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How to stick cardboard to the cup without glue?
12 Nov 2006
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News parody of the cardboard boat races at the YMCA Aquatic Center in Orlando Florida. Lot of people having fun and sinking
30 Jan 2007
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Take an electrical cord and a piece of cardboard and you've got cardboard surfing!
4 Feb 2007
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A band named Cardboard Castle, explains a little about there band and plays a song
29 Aug 2007
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If you don't like cardboard or you don't like music, then don't watch this video. (original music)
18 Oct 2007
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BB Ball Grenade thrown into a cardboard box.. winner?
22 Oct 2007
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Guide on how to build a functioning boat out of just cardboard and duct tape.
23 Oct 2007
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The pranksters transform everything in this office space into cardboard.
26 Oct 2007
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Remember the song, Big Fish Little Fish Cardboard Box... Stack The Shelves Shopping Trolly.....
13 Nov 2007
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Blue tape works on standard windows, but when you've got six panes of glass in one window, using blue tape would be a pain. :-) So I show you how to use cardboard to paint the window. Makes it easy.
25 Apr 2008
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A short video of me shooting the cardboard box that my (new at the time) camera came in.
2 Jul 2008
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*******www.globalchange**** Paper and packaging industry. Future of sustainable packaging, paper, logistics. Demographics, digital impact, distribution and destiny. Demographics 1 billion new consumers. Emerging markets growth and demand for commodities / resources / paper and cardboard. Growth of emerging middle class and paper products growth. Oil price rises, growing populations, food supply, growth of meat eaters, shortage of grain, rice, wheat, soya. Energy shortage and conservation. Developed world population decline – eg Germany, small families and ageing population, decline unless migration / immigration. France, Portugal, Spain, UK demographic challenges in European Union. Expect huge immigration, populations shifts. Video on future of paper and packaging industry by Patrick Dixon, author Futurewise, conference keynote speaker. Economic and population growth with decline in developed nations creates future differences in paper demand. India and China paper use compared to America / US and EU – 300kg paper use per year compared to 4kg in India. Emerging economies growth in paper and cardboard packaging. India paper consumption trends. Energy costs impact on pulp, paper, cardboard and packaging industries. Future oil price trends. Global energy savings. Impact on paper industry – Future of newspapers and newsprint industry in US, UK, Australia, Japan, France and rest of EU. Fall of newspaper revenues, rise of online advertising revenues. Growth of magazines. Growth of newspapers in India – 5,500 titles and 25 million new newspaper readers in last 24 months alone. Paper, packaging, cardboard, pulp, logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, marketing, management, energy, efficiency, sustainable, sustainability, plastics, recycling, renewable, forests, forestry, environment, trees, emerging markets, boosk, magazines, newspapers, print media, direct mail and marketing, postal
22 Jul 2008
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This product extends from approx 200mm to 500mm in a movement that is not unlike a zoom lens. It is an example of a cardboard engineered mechanism that is popular with paper engineers throughout the world. In the UK the product is often used in advertising and marketing. This particular example was made in the UK by Whitney Woods.
9 Feb 2009
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