one reason why AquaBurn is so unique and special. Not only is it a Burning Man sanctioned film, it is also highly entertaining, stunningly beautiful and shockingly hip. It has become the most popular Burning Man film with festival attendees, as well as general public.
4 Mar 2009
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Using a Sharpie a few members in the Burning Man community (drink!) describe Burning Man in a word on the palm of their hand. Pour yourself your favorite drink and play the 3 Playa Community Drinking Game as you watch this video. Then participate and leave a video comment describing that thing in the desert with one word! You can also help me by tagging everybody that's featured here in this video. Music by *******DJMerj****. More at ******* Distributed by Tubemogul.
13 Mar 2009
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"Burning Man – The Burning Sensation" will scorch your senses as it takes you into the heart of the Burning Man experience. Each Summer, some 20,000+ souls make a pilgrimage to the Black Rock Desert to practice radical self-expression and self-reliance in a temporary, commerce-free community. At the end a 50-foot high, neon-lit, wooden effigy is burned, igniting a wild, tribal, all-night celebration. The world's largest venue for public art, Burning Man has elements of a Vegas acid trip, a nudist colony, a pyrotechnic convention, the Rose Bowl parade, a rave, the Museum of Modern Art, and a Mad Max movie dispersed over the 107 degree desert. The film captures intense footage of several art events as well as interviews with Burning Man organizers Larry Harvey (also co-founder), Crimson Rose and Will Roger who explain how, what started in 1986 as an impromptu Summer Solstice celebration, put on by a few friends at a beach in San Francisco, has turned into a full-blown exercise in city planning and management with a hefty price-tag. This temporary city is the 6th largest in Nevada. Some of the featured art events include "Burial In Space" by Woodpussy (a group of musicians and pyro-technicians who blast their deceased founder into space in a rocket of their own creation); "Nebulous Entity" and "Futura Deluxe" (two large, roving installation pieces engineered using mathematics derived from fields of neural networks, ecological systems and fractals); and a performance artist Dea Million who stages her "wedding" to America.
17 Jan 2012
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Burning Man 2009 Day 1
29 Sep 2009
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Burning Man Day 2
29 Sep 2009
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Dear old Chicken John plays a little ditty and answers a few questions at Burning Man 2009. More at ******* Distributed by Tubemogul.
20 Oct 2009
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Every September in Nevada's Black Rock, desert a temporary city comes together based on "radical self expression and self-reliance" called Burning Man. Incredibly, a functional airport also rises from the dust complete with FCC and Bureau of Land Management approval. This episode is all about that airport and Burning Man.
2 Oct 2012
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You may have become aware of this annual festival called "Burning Man". It occurs out in the Nevada desert every year, in overdue August to early September. A short-term city springs up in the middle of nowhere. Along with lights, listed here is other stuff you need in your Burning Man packing list.Visit our site *******burnerprep****/ for more information on Burning Man Packing List
10 Apr 2013
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Welcome to De-Menthas, a small club build in a dome by some fellas who gifted the Playa with great beats and grooves, excellent mojitos and a s-u-p-e-r friendly crowd! Check out their misting system on the dome roof, to make people even happier and fresh!
24 Sep 2007
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De-Menthas is a small club with a great attitude, built in a dome by some fellas who gifted the Playa this year with great beats and grooves, excellent mojitos and a s-u-p-e-r friendly crowd!
25 Sep 2007
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Ok, since you guys liked my De-Menthas videos, here are another couple of them. Also, double thanks to Rob - first for spinning nasty beats, second for showing up on YouTube to tell us the names of those killer tunes!!! De-Menthas rocks!!!
28 Sep 2007
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