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These numbers look completely normal, but something is very wrong: Can you spot it on the first try? Our brains have an amazing ability of playing tricks on us when we’re faced with unusual and unexpected situations. We humans are great at making predictions and seeing patterns – but that also means that when something doesn’t match our expectations, we often miss it completely. Lately, brain teasers and interesting puzzles have gotten more and more popular online. It’s great fun to challenge yourself, and then share them with your friends to find out who’s the sharpest tool in the shed! Not everyone can solve this tricky test on their first try. If you take your time, then you’ll probably make it, but if you make it a timed challenge, then things get considerably harder. Try and see if you can solve this one in under 20 seconds! Below is a number sequence from 1 to 53, but two numbers are missing. Your mission is to find out which ones! Prove your skill I have to admit that I didn’t make it on the first try – and neither did my coworkers! Now it’s up to you to prove that you’re more skilled than me. Ready, set, go! Like I said, I didn’t make it on the first try. But then I had a long second look, and I eventually managed to find the missing numbers! Below is the answer in two separate images. The first missing number is 11. The second missing number is 32. So if you noticed the numbers 11 and 32 missing, then congratulations – you passed the test! If you passed the test, press the share button below to challenge your friends! A little brain exercise never hurt anyone!
4 Sep 2018
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Can You spot the spider? Wooay, I only seen this Camouflage spider when I was watching its mate move. P.S. I like spiders, they help get rid of dirty flies. They are great engineers when building webs. More science *******www.ascienceportal**** Background Music from: *******Music4YourVids******
30 Nov 2011
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Valentine Day - Can You Spot the difference 2018 Welcome To Factzdailies, Thanks for watching this video, Please Share this video with your friends and please don’t forget to Subscribe our channel. Here's a small test to Valentine Day quiz - Can You Spot the difference this will tell you how good your eyes are through Five Pictures to Test Your Intelligence. Your Love In This Puzzles will able to spot the last hidden word. With Valentine Day quiz - Can You Spot the difference HAVE FUN… Incredible results will be seen if you Take the test. The results will be shocking for you. ONLY THE BEST NORMAL EAGLE EYED CAN SPOT THE HIDDEN WORDS TILL THE END. Our goal is to present you the best quality of videos on YouTube, so please Don't forget to turn on Notifications and subscribe so that you Don’t miss a video from Factzdailies. Whether it’s crazy, creepy, funny, shocking or mysterious, we cover a wide range of topics to keep you watch more and more Youtube Videos. [MUST WATCH VIDEO].
1 Mar 2018
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This UFO was taken on a cliff and you can hear the awesome sonic boom!
26 May 2007
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I created this video to show my friend on his birthday party. Just thought of showing something different. I created fews but this one I really need your advise. Can you notice the tricks.. :)
28 Jul 2008
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Feedalizr, an Adobe AIR application aggregating you 7 your connections social media lifestreaming on your desktop. This is an Adobe AIR application that runs on windows, mac and linux.
9 Feb 2009
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Recording of Sunday's live show from AeroExpo (Sunday Part 5/7) Vicki has a chat with an organisationd dedicated to making sure your aircraft continues to fly when you take off. We are taking a break and will be back for a new season on 13th July 2009 FullFlap.TV – Private, Commercial, Fun - Monday, Wednesday and Friday Aviation TV for the new era of flying. Blog and more on *******
26 Jun 2009
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We saw Michael C Hall shooting scenes for the all new Dexter Series in Cali.
21 Aug 2012
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Visit *******www.deangraziosi****/dean-graziosi-video-blog Welcome to Dean's Weekly Video Blog as we talk about how to make profits in today's real estate market... In this week's blog, Dean is even more unabashed and straight to the heart in his message.Besides looking like a great replacement for Larry King, he warns you not to fall for the get rich by doing nothing messages. Dean Graziosi is a real estate investing expert and America's leading real estate educator. Through multiple NY Times best selling books and weekly live events across America and Canada, Dean shares his recipe to profit in today's changing market. You may connect with Dean via *******www.facebook****/deangraziosipage.
7 Apr 2013
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It's getting harder and harder to tell what's real and what's not in film.
29 Jul 2013
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This camera is searching around for an odd thing between all the clothes. Do you think you can spot it out in one try?
12 Sep 2018
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Can you spot these two pics?
29 Nov 2006
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