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1 Aug 2008
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*******www.epicfireworks****/ The UKs Home of Fireworks Celebrate the AMA Intrams 2009 VICTORY of Team 1 The ALIENWARE. Full of Monster Sized Barrages and the best rockets in the UK. order online today
27 Sep 2008
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See how german fans celebrated the victory agains Argentina
18 Mar 2007
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‘Children of The Pyre’ is a compelling real-life. Self-narrative of 7 extraordinary children who make their living out of the dead at Manikarnika, the busiest cremation ground in India. Tempered by the heat of the pyre, strengthened in the face of adversities, crafted by the volley of abuses, watch these imps weave through the pyres and struggle through disdain to snatch their livelihoods. This film is a terrible saga of exploitation that celebrates the victory of innocence over the most harrowing realities of life.
15 Sep 2008
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Join the Impact Chicago celebrates the victories in Iowa, Vermont, and Washington D.C. by holding the Equal Marriage Now! Rally at the Thompson Center in downtown Chicago. Visit www.jointheimpactchicago**** to find out what you can do to help further the movement. Don't forget about canvassing this April 18th & 25th, to sign up visit www.eqil****!
21 Apr 2009
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Yee–Ha! Cowboys cheer for Aussie Maddison Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2009 Calgary A sell-out crowd of 21,000 fans in Stampede Park in Calgary (Alberta, Canada) celebrated the victory of Australia's Robbie Maddison on Saturday night at the second stop of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2009. The cowboy city was abuzzing. American Nate Adams pulled off a 360 in the quarter-final. CALGARY (CAN). Maddison was able to stay in front of the competition and stay cool in the frenzied atmosphere of the cowboy rodeo. The 28-year-old had to go to the limits on his 100-kg (220-pound) bike in the Stampede Park be earn the honor of celebrating the victory on the dirt. Japan’s Eigo Sato was beaten in the final. Mat Rebeaud (SUI) took third place. “I can’t believe it. It’s a dream come true. The hard work paid off. The whole day was totally insane. I had a feeling from the start that I had a chance to win today and after winning the quarter-final against Nate Adams I knew I could go all the way,” said the beaming Australian. Adams put all his eggs in one basket and was hoping to snatch the win with a 360 – a complete turn in midair. But Maddison prevailed with a superior all-round performance. Local hero Jeff Fehr ended up in 9th place. The crowd favorite arrived in the arena wearing a Calgary Flames jersey. NHL superstar Dion Phaneuf, who was serving as a show judge, personally presented Fehr with a team jersey. “That was an incredible adrenaline rush. I did everything I could in front of the home crowd. The field was incredibly strong and I’m really pleased with the result.”
1 Jun 2009
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*******ruggachick****/ RUGBY: SUPER 14 2010 Highlights Week 1 Good day fans! Welcome to your super 14 Update, I’m RuggaChick. Wow what a weekend of rugby!!! 52 tries scored in total, 7 yellow cards and no Bulls Babes at Loftus any more!!! 1. Highlanders vs Blues: (5 Tries) Highlanders Yellow Josh Bekhuis Blues Yellow Rene Ranger The 1st game of the weekend was quite a cracker!! The Highlanders looked like they dominated the game, until two quick tries early in the second half turned the game around for the Blues. With both teams receiving a yellow card it’s was quite a battle, but the Blues managed to clinch the victory. Reds vs Crusaders: (6 tries) Reds Yellow Adam Byrnes Crusaders Yellow Ben Franks When looking at the record between the Reds and Crusaders where the Crusaders won the last 11 games, I was very surprised by the performance from the Reds. They were of top of there game and the Crusaders tried their best, but they were frequently caught of side which cost them points. The Reds enjoyed 91% of the possession in the second half and celebrated a victory with a bonus point. 3. Sharks vs Cheetahs: (2 tries) The Sharks and Cheetahs battled it out in Durban, but the guys struggled to maintain good discipline and penalties were given left and right. Half time the referee’s changed and so did the attitude of the Sharks, picking up an early try in the 2nd half, but ball handling became a problem for them and the Cheetahs smiled with every penalty and cliched a victory. 5. Lions vs Chiefs: (18 tries) Chief Yellow Cards to Sione Lauaki, Aled de Malmanche, Richard Kahiu Having a look at the 18 try match in Johannesburg. The Chiefs were boosting with confidence picking up their 1st try in the first minute. Critics have it that the lions are a bunch of no name branders, but I can honestly say that have some heart and did well to try and get back into the game. Both teams pick up a bonus point, but in the end the Chiefs celebrated the victory. It will be interesting to see what the Chiefs can come up with next weekend with two of their star players banned. 6. Hurricanes vs Western Force: (10 tries) The Hurricanes showed that they were ready for business by scoring 7 tries and picking up a bonus point, the force desperately tried staying in the game, but not even the kicking boot of O’Conner could safe them. Bulls vs Brumbies: ( 8 tries) The Brumbies need to have a look at their discipline giving away 7 penalties in only 16 minutes.. Now that is one way of looking for trouble!! The Bulls cruised to victory scoring 5 tries and gaining the bonus point for two consecutive weeks in a row. 8. Stormers vs Waratahs (3 tries) Looking at the last game for the weekend the Stormers vs Waratahs need to chill a bit, wow what tension between the teams giving away quite a lot of penalties, but in the end the stormers were in control of the score board and celebrated a great victory.
