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*******www.emfnews****/home_protection.html Studies Prove Cell Pone Radiation Causes Damage to DNA The latest studies confirm what the cellular phone manufacturers do not want you to know: • Casual use of a cell phone can damage the DNA in sensitive areas on your brain • Levels at which damage occurs can be as low as 0.024-0.0024 W/kg - much lower than any cell phone. • Using an ear-piece will not keep you safe from EMF exposure. Ear pieces act as "conduits" to funnel harmful radiation to your brain • DNA damage from EMF exposure is cumulative, increasing your risk each time you use your phone A landmark study by Dr. Henry Lai of the University of Washington showed that even at low levels, exposure to EMF/RF caused DNA damage to brain cells of rats, resulting in loss of short and long-term memory and slower learning. A study at Penn State University concluded that effect for the "first few minutes... then a cascade of microbial destruction occurs. The Aulterra Neutralizer is the only product on the market with invitro studies that prove human DNA can be protected from the damaging effects of EMF/RF. *******www.emfnews****/Lifewave-Cellphone-Matrix-Shield-Test.html
4 Jul 2012
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*******www.emfnews**** *******www.emfnews****/store/home-radiation-protection.html Radiation danger cell phones dangerous cell phone radiation exposure mobile phone radiation microwave transmitter microwave radiation detection cell phone. Cell phone radiation exposure cell phone radiation danger powerful emf protection cell phone cancer safer headset technology emf protection appliances protect. Electromagnetic energy multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome health risks of cell phone towers cordless phone radiaton multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome. El Monte, California, Al Ghabah, United Arab Emirates, Al Ghabah, UAE, Lebanon, Beirut, Mozambique, Maputo, Uruguay, Montevideo, Chad, N'Djamena, New Orleans, Louisiana, Andorra, Andorra la Vella, Tempe, Arizona, France, Paris, Switzerland, Bern, Belgium, Brussels, Paraguay, Norway, Illinois, USA, Guatemala, Guatemala City, North Dakota, USA, Corona, California, Namibia, Windhoek, Vancouver, Washington, Indonesia *******www.emfnews****/store *******www.emfnews****/store/home-cell-phone-and-mobile-tower-radiation-meters.html
16 Jun 2013
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*******www.emfnews**** *******www.emfnews****/store/ Dangers of cell towers cell phone frequencies electromagnetic electrical radiation cell phone radiation protection products electrical radiation protection. Cell phone radiation levels emr exposure cell phon mobile phone health risk cell phones brain cancer microwave radiation protection cell phone radiation. Cell phone, safe cell phones emr exposure hypersensitivity headset cordless phones cell phone radiation facts electromagnetic frequencies microwave energy. Radiation effects cell phone tower health risks health effects of cell phones cell phone protection electromagnetic fields dangers of cell towers reducing. Cell phone dangers health cell phone health problems radiofrequency safest cell phones cell phone frequencies cell sites qlink scooter cell phone tower dangers. Cell site radiation radiofrequency emissions cell tower radiation depression safer headset technology health risks of cell phone towers cell phone health. Cell phone emf protectors cell towers cell site radiation cell phone radiation protection multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome best cell phone radiation. Cordless phones danger emf radiation protection radiation house emf radiation protection emf neutralizer multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome wireless. Radiation safe airtube headset mobile phone radiation cell towers qlink pendant review electro-hypersensitivity cell phones radiation radiation safe airtube. Henderson, Nevada, France, Paris, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Vientiane, Sila, United Arab Emirates, Sila, UAE, Campbelltown, Australia, Cockburn, Victoria, Concord, California, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, UAE, Aurora, Colorado, Poland, Pembroke Pines Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, Al Khari, United Arab Emirates, Al Khari, UAE, Denmark, Copenhagen, Slovakia, Bratislava, Glendale, California, Albury, Australia, Paraguay, Shepparton, Victoria, Turkey, Guyana, Georgetown, France, Paris, Uzbekistan, Tashkent, San Diego, *******www.emfnews**** *******www.emfnews****/store/
8 May 2013
