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15 Oct 2009
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16 Oct 2009
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6 Nov 2009
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6 Nov 2009
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18 Jan 2010
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12 Mar 2012
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*******live.pirillo**** - Do you have (or plan to buy)a PS3, or an Xbox 360? I have four Xbox 360's, and love them. One of our viewers sent me in his top 5 list for Xbox, so I wanted to share them!
6 Dec 2007
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15 May 2008
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Okay so, since there has been an increase in stupid comments even though i ASKED NICELY to stop it, I have removed the ability to add comments.^^ Enjoy the trailer~ FAQ: (yea i know it's really really late but oh well w/e) Going to be on PC? I heard it was, haven't confirmed it myself though. Can you be a woman? Yes you can. Multiplayer? Yes with the inclusion of being able to play online. Online zomg wtf? Yes that is correct there is full online play where a friend's hero can just drop in and play the game with you full co-op. Babies? Yes Do you know any other features? There are tons of features some are the ability to affect a towns' growth such as trading with them often or killing them all, guns magic and melee skills are each controlled with one button, you never "die" in fable 2 you just "pass out" and recieve "scars" which you can remove for a price. There are probably more but you'll have to settle for that until I feel like putting more. Oh almost forgot. Release Date? October 21, 2008 Why did you disable comments? Stupid people are using the video comment section as a way to pointlessly debate whether ps3 or xbox 360 is better, even though honestly each is it's own system with it's respective upsides and downsides. Do you own either a 360 or a PS3? I have a 360, but I'd gladly buy the PS3 if I had money. Which is why I don't take sides in this stupid fanatic debate about 360 vs PS3 (from xbox 360 fans) YOU EFFIN TRAITOR! Dude stfu... P.S I'm sorry if I implied that there are only guys making stupid comments. For those girls out there who are fangirls fighting about which system is better you're just as immature^^ Also: To all those who simply made comments on the video I'm sorry that it had to come to this^^"
3 Feb 2010
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25 May 2009
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Ad: PS3 Commercial: '$59.99 (US) Finaly a strong commercial from Sony for the PlayStation 3! Why should you buy a PS3? Because it only does everthing! Ad: PS3 Commercial: Rumor' (US)
29 Aug 2009
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28 Nov 2009
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