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Any lover of cats knows these 11 cat expressions by heart and they know exactly what they mean!
4 Feb 2016
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This cat’s expression says everything that we feel when someone sloppily hugs us for an unexpectedly long time and refuses to let go.
27 May 2019
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That cat's expression is priceless! That time it must have been thinking whether it does the same as the tissue paper dispensers or not.
11 Sep 2019
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A cats expression will never change while doing a poo...
24 Feb 2007
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1. Basic Information of the Application This is a reversi board game with active kitty cats. The first-ever "reversi game" with 3D kitty cats has been finally released! Real 3D cats run around and sit on the board by themselves, behaving like reversi pieces. Up to 64 cats can get around for you! 2. What is Cats Reversi 3D? Cats Reversi 3D is a game that features soft sound effects, pleasant background music and tender color. When you play against your friend, partner or kid, you will enjoy watching the adorable cats regardless of winning or losing. 3. iTunes Store URL Full version itms://****/app/cats-reversi-3d/id388094466?mt=8 Lite version itms://****/app/cats-reversi-3d-lite/id388095154?mt=8 Application website *******www.suinekokan****/catReversi/ 4. Main Features of the Application The real 3D kitty cats behave like reversi pieces on the board. When you play the game, you'll see the cats running, mewing, jumping, sitting or yawning. How cats express themselves at the showdown is a must-see! - Selectable kitty cats (14 cats available!). - Zoom in or out on the board. - Rotate the board to adjust the angle of view. - 3 selectable levels when playing against CPU. - Play against your friend. - Available Bluetooth match using two iOS devices (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad). 5. The Story Behind the Development We started to create the 3D CG models of the game, cat's bone structure and animation from scratch. We developed the cat's cuteness and sweetness by selecting the appropriate background music, sound effects and color tone. We also pursued that 64 real 3D CG cats move around on the screen individually. iPhone's CPU is not enough to approach console quality when the objects perform individual movements. We had a conflict between designers who want to create expressive motions and programmers who want to keep the memory usage stable. Thanks to our programmers, we achieved realistic cat's movements as well as smooth game performances. It would be great if you can consider this app for review. For review purposes, we can provide you a promo code to try the game. Feel free to contact us for your promo code! Thank you in advance and best regards.
27 Sep 2010
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funny cat expressions , a seducing cat
15 Apr 2019
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