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*******www.emfnews****/store/ *******www.emfnews****/store/home-radiation-protection.html Cell phone protection cell phones elf radiating devices cell phone radiation danger radiation cellphone dangers radio waves radio frequencies electromagnetic. Emf pendant cell phones brain cancer reducing cell phone radiation cell phones health risks cordless phones ghz reduce cell phone radiation cordless phones. Electro-hypersensitivity elf radiating devices cell phone health communications towers emf headset cell phone dangers health qlink review mobile phone health. Radiation safe airtube headset microwave phone radiation cell phones and health risks bluetube headset cellphone danger electromagnetic frequencies cordless. Cell phone danger cell phone health effects cell towers bluetooth headsets cell tower radiation cell phone dangers cell phone radiation effects by microwave. Emr exposure cell phones cancer cell phone health hazards wireless towers mobile effects electromagnetic radiation emr radiation protection products cellular. Power lines cell phone radiation qlink bracelet electromagnetic energy electromagnetic radiation monitor cell phone health risk cordless phones safe cell. Health hazard cell phone and health risk cell wireless electromagnetic radiation health effects wireless devices mobile phone radiation extremely low frequency. Microwave phone radiation health effects of cell phones cell tower radiation depression emr exposure cell phone cancer cell phone radiation. Ecuador, Quito, City of Gosford, Australia, Clipperton Island, Togo, Lome, Morocco, Rabat, Trinidad and Tobago, Port-of-Spain, Columbus, Georgia, Solomon Islands, Honiara, Central African Republic, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Senegal, Dakar, Pakistan, Islamabad, Austin, Berkeley, California, Tuvalu, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Hawaii, USA, Antigua and Barbuda, St. John's, Switzerland, Norfolk, Virginia, Vancouver, Washington, Berkeley, California, Finland, Helsinki, South Africa, Pretoria (administrative), Barbados, Bridgetown, Orange, *******www.emfnews****/store/ *******www.emfnews****/store/home-cell-phone-and-mobile-tower-radiation-meters.html
20 May 2013
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*******www.emfnews****/store/ *******www.emfnews****/store/home-radiation-protection.html Electropollution electromagnetic radiation monitor radiation from cell phones cell phone air-tube headset microwave radiation protection cell phone radiation. Appliances cell phone radiation levels wifi radiation protection health risks of cell phone towers cell phone tower health risks cell phone air-tube headset. Wireless radiation radiation cordless phones wireless radiation cell phone health cell phone health risks 2010 cell phone danger dect safety cell phone. Radiation safe airtube headset cell tower radiation mobile phone radiation cell phone radiation protection cell phones and cancer cell towers radiation. Electromagnetic radiation monitor blocking cell phone radiation cell phone cancer risks of cell phones secret qlink pendant blue tooth radiation are cell. Cell phones brain cancer radiation protection cell phone radiation headset cell phone frequencies health risks of cell phones health effects of cell phones. Wireless radiation cell phone emf shield cell phones health emf cancer cell emf shield home radiation protection electrical sensitivity cancer cell dect. Cell phone dangers cell phone and health risk dangers of cell phones cell phone solution book microwave exposure emf radiation effects cell site cell phone. Radiofrequency emissions cell tower radiation depression microwave radiation protection cordless phones brain tumors cell phone protection products health. Cameroon, Yaoundé, Boise, Idaho, Richardson, Texas, Hervey Bay, Queensland, Lesotho, Solomon Islands, Honiara, Oakland, California, Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Argentina, Buenos Aires City, Nevada, USA, Burkina Faso, Wanneroo, Victoria, United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi Turks and Caicos Islands, New Orleans, Louisiana, Olathe, Kansas, Bermuda, Laos, Colorado, USA, Maldives, Male, Western Sahara, El Aaiun, New Zealand, Visalia, California, Nicaragua, Managua, Brazil, Subiaco, Victoria, Rwanda, Kigali, Dominica, Dominica, Roseau, *******www.emfnews****/store/ *******www.emfnews****/store/home-cell-phone-and-mobile-tower-radiation-meters.html
20 May 2013
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Check out this video of the very first flip BlackBerry getting pimped out with a hot Tego skin from www.MyTego****.
