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5 minute slideshow showing the past and present of the Buffalo Central Terminal and the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation
23 Oct 2006
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On a wet and soggy field, Toledo Central Catholic; the reigning Division II State Champion, won a close contested game 14-7 over Darby. The game was a well played defensive battle, with future OSU player Dane Sanzenbacher catching the winning touchdown.
26 Oct 2006
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Simplemente, ésto es Central... Sin Palabras
14 Dec 2006
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More Trance Central in London. www.myspace****/chucksnider www.charlessnidershow**** csshowgmail****
1 May 2007
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Central Park Flags by Christo and Jeanne-Claude
30 Jan 2007
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IF YOU WOULD LIKE FREE CENTRAL ELMENTS STICKERS EMAIL ME YOUR POSTAL ADDRESS AND I WILL SEND THEM OUT TO YOU PEACE Contained in one day, there is enough love to free the entire world, and enough fear to enslave it. Every minute holds everything you need to recreate yourself, or completely destroy yourself. For us at Central Elements , Art breeds a profound place in this landscape of grace and terror. It allows us to create sacred space to digest the emotions that dictate our personal politics. Central Elements is a celebration of that sacred space, as well as a gifted and soulful example of it. Central Elements and all featured here share the common idea amongst ourselves that at this time more than ever there is a need for a healing of the nations of this planet. We have chosen to contribute to this goal through creative expression, as we feel this form of expression is the Central Element in the souls progression towards enlightenment and consciousness which thereby stretches out and affects the world as a whole. Within this site you will meet and hopefully connect with people forging their own way in their craft. We graciously share with you these leaders, healers, teachers, lovers, aficionados, and creative neurotics. Central Elements, founded in 2002 by Alexx Thompson, was formed with the desire to present a very special handful of today's and tomorrow's stars. Stars in the sense of the incredibly original, creative way they have chosen to impact their communities and the world around them through Art, Spoken Word, Film, or Music. We are a Tribe, a family of souls with the calling of artistically expressing ourselves that's so intense, it has become us. And we welcome you.
Travel to Panama, Central Americas vibrant country. Panama is for adventure travelers and for family travel. See Panama in this Travel Video PostCard is more than the Panama Canal although the Panama Canal is a big tourist attraction. Panama in Central America has untouched rain forests. Panama is ideal for ecotourism and for travelers interested in ecology and natural beauty. The wild monkeys and the thousands of birds make Panama a birders or bird watchers paradise. Birders love Panama because of its rich diversity and ecosystem. Panama City has colonial houses and terrific food. The Old City, Casco Viejo, is perfect for tourists. Its safe, walking streets and terrific restaurants make it ideal. Panama has colorful festivals, tours of lakes and rainforest, tours of the Panama Canal. There are festivals in Panama with colorful costumes. Visit the Canal Museum and experience the biodiversity. This Central American country has more species of birds than anywhere in North America. Panama is one of the only Central American countries that has preserved its indigenous people like the Embera Indian tribe camp site. Travel Video PostCard shows this. In Panama, Canopy Towers, the Canal Zone and the Jungle Boat experiences are the best travel experiences in Central America.
9 Feb 2007
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Presentacion de la Morenada Central Comunidad Cocani en el Carnaval 2007 Obra Maestra del Patrimonio Oral e Intangible de la Humanidad
19 Feb 2007
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Tobas Central en el Carnaval de Oruro 2007 Obra Maestra del Patrimonio Oral e Intangible de la Humanidad
19 Feb 2007
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Belize in Central America is Central Americas only English speaking country. Belize lies in the western Caribbean on the coast of Central America. Belize is home to a mix of ten different cultures including Garifuna, Maya, Creole, Mestizo, East Indian, and German Mennonites. Belize is a very stable democracy, and Belize has hundreds of ancient Maya temples, large tracts of unspoiled tropical rainforest, and this hemispheres longest barrier reef, ideal for Adventure Travelers, Scuba Divers, Nature Lovers and Snorkelers. Belize in Central America has a network of picturesque rivers and waterfalls winding from the Maya Mountains to the Caribbean Sea. There are challenging limestone caves covered with Maya pottery and Belize is Central American country alive with hundreds of bird species, a paradise for Birders and bird watchers. Belize is being explored for unexcavated Mayan sites, and travelers to Belize hike rainforest trails and climb ancient ruins and temples. Offshore, hundreds of coral sand islands (or cayes) with palm trees and clear water beaches with soft sand invite travelers to snorkel patch reefs, kayak, fly-fish, or just relax. Belize in Central America has some terrific but unpretentious resorts. Southern Belize is less developed and has fewer tourists.
26 Mar 2007
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New York New York Central Park Footage A quick little walk through central park new york. Clip is actually longer but got cut out. Music is entertaining. Girl is sexy, but you never get to see her lol
31 Mar 2007
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A mock Central ident featuring the new ITV logo and New Birmingham BullRing with the great 1989 generic ident music! How it should be?
18 Apr 2007
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We organisated our own little Gumball 3000 Challenge TDU-Central Forums.
8 May 2007
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