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Monster's Department of Fandemonium asks can you tackle Superbowl great Jerome Bettis? Watch the video and vote now! Check out**** for more on the next director of Fandemonium!
9 Jan 2010
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Чтоб меня так пёрло. Кусок комедии 2000 года К бою готовы \ Ready to Rumble. Пестня Britney Spears "Baby one more time". Изображение страшное было изначально. Томится у меня в смотрикоме с 21\01\2011. Перезалить только сейчас руки дошли.
7 Jun 2017
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*******www.redcarpetreporttv**** Funny one-sided interview with James Caan and Maggie Lawson yesterday. Can you guess what our questions were? No worries, we're back in the game with them tonight on ABC at 8:30 PM. Be sure to tune into this "wrong" in so many ways family comedy. Get the Story from the Red Carpet Report Team - follow us on Twitter and Facebook at: *******twitter****/TheRedCarpetTV ********www.facebook****/RedCarpetReportTV *******www.redcarpetreporttv**** ***********/MingleMediaTVNetwork About Back in the Game: Wednesdays at 8:30 7:30c on ABC Batter up! Psych's Maggie Lawson stars as a divorced single mother and former all-star softball player who moves in with her estranged father, Terry "The Cannon" Gannon Sr. (James Caan), a beer-swilling ex-baseball player. Father and daughter reconnect when they start coaching a Little League team together. The comedy comes from Las Vegas' Mark and Robb Cullen, and also stars Ben Koldyke and Lenora Crichlow. Back In The Game stars Maggie Lawson (Psych) as Terry, Jr.; James Caan (Las Vegas) as Terry "The Cannon" Gannon, Sr.; Lenora Crichlow (Being Human, Fast Girls) as Gigi; Griffin Gluck (Private Practice) as Danny; Ben Koldyke (Big Love) as Dick; Kennedy Waite (I-Doll) as Vanessa; J.J. Totah (Jessie) as Michael; and Cooper Roth as David. Back In The Game was written by Mark and Robb Cullen (Lucky, Las Vegas), who also executive produce along with directors John Requa and Glenn Ficarra (Bad Santa, Crazy, Stupid, Love) and Aaron Kaplan (The Neighbors). Back In The Game is from 20TH Century Fox Television/ Kapital Entertainment. *******abc.go****/shows/back-in-the-game ********www.facebook****/BackInTheGameABC ********twitter****/BackInTheGameTV *******instagram****/backinthegameabc For more of Mingle Media TV’s Red Carpet Report coverage, please visit our website and follow us on Twitter and Facebook here: ********www.minglemediatv**** ********www.facebook****/minglemediatvnetwork ***********/MingleMediaTVNetwork ********www.twitter****/minglemediatv Distributed by OneLoad****
2 Oct 2013
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Columbia Picturesin ja Sony Pictures Animationin elokuva Poutapilviä ja lihapullakuuroja on herkullisin tapaus sitten pastan ja jauhelihan kohtaamisen. Rakastettuun lastenkirjaan perustuva tarina kertoo kaupungista, jossa taivaalta sataa ruokaa. Bill Hader, "Saturday Night Liven" ja elokuvan Night at the Museum 2 tähti, on Flint Lockwood, nuori keksijä, joka unelmoi kehittävänsä jotain, mikä parantaa kaikkien elämää. Anna Faris, joka nähtiin hiljattain menestyskomediassa Puputalo, antaa äänensä säätytölle nimeltä Sam Sparks, joka kätkee älykkyytensä pirtsakan ulkomuotonsa taakse. James Caan on Tim Lockwood, Flintin tekniikkakammoinen isä. Andy Samberg taas on Brent, paikallinen öykkäri, joka on kiusannut Flintiä lapsesta asti. Bruce Campbell on pormestari Shelbourne, joka hoksaa, että Flintin keksintö voi viedä kaupungin - ja ennen kaikkea hänet itsensä - maailmankartalle, ja Mr. T esittää kaupungin rehtiä poliisimiestä nimeltä Earl Devereaux.
17 Feb 2010
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Sleepwalking his way through life, Henry (Keanu Reeves) gets an unexpected wakeup call when he becomes an unwitting participant in a bank heist. Rather than give up the names of the real culprits, he takes the fall and discovers his true calling. Having done the time, Henry reasons he may as well do the crime. Discovering a forgotten tunnel connecting the bank to a nearby theater, he recruits his old cellmate Max (James Caan) to aid in the robbery, all the while playing the lead in the theatre’s current production where he finds himself falling for his leading lady, Julie (Vera Farmiga).
