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9 Aug 2008
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Pet Cremation -מוטי ויסברוט Have the joy מוטי ויסברוט and love מוטי ויסברוט you receive daily from מוטי ויסברוט your weisbrot four-legged moti friend מוטי ויסברוט always present by מוטי ויסברוט creating a moti permanent weisbrot bond moti with weisbrot a Me weisbrot Diamond . All we need is one (1) gram מוטי ויסברוט of your pet’s moti hair to create this unique weisbrot connection.
24 Aug 2008
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A quest to find a unicorn, filled with vivid imagery of horses, wolves, and music by Enigma. Based on the novel, Finding the Unicorn.
19 Mar 2010
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Demolition continues in the bathroom. I'm wearing a shirt for Simplicity Plan *******www.simplicityplan****
5 Mar 2009
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View of Jerusalem from the cemetery of Baal Sulam. Вид на Иерусалим с кладбища , из склепа Бааль Сулама Category: Education Tags: kabbalah View Jerusalem cemetery Baal Sulam Вид Иерусалим кладбище склеп Бааль Сулам
18 Jul 2009
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23 Feb 2011
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*******eatseehear****/movies/schedule/ Eat|See|Hear, alternative to Hollywood Forever Movies, will be showing outdoor films every Saturday night in venues throughout LA. For a complete listing of dates, times and venues, visit *******eatseehear****/movies/schedule/
18 Jun 2012
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Malasimbu Memorial is the leading memorial service company in Dinalupihan, Bataan. This company offers a vast range of funeral services, including caskets, flower arrangements, memorial chapel, columbarium, and memorial garden lots.
18 Feb 2013
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When Barbara visits the U.S. capitol â Washington, D.C. – she is surprised to discover it’s a city that’s about much more than politicians in suits. Her teen co-host, up-and-coming rapper Marky, shows Barbara his city is hip – with hip hop. Marky takes Barbara to many of D.C.’s famous and historical landmarks – from the White House to Arlington Cemetery to a renowned chili restaurant – while composing lyrics on the spot about each site they visit for a rap duet they record together in a professional music studio. Barbara first meets Marky in an area called The Mall and here they discuss their rap song. For inspiration, they first visit the Washington Monument, the largest masonry structure in the world, visible from almost anywhere in the city. A short walk takes them the famed Lincoln Memorial, and they stand on the very steps where Martin Luther King delivered his “I have a dream” speech to hundreds of thousands of on-lookers. They get great lyric ideas for their song. Next up is a walk to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Korean War Memorial and the World War II Memorial. Keeping in line with this theme, they visit the Arlington cemetary, resting place for 250,000 Americans who died at war or in service for the United States. Blown away by the sites, Barbara and Marky seek some down time at Cuttin’ Up Barber Shop. Marky gets a trim, and Barbara helps him with his haircut. You can’t have a new ‘do without a new wardrobe, so they visit Imagine U Unique Shop, a trendy clothing store where Barbara gets fitted with a slamming outfit. She gets to show this outfit off at Expressions Dance Studio, where Marky’s dancers are practicing. Barbara gets a lesson of her own, and joins in! All that dancing works up an appetite. Marky brings Barbara to one of his favourite restaurants, Ben’s Chili Bowl, in the heart of the U Street area where jazz legends such as Duke Ellington got their start. With their stomachs full, they realize they still have some composing to do, and they decide to visit the Smithsonian Museum, the Capitol Building, the White House, Jefferson Memorial, National Cathedral, Embassy Row and DC’s famous Georgetown area. Now they are ready to record their song. At Iron Beats Recording Studio, the two lay down their track. Challenge completed!
30 Jan 2007
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Under There asks some pretty profound questions in a lighthearted way. Eight-year-old Samantha (Jasmine Anthony of ABC's popular drama Commander in Chief) is playing soccer in a cemetary when a mourner named Roman (Richard Edson of Stranger Than Paradise, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and Do The Right Thing) takes offense at the little girl's failure to show what he considers to be proper respect for the dead. Roman scolds Samantha then takes it upon himself to explain the Christian perspective upon death. Samantha listens politely, however in the end, she clings to her unschooled understanding of the relationship between body and soul. As far as the naive Samantha is concerned, human beings simply return to the earth when they die. And you know what? She may very well be right!
