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Explaining candlestick charts ***********/course/candlestick-charts.html Bar charts are very popular in Europe but candlesticks are rapidly gaining in popularity. The candlestick emphasises the open and close. If the close of the session is lower than the open the body of the candle will be coloured in. If close is higher than the open the body of the candle is blank
27 Mar 2012
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RIMM has been taking a hit lately. Will we rebound before Christmas, or is it game-over for this giant? Candlestick chart
1 Dec 2007
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*******www.informedtrades****/ An introduction to how to trade candlestick chart patterns for active trader and investors using technical analysis in the forex, futures, and stock markets.
26 Dec 2007
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*******www.informedtrades****/ A lesson on how to trade the Morning Star and Evening Star Candlestick Chart Patterns for active traders and investors in the stock, futures, and forex markets.
28 Dec 2007
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www.freetradingvideos**** :: Look at the power of trendlines using candlestick charting
29 Dec 2007
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www.freetradingvideos****: This is a rising wedge or ascending wedge bearish formation. This is using candlestick charting patterns for swing traders.
12 Jan 2008
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www.freetradingvideos****..... Market review and a look at AAPL, GOOG, BIDU, and GS using candlestick charting and technical anlaysis
22 May 2009
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www.freetradingvideos**** :: This is a strategy used to find trends that are poised to reverse. If you're the first to catch them you will be poised to greatly profit. This trading video uses technical analysis and candlestick charting techniques.
24 Oct 2009
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Among the many types of technical analysis available to forex traders, the single most useful and popular are probably candlestick charts.
28 Dec 2010
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*******ForexAutopilotSystem**** - Using Candlestick Charts For Day Trading - If you are a day trader, your goal is to profit from market price fluctuations on a daily basis. Using candlestick charts for day trading is one way to stay on top of what is happening. You need every possible advantage to keep one step ahead of other traders. Intraday candlestick patterns provide a warning that something is happening right now. As high volume traders buy or sell, this affects the price and forms an observable candlestick pattern. When you start studying candlestick charts, rely on metrics you are most familiar and comfortable with at first (e.g. support, resistance, and pivot points). Simply use the candles as added confirmation for your decisions while you learn to understand their meanings. On the most basic level, you can calculate what the daily average was for any particular day and observe the prevailing trading bias. - A bullish candle is one that is white with the close higher than the opening - A bearish candle is one that is black and has the close lower than the opening Tools of the Trade To be a winner, you have to lead the crowd in the market - not follow it. This means you must know your charts well and understand what they mean. Prices on the market can change minute by minute. To stay abreast of these fluctuations, try using candlestick charts for day trading based on 15 minute intervals. Use even shorter intervals for periods of high volume of trading. Keep an eye on several different time intervals at once to get a better feel for what is happening. Monitor support, resistance, trends, volume, moving averages, stochastics or similar metrics, and chart patterns (including candlesticks) on a real time basis. Fortunately, you can overlap much of this data on one screen with today's sophisticated trading software. After Market & Pre-Market Activity If you spot a significant opportunity or critical candlestick pattern near the end of the day, you may have the option of 'after hours trading'. ..
9 Feb 2010
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I have just finished a short video on the spot gold market using Japanese candlestick charts. In this new video I show you some key levels that you would not necessarily see using traditional Western charts. I invite you to take a look at this new video with no registration and no charge. Whether you agree, disagree, or just want to comment on this video, please comment on our blog. All the best, 
Adam Hewison 
 President, INO**** 
Co-creator, MarketClub
12 Jun 2010
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Learn to trade and invest in Forex and CFDs and other derivatives with Saxo Bank's Tom Hougaard and the Saxo Bank TradeMentor education series. In this video Tom Hougaard introduces Candlestick charts and teaches you how to interpret Candle chart patterns in order to place more profitable trades in Forex, CFDs and Stocks. To learn more visit *******video.saxobank****/channel/595261/tradementor or *******www.saxobank****/en/education/tradementor/webinars/pages/webinars.aspx
17 May 2011
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