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This book provides the reader with not only such information as what fossils are and where and how they are found, but also a closer examination of a variety of fossil specimens, millions of years old, that are still able to declare, "We never underwent evolution; we were created." The fossils discussed and illustrated in this book are just a few examples of the hundreds of millions of specimens that prove the fact of Creation. And even these few are enough to prove that the theory of evolution is a major hoax and deception in the history of science.
30 Dec 2008
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11 Apr 2009
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8 May 2009
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Frank Hugeunard joins Host George Lewis on the Spiritual But Not Religious Show SBNVideo.TV In 1982 Frank Huguenard received a BS from Purdue University in Computer Science and has spent decades in silicon valley as a software engineer. Huguenard set out on a spiritual journey to understand the nature of reality and why so many people on this planet are suffering. The end result of this search has been his desire to share with the world the knowledge that he has learned. Beyond Reason Documentary Film What is the Ultimate Truth? How can we experience Universal Consciousness? It is said that that “the Truth is that which does not change, anything that changes is not real“. That we live in a holographic universe or what the ancients called Maha Maya, or the grand illusion. But this is something that our intellects will never allow us to understand and something that we can only know experiencially. Join me in pursuing the truth as we speak with some of the great sages and yogis of our time in a discussion about why we have to leave our intellects behind to move beyond them but in order for us to do this, we need to use our intellects to get us to this point. My first two films, Beyond Me and Beyond Belief were produced with zero experience, zero budget and zero help. I did all the work myself including camera work, editing, narration, post production, etc. and these films have been enjoyed for free by over 100,000 people thus far. You can watch both of them below (*NOTE if you have a slow internet connection, have a problem with youTube or just want a copy of the DVDs, see details below on how to get aFREE copy shipped to you). Beyond Me is a very profound film that is frequently compared to “The Secret” and “What the #$%#%$ do We Know?” and takes the viewer on a journey into one’s own mind and how our consciousness, evolution, animal instincts, reincarnation, personality disorders, cellular biology, computer science and the cosmos are all tied in together. Beyond Belief is the next leg in the journey and makes a very compelling case for how the teachings of Jesus, which originally included an emphasis on meditation and reincarnation came from his travels during the so called ‘missing years’. Be sure to watch all the way to the end. The third film in the series, Beyond Reason will be the most mind blowing of all three films in the series. Shot on location in India, and potentially a theatrical release, this new film that I’m asking you to help back will discuss the nature of reality and that our intellect is based on perceptions, which are limited by our five senses and that to go beyond our perceptions to experience Universal Truth, we need to learn that we must move beyond the reasoning part of our brains.
10 Nov 2011
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Biology is the natural science that involves the study of life and living organisms, including their physical and chemical structure, function, development and evolution. Modern biology is a vast field, composed of many branches. Despite the broad scope and the complexity of the science, there are certain unifying concepts that consolidate it into a single, coherent field. In general, biology recognizes the cell as the basic unit of life, genes as the basic unit of heredity, and evolution as the engine that propels the creation of new species. It is also understood that all organisms survive by consuming and transforming energy and by regulating their internal environment. Sub-disciplines of biology are defined by the scale at which life is studied, the kinds of organisms studied, and the methods used to study them: biochemistry examines the rudimentary chemistry of life; molecular biology studies the complex interactions among biological molecules; cellular biology examines the basic building-block of all life, the cell; physiology examines the physical and chemical functions of tissues, organs, and organ systems; ecology examines how organisms interact in their environment; and evolutionary biology examines the processes that produced the diversity of life. Ecology is the study of the distribution and abundance of living organisms, the interaction between them and their environment. An organism shares an environment that includes other organisms and biotic factors as well as local abiotic factors (non-living) such as climate and ecology. One reason that biological systems can be difficult to study is that so many different interactions with other organisms and the environment are possible, even on small scales. A microscopic bacterium responding to a local sugar gradient is responding to its environment as much as a lion searching for food in the African savanna. For any species, behaviors can be co-operative, competitive, parasitic, or symbiotic. by Royal Mentor
27 Aug 2017
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