3 Jul 2007
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Craig Weisman's audition for Turner Classic Movies Guest Programmer comedy tcm famous tour hollywood forever cemetary
20 Aug 2007
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oakland cemetary
9 Apr 2008
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Beat by Zencat Taste the flava'. Scraps after the line break. Worldpeace, -Ben study research science and technology mind quantified machines design to follow me shadow me battle me calculate strategy faster than me arrive at answers automatically massive capacity processing rapidly charging its battery off of the galaxy naturally magically happened to be tracking me in every possibility and quantum reality it walks through firewalls breaks cryptography instantly intimately understands the mystery deep within the everflowing arch of human history simulating every detail so vividly mathematically engineering singualrity crystalizes matter out of latent energy basic chemistry / multiplied infinitely densely rammified high orders of complexity effervescently refreshing every session pleasantly it's methods be stressin me so i wield mental weaponry shut down any system ever try steppin to me what now hope the dao bring the fuckin' message to me --- as if simplistically our complexity reduced it sees humans characteristically in every single possible myriad reality zen-like it could take apart your whole architecture at the seems in the darkness of dreams in the luminous void we count electric sheep like some mafuckin androids adversary very scary had to plan to bury the hatchet in the cemetary elementary memory couldn't track telemetry enemy omega broken down to nonentity it's a nonentity here for like a minute then gone for like a century imaginable orders unfathomabl in the luminous void we count electric sheep like some mafuckin androids built build or destroy the destiny of mankind you couldn't avoid from absolute wu to the flashing of yin of it's own free will it turn around and go again silicon brain plastic skin repairing broken tapestry DNA recovery algorithms
8 Aug 2008
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This video was made after a visit to the unmarked grave of Man Ray in the Montparnasse cemetary in Paris. Afterwards, I felt a strong urge to make a video in the style of Man Ray, updated. I did not have a video camera with me, however, so I used the "movie mode" on a Sony digital still camera to make short movie files which I would then edit into the one-minute film, "Ghost Ray."
17 Nov 2008
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We've been talking about offbeat American vacation pit stops, and the historic town of Deadwood, in the Black Hills of South Dakota, doesn't get anymore offbeat or American. The hisorical site where Wild Bill Hicock died and Calamity Jane spent time living in was a den of sin during the old West. As depicted in the highly acclaimed HBO series “Deadwood,” the town was full of cursing, fighting, corruption, hookers, gambling, and lots and lots of drinking. Which is why the modern “gambling halls” which fill Deadwood's 200 year old buildings with slot machines and table games are not disrespectful to the town's history, but actually completely accurate to it. The many wild parties in Deadwood, such as their Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day weekends, are the stuff of drinking legend. And if you're travelin' with the young 'uns, there's still plenty of non R-rated fun to be had in Deadwood. The town features multiple historical museums and the Mount Moriah Cemetary, where Wild Bill himself rests. Deadwood is also conveniently close to Mount Rushmore, if you feel like taking a day trip to see the faces of some dead presidents. But if you want to visit a place that reminds you why they called it the “wild” west, Deadwood is the place to drop in. Just make sure you drink some strong whiskey if you want to fit in. I’m Liesel Hlista for TravelWishTV****. Keep watching for more quirky, odd, and outrageous American travel destinations. Distributed by Tubemogul.
18 Oct 2008
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An Oregon climber who was found by a rescue team dog said he survived for 5-days in cold temperatures on a Washington mountain by eating centipedes and bugs. The 27-year-old broke his ankle during the 1-day climb up the 12-thousand-foot Mount Adams. The climber was helicoptered to a Portland hospital where he was initially listed in fair condition. A Louisiana deputy coroner and others continue to search out caskets that were unearthed from burial plots during Hurricane Ike. About 200-coffins got pulled out of their graves from about 47-cemetaries and about 160-caskets have already been found and reburied. Reburial costs are estimated at 100-thousand-dollars on-top of the recovery bill and not all of the missing caskets are expected to be found. Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma are considering getting rid of the paper traffic ticket and trading it in for computerized writeups as early as next year. According to the city council, the e-ticket system would cost about 400-thousand-dollars to startup, but it could save much more money in manpower and paperwork. Plus, the local police department estimates it takes an officer about 15-minutes to write a paper ticket versus simply scanning a driver’s license to transmit the info wirelessly to the courthouse. Tulsa City Council plans to vote on the idea Thursday. That’s the latest national news for now. I’m Dana Ward at GetTheDaily and we’ll see you soon. Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 Oct 2008
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