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Contemporary design Car Drink Cell Phone Holder with Ashtray enhance your interior. Made of high impact plastic for durability. It will really enhance your enjoyment while driving.
18 Feb 2009
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EspyMax Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder The EspyMax Air Vent Mount is a magnetic holder for Smartphone, is a very slim mount which it goes into the cell phone car mount magnetic air vent of your vehicle, which will not take away your windshield look at all! You can cell phone holder it on any air vent, even to the air vent next to your steering wheel so that the Smartphone will be very close to your view. The installation of the mount is swift and easy. Now push it on your vent, and it will stay there! It comes with metal magnet plates which you will insert next to your smartphone, and you're completed with the installation! Your smartphone will snap on it very fast and easily, and it will come down very quickly and easily.
21 May 2018
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Wonderful PDA MP3 MP4 Cell Phone Windshield Mount Car Holder! The Car Holder firmly stick on the windshield and could remove, adjusts to you desired angle for optical viewing easily. No extra tools needed, easy to install! Convenient, reliable and easy to use!
1 Nov 2008
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To Get Started Just Click The Link Below: *******oemexperts**** Or Call Us At 718-859-2220 Are You Looking For This? Cell Phone Holders Cell Phone Holders As Seen On Tv Cell Phone Holders For Belt Cell Phone Holders For Bicycles Cell Phone Holders For Car Cell Phone Holders For Cars As Seen On Tv Cell Phone Holders For Runners Cell Phone Holders For Your Desk Cell Phone Holders With Hands And Feet To Get Started Just Click The Link Below: *******oemexperts**** Or Call Us At 718-859-2220
30 Mar 2013
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From the CTIA 2010 show floor , Andrew Moore-Crispin discovers a unique product, the Phubby. This little wrist holder securely holds your cell phone or smartphone, and even lets you see and interact with the screen. A Internet video series by butterscotch****.
24 Mar 2010
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TAKii™ is a family of products designed to enrich and enhance your surrounding environment; whether it is at home, in the office, vehicle or even the outdoors. TAKii™ can protect items from falling or getting lost, or used to liven up a flat surface with a flower, picture or smurf, or let TAKii™ decide.
24 Apr 2011
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www.TheCellBuckle**** Just one easy click of the CELL BUCKLE and you can mount any hand-held electronic device to your car steering wheel or motorcycle handlebars. Now you can listen to your digital music player with your hands-free blue-tooth device or easily follow the directions on your navigation system. You'll never have to remove your hands from the steering wheel or take your focus off the road.
14 Aug 2011
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Showcasing the amazing gravity-defying capabilities of the What?Gravity phone holder! *******www.ideasbynet****/blog/amazing-gravity-defying-mobile-phone-holder-video/
16 Oct 2011
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British Invention of the Year 2012 Winner the new CD Slot Mount. This innovative universal car dash mount simply slots into your CD player to hold your mobile phone, Sat Nav, PDA or mp3 while still playing your CD. Easy to use with a reusable clean non residue sticky pad surface that holds just about anything. Giving clearer road vision with no window mount and no charger cable running across the top of your dash, now if required your passenger can within easy reach operate the device. I found a discount code just enter TAXI on check out www.cdslotmount****
15 Jun 2012
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How to make a mobile phone holder using picks Simple holder for mobile phone, made with pickles. Note: I used a simple cell phone to demonstrate how it would look, because I used mine to make the video recording. - Super simple, I hope you like it.
4 Dec 2017
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The large size Sticky Pad from HandStands is a great cell phone holder.With its washable, reusable, moveable, non-magnetic, and temperature resistant surface, you'll have even more room for your MP3 player, sunglasses, cell phone and more. Keep them from slipping and sliding on your car's dashboard.
17 Oct 2008
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Visit**** for details. Many states and locales are adopting strict laws to eliminate the ever growing distraction of mobile phones. It appears that the time is fast approaching where using the cell phone while driving will be a prohibited activity. The only mobile communication device immune from these emerging laws is the hands free cell phone. These cell phone gadgets enable you to still enjoy the use of your mobile phone while keeping both hands on the wheel. They have proven to be an invaluable addition to the cell phone age as they help to eliminate extra distractions while on the road. From workplace to vehicular accidents the cause can usually be attributed to one factor- Over Confidence. Unfortunately, as with most things, when an activity becomes "second nature" we are willing to compromise our focus. Our over confidence allows us to personally justify our inattentiveness as we believe that we have attained the status of perfection and can avoid any problems which may arise. This is not the case. As a driver, it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of others and ourselves. This task cannot be accomplished if we allow ourselves to be diverted by needless distractions. Driving, in itself, is a risky venture as we are not only responsible for our own actions but must also be actively monitoring the drivers around us. There are many unexpected events which we could encounter on the roadway. Situations that are unfamiliar to us and which we have yet to encounter need our full attention because we literally have seconds in responding to these circumstances. For instance, if a driver veers in our path we need to be alert and able to quickly respond. Allowing ourselves to be distracted by cell phones decreases our reaction time and increases our risk of a collision by four times over that of a focused driver. Matter in fact, 80% of all crashes are directly related to inattentiveness. It is impossible to remain vigilant and in complete control of our vehicle when one of our hands are assigned the task of holding our cell phone. I am not advocating that we completely remove cell phone use from the "driving equation" as this would be impractical because cell phones have introduced a level of convenience never experienced before. But, as drivers, we do have the responsibility of removing needless distraction if it is within our power to do so. Being proactive may very well save the life of the next child who darts out in front of us or the child seated behind us. It is this understanding that has enabled hands free cell phone devices to be exempt from cell phone laws and regulations. They enable the driver to have a phone conversation within their vehicle while still having both hands on the wheel. They have proven to be a great asset. Unfortunately, in these hard economic times, hands free cell phone devices are quite expensive and many of us cannot afford them. Nonetheless, the trend clearly shows that they will soon be mandatory if you want to continue having phone conversations while driving. With that said, there is an affordable solution to obtaining a hands free device for your vehicle and it is called the Jupiter Jack. *********** The Jupiter Jack is a cell phone accessory which plugs into the headphone port of your cell phone. Once plugged in it broadcasts your conversation on 99.3FM of your radio. It also comes with a cell phone holder which effortlessly mounts to your car. How can you go wrong for $20! Basically, you just preset 99.3FM into your car radio and at the push of a button you have an instant hands free cell phone device for the fraction of the price. Jupiter Jack is the affordable solution to remaining legal and preserving the safety of your family and the public.
31 Jan 2012
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