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Cartoon Ruby The Cat Burglar
8 Feb 2018
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This cat knows how to open a door without making a big fuzz. I guess this kitty is the real cat burglar trained to perform the perfect crime.
24 Sep 2018
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While Sally & Kurt are out, The Cat breaks into their home, only to discover . . .
30 Jul 2011
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Saw a cat on a window either trying to break in or thinking he is spiderman.
12 May 2008
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Ruby the cat is one of my original characters in this is the very first video she ever appeared in where she The Star
2 Sep 2018
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Making a fun with the peanuts.
30 Oct 2008
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Learn a little something about home insurance with this irreverent, stop-motion educational film from ad agency RPA and ShadowMachine—the producers of the Emmy Award-winning show Robot Chicken. Produced for Farmers Insurance, this film use puppets to educate about home insurance.
20 Oct 2010
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Popular Comedy**** : karate cat, kitten surprise, kitty cat dance, kitty cat dance song, kitty cats, kitty dance, love, love between cat and dog, loves, mating, mean kitty song, monkey, whistle, whistling
3 Aug 2011
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Cat burglar Henry Clarke (Michael Caine) checks himself into a sanitarium for alcoholics in Spain under a false pretense. His true motivation is to get closer to a wealthy clinic patient named Salinas and then rob his magnificent Majorca’s house. Henry is approached by Fe Moreau (Giovanna Ralli) and her much older husband Richard (Eric Forman) to make an alliance. This is is the famous robbery sequence with the superb photography of Gerry Turpin and the music of John Barry: Romance For Guitar And Orchestra, inspired in Joaquín Rodrigo's Concert of Aranjuez. The british maestro conducts The London Philarmonic Orchestra a la Bernard Herrmann in The Man Who Knew Too Much. It's not the only time Barry cameoed - he also appears in The Living Daylights and The Cool Mikado. It's a shame this movie was such a failure, because subsequently one of the greatest 60's film scores I've ever heard has been buried along with it. John Barry has never done finer work, and even appears on-camera to conduct one of the brilliant pieces he composed. During the concert, Michael Caine's robbery is taking place in Marivent Palace, nowadays the spanish King's summer residence in Palma de Mallorca. Last but not least, we have a splendid chancey of listening the catalan guitarist Renata Tarragó, died on 2005.
19 Mar 2012
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Set in the near future, Frank, a retired cat burglar, has two grown kids who are concerned he can no longer live alone. They are tempted to place him in a nursing home until Frank's son chooses a different option: against the old man's wishes, he buys Frank a walking, talking humanoid robot programmed to improve his physical and mental health. What follows is an often hilarious and heartwarming story about finding friends and family in the most unexpected places. Robot & Frank features an award winning cast including Academy Award® nominee Frank Langella, James Marsden, Liv Tyler and Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon. Robot and Frank is a Samuel Goldwyn Films and Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions film.
8 Mar 2013
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Thief is a 1981 American neo-noir crime film written, produced and directed by Michael Mann in his feature film debut. It is based on the 1975 novel The Home Invaders: Confessions of a Cat Burglar by "Frank Hohimer" (the pen name of real-life jewel thief John Seybold). The film stars James Caan the titular thief, a professional safecracker trying to escape his life of crime, and Tuesday Weld as his girlfriend. The supporting cast includes Willie Nelson, James Belushi, Dennis Farina, and Robert Prosky. The original musical score was composed and performed by Tangerine Dream.
21 Mar 2019
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