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This policeman is trying to stop a car by clinging on to its bonnet. A risky move, but the car finally stops.
26 Jul 2019
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Dog Looking Out of Window during Car Ride
25 Dec 2006
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George encounters a bit of gas on the car ride home. A Rawmedy**** Productions
11 Aug 2008
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COLD SOULS - In Theaters August 7th - CAR RIDE
8 Jul 2009
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3-week-old baby unconscious after car ride – mom gives urgent caution to all parents When Kirsti Clark and her husband Christopher went out to run some errands with their young daughters, they never imagined they would end up visiting the emergency room. It was just a normal day in the life of this lovely Scottish couple as they left home with their girls, three-year-old Malena and three-week-old Harper. They were making some shopping and taking baby Harper out of her car seat every time they stopped at a shop. It was a bit of a long journey due to rush-hour traffic, it took them 1 hour and 45 minutes to finally arrive home and Harper was strapped into her car seat as usual. After they got in, the newborn spent another 15 minutes in her car seat as her parents put her older sister to bed. Kirsti explained “When we got home it was way past Malena’s bedtime so we brought Harper in her car seat and she stayed in there for 15 minutes as we got Malena into bed. My husband got Harper out and put her on his knee but she looked like she could not get comfy so he laid her down on her mat and she was kicking about.” After layingHarper on her play mat her lips turned blue, they realized something was terribly wrong as the baby’s jaw was clenched shut and white foam started frothing out of her nose and mouth. Harper was having a seizure. The couple was terrified since it did not look like a normal seizure, she was arching her back and throwing her head back. The baby was rushed to hospital where she was resuscitated. She spent the night having tests but fortunately there was nothing to worry about and she is now in good health. Doctors at the hospital warned that any child that spends more than one hour in a car seat can be at risk of suffering from Oxygen Deprivation. Everybody knows that leaving small kids, babies or even pets inside cars for some hours is not a good idea. But this was different, spending two hours in her car seat caused such a severe oxygen deprivation tha
25 Aug 2018
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The music just amplifies the emotion of the raccoon who is enjoying the car ride. It is trying to catch the wind which seems so fun.
25 Sep 2018
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On my way to deliver Kahlo, aka "Puff" and her mother, Kiwi to my girlfriend's new apartment their sorrowful cries call out to me, "don't do this! you know she'll never scoop our litterbox! we just got used to Grace and Huckleberry, now we'll be forced to tolerate two new cats and a huge beast of a dog, a dog so frightening, he'll haunt us in our nightmares, we'll be too scared to sleep, afraid the behemoth would sit on us without notice and crush our little bones...let us stay with you!"...I agreed in order to keep the peace...and I tried to overlook that time about a year ago when my girlfriend said, "Kiwi had kittens, will you please take one, pleeeeaaaase!" and her roomate chimed, "c'mon, you know you want a cute, adorable little kitten." And she was cute, and she was adorable and I saw that she was good. So I said, "yes." That's Puff on the dash, I'm filming and the other cat is driving.
6 Apr 2008
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Is your soul weighing you down? Paul Giamatti has found a solution! In the surreal comedy COLD SOULS, Paul Giamatti plays an actor named Paul Giamatti. Stumbling upon an article in The New Yorker about a high-tech company that extracts, deep-freezes and stores peoples souls, Paul very well might have found the key to happiness for which hes been searching. But, complications arise when he is the unfortunate victim of "soul-trafficking." Giamattis journey takes him all the way to Russia in hopes of retrieving his stolen soul from an ambitious but talentless soap-opera actress. Balancing a tightrope between deadpan humor & pathos, and reality & fantasy, COLD SOULS is a true soul searching comedy. Also starring David Strathairn, Dina Korzun and Emily Watson. www***ldsoulsthemovie****.
7 Jul 2009
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*******www.cloud9living**** Feel the thrill of riding in the passenger's seat of a real NASCAR-style stock car as a professional driver navigates a real race track at speeds over 150 mph. This driving experience gift is one that will never be forgotten.
30 Nov 2010
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I know it is called driving not riding but this one here is truly riding not driving. Who the hell made such a machine that's more uncomfortable than a mad horse?
20 Nov 2018
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If anyone told me before I watched this video that cars go up through this road I would never believe it. Because there is no road.
11 Apr 2019
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This sheep is different from its herd, it has a different taste for enjoyment. With a sunglass on the face, it rides shotgun in the car.
13 Apr 2019
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