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Somali pirates attack another U.S. cargo ship – the second attack on Americans in a week. Hello I’m Charlotte Bellis and you’re watching Newsy****. *******www.newsy**** “…100 miles off the coast of Somalia a bunch of pirates shooting RPGs as well as automatic weapons and the crew again acted bravely and courageously they locked themselves in a room, some were in the cabin, and performed evasive tactics. They never got on board, luckily, and who shows up but the U.S. Navy…” (FOX News) The UK’s Times Online interviewed one Somali pirate who explains the reason for the second attack: “The aim of this attack was totally different. We were not after a ransom. We also assigned a team with special equipment to chase and destroy any ship flying the American flag in retaliation for the brutal killing of our friends." (Times Online) CNN says the U.S. is hesitant to get involved in combat with the pirates, and for good reason: “…everybody remembers Black Hawk Down during the Clinton years when we lost two helicopters, 18 Americans were killed, and everybody knows the area. And they’re just very reluctant to start going down that path again particularly when we’re already fighting two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.” (CNN) France 24 says the pirates are constantly adapting their tactics… “Last night, for example, they attacked a boat just before dawn. This is the first time they attack at night. It seems that while there is a huge international deployment in the area the pirates are improving their methods and techniques to attack the boats at night." (France 24) The Punch, a Nigerian newspaper disagrees, saying the pirates have already lost status and power: “…after their first encounter with an American vessel, it was not going to be business as usual any more.” (The Punch) Newsy**** will continue to follow developments off the coast of Somalia.
17 Apr 2009
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The Nippo Maru at Truk is a cargo ship that was Swedish built and commendeared by the Japanese Navy and renamed Nippo, she is 353 feet long with a beam of 50 feet by 23 feet.
30 May 2009
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15 Dec 2009
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Exodus is a 1960 epic war film made by Alpha and Carlyle Productions and distributed by United Artists. It was produced and directed by Otto Preminger from a screenplay by Dalton Trumbo from the 1958 novel, Exodus, by Leon Uris. The Super Panavision 70 cinematography was by Sam Leavitt. The music, including the frequently covered title theme, was written by Ernest Gold. The film stars Paul Newman, Eva Marie Saint, Ralph Richardson, Peter Lawford, Lee J. Cobb, Sal Mineo, John Derek, Hugh Griffith, Gregory Ratoff, Felix Aylmer, David Opatoshu, Alexandra Stewart, Jill Haworth, Marius Goring, Victor Maddern and George Maharis. Director Otto Preminger helped to end the stigma of the Hollywood blacklist by hiring Dalton Trumbo to adapt the screenplay for the film.[1] The movie was shot entirely on location in Cyprus and Israel. Summary The film is based on the events that happened on the ship Exodus in 1947 and dealing with the founding of the state of Israel around 1948. Nurse Katherine "Kitty" Fremont (Eva Marie Saint) is an American volunteer at the Karaolos Internment on Cyprus, where thousands of Jews - Holocaust survivors - are being held, as they have no homeland to return to. They sit in anticipation of the day they will be liberated. Ari Ben Canaan (Paul Newman), a Haganah rebel who previously was a captain in the Jewish Brigade of the British Army in World War II, obtains a cargo ship and is able to smuggle 611 Jewish inmates out of the camp for an illegal voyage to Mandate Palestine before being discovered by military authorities. When the British find out that the refugees are in a ship in the harbor of Famagusta, they blockade the harbor. The refugees stage a hunger strike, during which the camp's doctor dies, and Ari threatens to blow up the ship and the refugees. The British relent and allow the Exodus safe passage.
