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******* Good video journalism can come in different forms, from capturing an instantaneous moment in a war or distilling a difficult concept, according to John Roberts, anchor of CNN's American Morning. The veteran journalist was formerly with CBS News. Andy interviewed Roberts at the TimeWarner Politics '08 Summit last week, where Roberts moderated a panel titled "Puppet Masters and Policy Maestros: Analyzing the Brains, Architects and Strategies of the Modern Campaign." You can watch the video of the panel here. --Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer
24 Oct 2008
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In our special series, My First Baby, thousands of first time moms are uploading video at my first baby dot com. Stay with us to hear how you can sign up, but first check out what moms are doing to capture special moments.
15 Oct 2010
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we are our current reality a husband and wife team producing inspiration thru development wholly unusual in the forum and with perfect timing, we capture the moments giving you new uploads every week
11 Dec 2018
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the dark year is almost here we are our current reality a husband and wife team producing inspiration thru development wholly unusual in the forum and with perfect timing, we capture the moments giving you new uploads every week
23 Dec 2018
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after several bottles of wine... i'm at a small bar in paris and i am trying to find the "flusher" for the toilet. i push a button that says "ducha" little do i know that means shower... drunkenly (and soaked) wander back to the table where my friends are sitting and they were kind enough to capture the moment on video. the quality is not great but use your imagination. p.s. you can here the french people in the background cracking up at the dumb american.
15 May 2007
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This vid captures the moment we saw a small tornado in Cd Guzman mexico
12 Jun 2007
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This is the candid action of my cat - luckily I was able to capture the moment AND I WANT SHARE WITH YOU.
24 Jun 2007
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Germany' On Wednesday, s Markus Fothen won the Switzerland's tour 190 kilometer fifth stage, but the main argument is Luxembourg is separated from rider Franck the Schleck mysterious escape. When CSC rider Schleck lost in the drop control in approximately each hour, 60 kilometers to from leg's conclusion four kilometers from DomatEms to Caslano. The camera has captured the moment, he skids enters the metal crash barrier and turns a somersault into anything to look like is a deep ravine. , Schleck can pull backward luckily compared to some knife sword cut in the barrier, not goes bad in the autumn.
20 Jun 2008
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a dope runs a red light resulting in a deadly car crash. Moments like these are rare. That is why you should always be prepared by having a video camera compact enough so that you can carry it with you; and high quality enough to capture the moment in great quality. Check out my video on the new revolutionary 7 in 1 youtube camera. A must own for all youtubers! youtube.Com/watch?v=ohpXWsNDKsw
30 Jul 2008
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The tape is always running, and when pilots encounter what they believe are UFOs, the black box aboard every aircraft captures the moment. For the first time, THE UFO FILES reveals actual cockpit and control tower recordings of these sightings. From a detailed account of the 1947 Arnold case, to recent recordings over New England and Texas, to NASA recordings and video from 2005, BLACK BOX UFO SECRETS features interviews with pilots, witness and experts, including UCLA's Joseph Nagy, actor Ed Asner, and pilot/UFO researcher Don Berliner. VISIT: for more vids
18 Aug 2008
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What better way to remember a holiday season or a special occasion than with a digital photo frame that captures the moment? The Hanspree SD80M4MB 8" Memorable Series Digital Photo Frame comes with three interchangeable ceramic frames to mark those precious times that are dear to your heart. From Christmas to Valentine’s Day to a birthday, you can always celebrate these occasions with Hannspree.
11 Nov 2008
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Pax Stereo Tv ( Live at the Aqua Lounge in Beverly Hills, CA, Barack Obama is declared winner President-Elect on election night. Mario Hemsley, CEO of Pax Stereo Tv captures the moment and emotion shared by and with Howard Hewitt and actor Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs. The celebrities reflect and share the experience along with many other celebrities at the VIP event.
14 Nov 2008
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