12 Jan 2011
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Better talks to James Caan, Vera Farmiga and Keanu Reeves about their latest film, "Henry's Crime".
20 Apr 2011
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Better talks to James Caan, Vera Farmiga and Keanu Reeves about their latest film, "Henry's Crime".
21 Apr 2011
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Nacht na nacht werkt Henry (Keanu Reeves) achter het loket van een stille tolweg in Buffalo, New York. En iedere ochtend sleept hij zich terug naar huis; zonder ambitie, zonder droom of richting. Tot hij op een dag wakker wordt geschud uit zijn doelloze bestaan als hij tegen zijn bedoeling betrokken raakt bij een bankoverval. Die nog mislukt ook. Het is de start van een nieuw leven.. en misschien wel een nieuwe liefde! Een stel vrienden van Henry hebben hem met een list gebruikt als chauffeur voor de bankoverval. Maar trouwe Henry verraadt zijn vrienden niet en gaat daarom zonder verdere plichtplegingen de gevangenis in. Daar ontmoet hij Max (James Caan), een doorgewinterde bajesklant die zweert bij het rustige en overzichtelijke bestaan achter de tralies. Max is absoluut niet van plan om uit de bak te komen, maar hij brengt Henry wel op een idee dat zijn leven zal veranderen. Als Henry een jaar later vrijkomt, weet hij voor het eerst wat hij wil met zijn leven. Nu hij de straf heeft uitgezeten, kan hij net zo goed de misdaad alsnog begaan! De vondst van een tunnel van de bank naar het naastgelegen theater, een aanvaring met de doortastende actrice Julie (Vera Farmiga) en de onwaarschijnlijke samenwerking met zijn oude vrienden en Max ontaard in een droogkomisch en ontwapenend romantisch misdaadverhaal.
21 Apr 2011
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******* - Click to Subscribe! Henry's Crime hits theaters on April 8th, 2011. Cast: Keanu Reeves, Vera Farmiga, James Caan, Judy Greer, Peter Stormare, Fisher Stevens, Bill Duke, Currie Graham, David Costabile Working the night shift as a toll collector on a lonely stretch of highway in Buffalo, New York, Henry (Keanu Reeves) is a man without ambition, dreams or purpose. He gets his wakeup call early one morning when he becomes an unwitting participant in an ill-conceived bank heist. Rather than give up the names of the real culprits, Henry takes the fall and goes to jail. There, he meets the irrepressible Max (James Caan), a con man who's grown far too comfortable with the familiarity and security of his 'idyllic' life behind bars. He's not about to leave prison. But he helps plant an idea in Henry's mind that will change his life forever. Upon his release one year later, Henry finds his purpose. Having done the time, he decides he may as well do the crime. Discovering a long forgotten bootlegger's tunnel, which runs from the very same bank to a theater across the alleyway, he recruits his reluctant former cellmate to stage a robbery. Their plan is simple: By infiltrating the theater and its current production of "The Cherry Orchard," the unlikely duo will buy just enough time to dig their way to the bank vault and drive off into the sunset. Unfortunately, that plan also includes Henry taking the lead role in the play, where he finds himself slowly falling for the production's mercurial leading lady, Julie (Vera Farmiga). Henry's Crime trailer courtesy Moving Pictures.
6 Nov 2011
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It was a party worth attending as actors such as Russell Brand, Kris Pine and Scott Caan were spotted at the Hollywood Reporter's Annual Next Generation Reception at Milk Studios in Los Angeles. While Russell Brand did not interact much with the photographers, Scott Caan seemed quite friendly as he chatted with the paparazzi.
11 Nov 2011
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A Rare Audio Tribute to Marc Shaiman and Music production for the superb Audio Score on Stephen King's "Misery" Film 1990, Starring Kathy Bates & James Caan.
13 Nov 2011
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Lucy Liu cast as Watson, James Caan on Hawaii 5-O, teen heart throbs invade NBC and more! Plus, Nathan Fillion takes on Nathan Fillion in the quest for Stana Katic’s Heart!
28 Feb 2012
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After a year of psychoanalysis, Solo, a failed novelist, is persuaded to get a dog by his therapist. Unable to cope he seeks help which results in offers from a wealthy dog collector to buy the dog(which he surprisingly rejects), meetings in the local park (which end up at the vets) and then Solo falls for a fellow dog owner who happens to be a stripper! Things get even more complicated when a loan shark threatens Solo’s life and the dog collector becomes more obsessed with the dog. Then the dog goes missing...
13 Feb 2008
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