9 Apr 2010
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As the flotilla gets ready to sail to Gaza, the Free Gaza Movement asks for donations to buy cement to fill the hold of their cargo ship in Ireland. It is easy to do. Just go to our front page, click on the bag of cement and how many bags you want to buy. *******www.freegaza**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
29 Apr 2010
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This is brilliant! With the help of public donations an abandoned 1200 ton cargo ship has been bought and loaded with vital supplies to help the Palestinian people in Gaza. This ship was renamed The Rachel Corrie and will be setting sail to Gaza this Wednesday 12th May 2010. You can see photos here on the freegazaorg's photostream- ***********/photos/29205195N02/ GAZAFRIENDS: INTRODUCTING THE MV RACHEL CORRIE- ******* The famous Irish singer, Tommy Sands, wrote the song The Shores of Gaza, that we are using for our video, Cementing Our Support for Gaza. It is fitting that we use his song, since the Free Gaza Movements cargo ship will be leaving Ireland in the first part of May on its way to the imprisoned people of Gaza. ******* If you would like to get involved or donate please visit- ********www.ihh****.tr/bagis/?language=en and *******www.freegaza****/ Facebook group- *******www.facebook****/group.php?gid=2365573794 Reuploaded from gazafriends channel- ***********/user/gazafriends أسطول حرية لكسر حصار غزة اسلام الاقصى القدس مصر الجزائر المغرب تونس ليبيا موريتانيا السودان اليمن الاردن قطر السعودية اناشيد قران ايمان جهاد فلسطين اسرائيل الوهابية ال سعود يهود مبارك ابن رقاصة رقص
9 Sep 2010
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BY CHRISTINE SLUSSER ANCHOR JENNIFER MECKLES You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy Rescue workers in the Atlantic are struggling to save tens of thousands of endangered Northern Rockhopper penguins after a ship carrying heavy fuel ran aground and split in two...leaking more than 1600 tons of crude oil into the ocean. “It’s estimated that about 300 penguins have already died, after a cargo ship ran aground and split in half--spilling oil, diesel fuel and soybeans it was carrying, into the sea.” (Video Source: KCPQ) A National Geographic contributor arrived at the small island chain--where he surveyed the damage himself: “There’s an added element of tragedy for the people of Tristan, a population of less than 300, who have always prided themselves in the pollution-free state of their islands. The remaining population has been penned in to prevent them from going back into the sea. This was such a difficult thing to witness, and I hope that I never have to see it again.” CNN reports the massive penguin population, which is estimated at 150,000, accounts for 40% of the world’s total. Experts are expecting the worst. “[A]n oil sheen has surrounded the island chain, which officials say could lead to an environmental disaster.” BBC interviewed a UK charity spokesman--who focused on what the spill means to the small community of people on Nightingale Island, which is part of a British territory. “Another worry for Tristan is the Rock Lobster fishery, and that’s Tristan’s main-stay, it’s what that community runs on, it’s their only export, and we know that the crayfish born in the shallows and it’s a top-end product that’s relies on coming from a clean environment.” The New York Times’ Green blog also points out it isn’t just penguins and people being affected... “Other species have also been oiled, including giant petrels and fur seal pups, though the penguins seem to be the primary victims of the spill.” According to a UK wildlife preservation group, the Northern Rockhopper penguin is one of the world’s most threatened penguin species. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
9 Apr 2011
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BY YUTAKA HAYASHI You're watching multisource science video news analysis from Newsy. In Russia, the unmanned Soyuz rocket, propelling the Progress cargo ship -- crashed after an engine failure, making it the third launch failure in 7 days. It was carrying supplies for the International Space Station. According to a report from NASA: “At 5 minutes and 25 seconds into flight, the Soyuz rocket experienced a third-stage engine shutdown due to an anomaly. Given the trajectory and energy, the Progress did not reach orbit and landed in the Altai Region of Russia.” Fortunately, the craft crash landed in an unpopulated area according to RT: “It was 40 kilometers (24.8 miles) from the nearest village that it fell, and Roscosmos has said that it’s very unlikely that anyone is hurt, although they’ll make a full inspection of the area shortly. And the craft itself was unmanned so there was no crew inboard. “ A Wall Street Journal correspondent says this launch failure comes as a surprise as the Soyuz Launch Vehicle, combined with the Progress Cargo Ship -- had an excellent launch record -- until now. “..for at least 3 decades this combination has served the Space Station and its international partners well, and therefore the experts are betting that the engineers will get to the bottom of what happened in this third stage failure and the hope is that it’ll get back to launching regularly to the space station.” According to the New York Times, this will not have an immediate effect on the astronauts at the International Space Station, but it may affect their research. “…three crew members may have to return to Earth in one of the Soyuz capsules docked at the station by October at the latest. Without replacements, that would leave only three people to operate the station, greatly reducing the time they could devote to running experiments.” The BBC notes -- the end of NASA’s shuttle program, along with the recent rocket failures could mean trouble for the International Space Station. “What it does draw attention to is perhaps how vulnerable the International Space Station Project is without the shuttle, because should anything more serious go wrong, then you need a vehicle as large as the space shuttle to do a space walk from to repair the space station from so you can recolonize it. And without that kind of capability, which we just don’t have now, you might end up losing the space station all together.” Voice of America reports -- authorities are searching for the remains of the rocket. Follow Newsy on Twitter NewsyVideos for updates in your stream. Transcript by Newsy.
