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Watch the master calligraphers at work.
22 Mar 2008
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Independent development team, Etienne Nguyen Tan Hon and Yong Jie Hu today introduce Calligraphy Art 1.0 for iPad devices. Calligraphy Art is a tool devoted to this full art. Users can practice both Western and Chinese styles with accurate calligraphic pens, 7 different pen effects, 1 pointed pen, 4 art brushes. Discover the secret of calligraphy on the up to date digital mobile device, with all the advantages of the best technology.
27 May 2011
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Regardez le Calligraphe Johan en train de réaliser l'extrait d'un poème. L'alphabet utilisé est l'Onciale. Vous verrez également d'autres oeuvres réalisées en Onciale, entre autres. Veja o Calígrafo Johan realizar à mão, um extrato de uma poema. O Alfabeto utilisado é Oncial. Você verá também outras obras realizadas em Oncial entre outras. Watch the calligrapher Johan while he writes a quote from a poem. The alphabet he uses is the Uncial letters. You will also see other calligraphy pieces in Uncial letters. Visitez le site de Johan - Visit Johan's website - Visite o siteweb de Johan : *******www.johancalligrapher**** ou *******www.calligraphy-by-johan**** *******www.facebook****/johancalligraphe
4 Dec 2011
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need a calligrapher to do your invitations??? check out my samples and pricing at www.chicken-scratch****
17 Jul 2007
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check out my samples all you engaged people
12 Jul 2007
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watch how i write my unique style that can't be found anywhere but at chicken-scratch****..................for all your calligraphy needs
12 Jul 2007
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watch me write out something in really cool calligraphy!
12 Jul 2007
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just a sample of what i can provide for your wedding/party invitations, awards, certificates, poems, anything you want.
17 Jul 2007
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Calligraphy - Beautiful Calligraphy for Wedding Vows, Calligraphy Poems and Calligraphy Songs - Hand Calligraphy, Wedding Invitations and Calligraphy Bible Verses Helping people express their Love and their Emotions with Custom Beautiful Calligraphy.
30 Mar 2010
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Calligraphyplus gives you best digital calligraphy methods for addressing envelope services and weddings invitations calligraphy. With the help for calligraphyplus you can make your wedding invitation special and unique.
15 Feb 2013
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arabian calligrapher
20 Nov 2007
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Gu Kaizhi (traditional Chinese: 顧愷之; simplified Chinese: 顾恺之; pinyin: Gù Kǎizhī; Wade-Giles: Ku K'ai-chih) (ca. 344-406), is a cel Gu Kaizhi (traditional Chinese: 顧愷之; simplified Chinese: 顾恺之; pinyin: Gù Kǎizhī; Wade-Giles: Ku K'ai-chih) (ca. 344-406), is a celebrated painter of ancient China. According to historical records he was born in Wuxi, Jiangsu province and first painted at Nanjing in 364. In 366 he became an officer (Da Sima Canjun, 大司馬參軍). Later he was promoted to royal officer (Sanji Changshi, 散騎常侍). He was also a talented poet and calligrapher. He wrote three books about painting theory: On Painting (畫論), Introduction of Famous Paintings of Wei and Jin Dynasties (魏晉勝流畫贊) and Painting Yuntai Mountain (畫雲台山記). He wrote: "In figure paintings the clothes and the appearances were not very important. The eyes were the spirit and the decisive factor." Gu's art is known today through copies of three silk handscroll paintings attributed to him. "Admonitions of the Instructress to the Palace Ladies女史箴图" This painting - probably a Tang dynasty copy - illustrates nine stories from a political satire about Empress Jia (賈后) written by Zhang Hua (張華 ca. 232-302). Beginning in the eighth century, many collectors and emperors left seals, poems, and comments on the scroll. The Admonitions scroll was stored in the emperor's treasure until it was looted by the British army in the Boxer Uprising in 1900. Now it is in the British Museum collection, missing the first two scenes. Restoration specialists working on the scroll used the wrong materials and caused it to become brittle, so it can only be displayed flat. The original copy is a horizontal handscroll, painted by ink and color on silk.
18 Sep 2008
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An Iranian artist trained as a traditional calligrapher is continuing to gain an international reputation. BSN looks at her UK show.
15 Oct 2008
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In this video the calligrapher Johan is writing a quote from a poem in BATARDE FLAMANDE letters. Find out more about the artist and his work on www.gratisweb****/johancaligrafo ou www.johancalligrapher.hpg****.br
13 Feb 2009
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Regardez le Calligraphe Johan en train de réaliser l'extrait d'un poème. L'alphabet utilisé est la FRAKTUR. Décrouvez toutes ses créations sur www.gratisweb****/johancaligrafo ou www.johancalligrapher.hpg****.br
18 Feb 2009
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