25 Feb 2010
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BY CHRISTINA HARTMAN Anchor: Christina Hartman You're watching multisource world video news analysis from Newsy. In a major turning point in the Libyan rebel fight to oust Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi - opposition forces have recaptured the strategic eastern city of Ajdabiya. It’s a major morale boost for rebel fighters - who are celebrating the victory even as they march toward the key oil port of Brega - where France 24 reports pro-Gaddafi forces have retreated. REBEL FIGHTER: “The tables have turned in favor of the rebels. The whole city is back in our hands.” In his weekly address - President Obama touted the successes of the allied mission to protect Libyan civilians. U.S. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: “I can report that thanks to the brave men and women in uniform, we’ve made important progress.” That’s a role the western press is steadfast to report -- suggesting Libyan rebel fighters owe much of their success to international intervention. “They feel like the momentum, and the war now is back on their side. Every rebel we've spoke to saying, thanks Obama, thanks the western forces for providing these allied air strikes.” But while rebels are thanking the international community - ITN reports - the Libyan government thinks NATO has overstepped its bounds. “The air strikes are providing air cover for the rebels to advance southward towards Ajdabiya. This is immoral, illegal, it was not authorized by the Security Council.” … In effect arguing the west has moved beyond protecting civilians to actually aiding the rebels. And it might go beyond that - as The Washington Post reports - the coalition is even considering arming the rebels. “France actively supports training and arming the rebels, and the Obama administration believes the United Nations resolution that authorized international intervention in Libya has the ‘flexibility’ to allow such assistance...” The National Post’s Peter Goodspeed focuses on the weaknesses of the rebel fighters and says - that’s the problem with the opposition movement going forward. “Some don’t even have rifles, but go to war armed with knives and stones. … Some wear motorcycle helmets into battle. They lack weapons, leaders, discipline and a coherent strategy — and it shows. … As a result, it is difficult to identify institutions or individuals who might stand a chance of replacing him.” Still - Al Jazeera reports their goal is clear -- and they’ll accept nothing less than Gaddafi stepping down. “They say there are no concessions other than Gaddafi leaving the country. They cannot tolerate a situation where he remains in any way involved in the political situation. Where I think it will change the equation, if that’s on offer, is in terms of the global picture, in terms of international support for this air campaign that’s been waged for the last seven days.” Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos to stay up to date with the situation in Libya. Get more multisource world video news analysis from Nesy. Transcript by Newsy.
5 Apr 2011
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Model and Twitter celebrity Poonam Pandey finally kept her promise to go nude and posted her nude picture to celebrate the victory of Shah Rukh Khan's team Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian Premier League finals.
8 Jun 2012
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Diwali is the festival of lights and sounds. Bangalore celebrates the victory of light over darkness happily by bursting crackers. The bursting of crackers will be happening in all most all streets of Bangalore. Crackers resound and light up the earth and the sky. bursting firecrackers brings joy and happiness in everyone’s heart.
16 Sep 2018
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Diwali is the festival of lights and sounds. Bangalore celebrates the victory of light over darkness happily by bursting crackers. The bursting of crackers will be happening in all most all streets of Bangalore. Crackers resound and light up the earth and the sky.
16 Sep 2018
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