27 Aug 2011
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Narrated by Game Designer Antoine Thisdale, this walkthrough of The Missing Link offers a deeper look at the gameplay. After a perilous escape from his Belltower captors, Adam Jensen manages to escape the cargo ship on which he is trapped. What he doesn’t know yet is that the ship has docked onto a secret Belltower seabase. He will have to uncover this base’s deepest secrets if he hopes to make it out alive.
11 Oct 2011
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BY MADISON MACK ANCHOR CHRISTY LEWIS New Zealand officials are scrambling to contain an oil spill that Environment Minister Kick Smith is calling quote “New Zealand's most significant maritime pollution disaster in decades.” ABC Australia gives an overview. “A Liberian flagged cargo ship hit a reef two days ago creating an oil slick that’s now five kilometers long. Officials are worried the ship might break up, releasing all 1,700 tons of oil into the sea.” Reports say 20 to 30 tons of oil have already leaked from the ship and officials are trying to remove the rest before it can seep out. But as Television New Zealand notes the ship was miles off course and should never have been close to the reef in the first place. Reporter: “As an expert can you explain this vessel lying here.” New Zealand Maritime School Instructor: “I would not have a clear explanation for that no.” Maritime School Instructor: “They have radar, they’ve got a GPS that gives them their position, and of course the traditional paper chart on the chart table.” Reporter: “That equipment should be enough?” Maritime School Instructor: “That has been enough since World War 2 and before that.” And Al Jazeera notes the ship had a history of problems. “Earlier this year Australia officials detained this exact same vessel citing a number of safety violation including cracked and rusted parts.” A second barge will start removing oil from the stranded ship on Sunday, four days after it originally hit the reef. The delay has sparked outcry from the public. The New Zealand Herald interviewed the owner of a diving school who says… “There seem to have been slow, ill-equipped and inefficient responses from the organisations and departments that should have been doing something about this. People here are angry. They're really angry.” According to ABC Australia a team of 200 specialists and 300 defense personnel are on standby in case the oil reaches the coast, which officials expect will happen by Wednesday. Transcript by Newsy.