6 Mar 2009
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Show off my spiffy device by letting it go commando without a case or protect the device and keep it looking spiffy. Wrapsol offers the best of both; protection against drops without the big, bulky cases butterscotch****: *******
24 Apr 2010
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Citrus Silk Oil Vera from ZeroPoint Global is an amazing product that helps bring your body back into energetic balance. Citrus Silk Oil Vera is made from 100% organic oils and extracts from plants and trees with added frequencies that match the human body. These frequencies helps your cells to communicate with each other allowing your body to heal itself from the inside out. There are many uses for Citrus Oil Vera that include. Used on the skin it reduces fine lines, brown spots, blemishes, acne, moles, scars, stretch marks and other skin imperfections. It Helps reduce muscle pain, cramps and soreness. It restores energetic balance. Use as first aid for cuts, burns, and sunburns. Restores skin after shaving for men and women. Softens cuticles, strengthens nails. It helps block EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) when applied to hands and feet. These EMF's are found in electronic devices that we use each day like cell phones, computers, and microwaves. Please visit *******ZeroPointHealthStore**** to learn more about this amazing Citrus Silk Oil Vera.
13 Sep 2010
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How to protect yourself from Cellphone Radiation.
13 Oct 2011
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In this video, I review Liquipel. This service claims to waterproof your iPhone and other devices so, I put it to the test. Jump in and get wet!
31 Mar 2012
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*******www.emfnews****/store/ Did you know that (DECT) 1.9Ghz digital cordless phones emit the same type of pulsed microwave radiation (about 1.8 GHz) as ordinary (GSM) cell phones. Emissions can be about 6 V/m within a metre of the base unit, for as long as it is plugged in. Companies push these phones because they do not interfere with Wifi networks. Many base stations emit their radiation even when the phone is not in use! Microwaves are continuously emitted 24 hours a day as long as they are plugged in. Not good. Details – More Warnings. – “DECT cordless phones work at a fixed power. Mobiles turn their power down to the lowest level possible, so when you are near a base station this can be much lower than a DECT cordless. DECT pulses are far more aggressive than for mobiles.” Only the 3rd generation DECT models will not emit radiation continuously. These new models also adjust their power output depending on how far away the base station is from the handset. We could not find US cordless phone models that mention this issue. This is a big deal in Europe. If you have an old DECT phone, you may want to upgrade. We use 5.8Ghz phones to avoid this issue. Amazon still sells a bunch of 5.8Ghz cordless phones. If you really want to be ’safe’, ditch the cordless phone and use hardwired phones. Baby monitors are now using this DECT technology, so beware. *******emfnews****/Lifewave-Cellphone-Matrix-Shield-Test.html
9 Aug 2012
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*******www.emfnews**** *******www.emfnews****/store/ Microwave radiation protection cell tower cell phone radiation test cell phones health cell phone radiation exposure electromagnetic radiation protection. Wireless internet networks cell phone towers radiation cell phones emf radiation effects electromagnetic energy cell phone brain tumor cell phone radiation. Radiofrequency radiation radiation cellphone dangers bluetube headset biopro electromagnetic frequencies cell phone dangers health emf electromagnetic. Q link srt3 therapy boosting nk cell counts emf radiation protection mobile effects electromagnetic radiation health effects radiation safety tips effective. Cell phone radiation protection products electromagnetic radiation causes cell phone cancer cell phone towers health risks radiation detectors radiation. Emf protection biopro technology emf lowest radiation cell phones solar radiation radiation protection products cell phone health issues radiation from cell. Qlink scam cell tower locator qlink risks of cell phones radiation safety wifi dect cordless phones electromagnetic radiation monitor minimize cell phone. Cell tower lease cell wireless emf radiation effects cell phone health cell phone health issues qlink scooter health risks of cell phone towers cell phone. Cell phones radiofrequency emissions safest cell phones wireless radiation cell tower radiation antenna,cellular phones cell tower radiation cell phone. Thailand, Bangkok, Cyprus, Nicosia, Orange, Australia, Zambia, Samoa, Apia, Libya, Tripoli, Nepal, Kathmandu, Dhekelia, Liberia, Monrovia, Wake Island, City of Lithgow, Australia, Vancouver, Washington, Russia, Moscow, Geraldton, Victoria, Topeka, Kansas, Midland, Jacksonville, Florida, New Orleans, Louisiana, Armidale, Australia, Togo, Lome, Kuwait, New Mexico, USA, Croatia, Zagreb, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Luxembourg, Detroit, Michigan, Miramar, Florida, City of Canada Bay, Australia, Providence, Rhode Island, Oman, Germany Bermuda, Finland, Helsinki, Honduras, *******www.emfnews**** *******www.emfnews****/store/
8 May 2013
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