11 Oct 2011
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Tribute to Turkish Poet NAZIM HIKMET [1902-1963], known as "THE ROMANTIC COMMUNIST" "Being captured is beside the point, the point is not to surrender". (It's This Way) Nazim Hikmet heralded a new Turkish verse style. He is universally regarded as a poet whose heart bled for the common man and a man who was courageous enough to raise his voice against injustice. As a young adult, avant-garde ideas were already brewing inside him and attracted by the promises of egalitarianism delivered by the Russian Revolution, Nazim Hikmet went to Moscow in 1922. There he enrolled himself at the University of Moscow and studied Sociology and Economics. He returned to Turkey in 1924 i.e., after the Turkish Liberation War, but was soon arrested for his writings in a Communist magazine. He managed to flee to Moscow in 1926, where he continued penning. 1933 : He is prosecuted because of his poem "Gece Gelen Telgraf". He is sentenced to six months and three days of imprisonment. His father died after an accident. He writes the poem "Hiciv Vadisinde Bir Tecrübei Kalemiye" upon his death. A lawsuit is lodged against him with the carge that he intimidated Süreyya Pasa, the employer of his father, in the poem. He is sentenced to one year of imprisonment and a fine of 200 liras. Meanwhile, he is prosecuted with the claim of sentence of death in a Separate case lodged in Bursa Penal Court with the indictment that he established a "secret organization". He is sentenced to four years of imprisonment with hard labor. 1934 : He benefits from the amnesty law introduced because of the 10th year of the Republic. He is released. 1936 : he is prosecuted with the charge of establishing and managing a secret organization and is acquitted. In January 1938, he was again arrested and sentenced to twenty-eight years in prison on charges of sedition. In particular, it was his poem "The Epic of Sheik Dedreddin", published in 1936, which was believed to be provoking the Turkish army into rebellion. 1949 : Writings on his unjust imprisonment start to increase in the press. Ahmet Emin Yalman attracts attention to the unjust imprisonment of Nâzim by publishing an article with the title "Tevfik Fikret ve Nâzim Hikmet" in Vatan newspaper. His arrest also caused a huge uproar amongst the international literary community and in 1949 a committee comprising of Pablo Picasso, Paul Sartre and Paul Robeson was formed to crusade against the arrest of Nazim Hikmet. 1950 : "Campaigns for Freedom for Nâzim" continue at home and abroad. Upon the closing of the parliament without introducing the Amnesty Law in its agenda, Nâzim commences a hunger strike on 8th April. In 1950, Nazim Hikmet was awarded the International Peace Prize by Soviet Union, an honor that he shared with Pablo Neruda. The same year, Hikmet was released on an amnesty when Turkey`s first democratic government came to power. However, this did not mean a reprieve from his persecution. He was continued to be hounded by the police and the army. He survived two attempts on his life and his failing health notwithstanding, he was forced into military duty on the Russian frontline. Fortunately for him, he managed to escape. A treacherous journey later, wherein he was rescued from the sea by a Romanian cargo ship half-dead and utterly exhausted from being tossed and turned in the tumultuous waters of the Bosphorous Strait, Nazim Hikmet finally reached Moscow. He was provided accommodation in the writers` colony of Peredelkino in Moscow, but the Turkish government did not permit his family to join him. Despite his recurring heart ailments, Nazim Hikmet continued his writings, propagating his Marxist ideals. He became a Polish national and traveled extensively to countries like Africa, China, France, Italy, Cuba, Bulgaria and erstwhile Czechoslovakia. 1951 : His son Mehmet is born. He is called for military service, he is 49 and ill. Moreover, the periods that he passed in the military school as a student should substitute military service according to the law. He leaves the country because of the threats against his life. It is announced on 15th August in the official journal that he is "dismissed from citizenship". He receives the "International Peace Award" that the World Council on Peace had awarded to him one year ago with a ceremony held in Prague. Nazim Hikmet wrote about the dignity of man, the indefatigable human spirit and pristine human emotions. His credo in life found its way into his works and thus we find them professing social and artistic reforms. Through his works, he relentlessly stove to secure a better life for his people. He died in Moscow on June 3, 1963.
16 May 2012
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Cool Spot review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRUndertow review of Cool Spot, developed by Virgin Games USA and published by Virgin Interactive. How's this for a marketing strategy: Turn your company mascot into a platformer hero! Works for me. Control the shades-clad 7up mascot through a beach, a cargo ship, even a kiddie pool, and rescue your fellow Cool Spots scattered around the game, trapped in cages. This video review features video gameplay footage of Cool Spot and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Eric.
18 Nov 2012
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