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No cash deposit? Deposit Assure gives you the final piece of the puzzle to close the sale. One of the biggest hurdles faced by homebuyers today, is having access to a cash deposit to secure their purchase. Deposit Assure provides a smart alternative to a cash deposit – deposit bonds. How deposit bonds work: A deposit bond is a substitute for the cash deposit required when purchasing a residential property. You simply pay the full purchase price at settlement. Deposit Assure is out to change the game. Based in Melbourne, Australia, our mission is to make it easier for people to buy property. (it really is that simple). To make our vision a reality, we work closely with homebuyers, mortgage brokers, conveyancers, lenders and developers. Bringing together direct access to our deposit bond service with quality expert advice and resources, we give you and your clients everything you need to secure a property purchase. And we don’t stop looking for new and better ways to do this.
Garv breaks down Certificate of Deposits or CDs, learn why it might not be a good investment for your money.
12 Nov 2008
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When people are looking for safe investments during this difficult economy, a conservative approach directs them to bank CD's. This video compares an Index Certificate of Deposit and a Fixed Index Annuity. The crediting methods are similar, but the benefits to the client are heavily skewed toward the FIA. WealthVest is pioneering a financial services distribution model in the guaranteed products space. We offer a value proposition that is second to none, because we understand the unique needs of the independent financial advisor: 44 field sales consultants, located across the country. WealthVest offers a seasoned team of sales professionals across the country. Our Sales Consultants carry an average of 13 years field sales experience. With guaranteed products exploding in popularity, we can help advisors understand the concepts and position solutions with their clients. The most highly recognized practice management coaches in the industry. We have an exclusive coaching arrangement with Ron Carson, the largest producer at Linsco Private Ledger for 17 years and the founder of the Peak Academy. We offer Tom Hamlin, the largest producer at Raymond James and an advisor who has mastered the art of electronic marketing. Peter Montoya, Bill Good, and Tom Hopkins are a few names that round out our stable of coaches. Advisors who work with WealthVest receive exclusive access to these industry icons for the purposes of coaching and practice management. Wealth Tribes Study Groups. Advisors can become the best when they learn with the best. We sponsor several study groups that connect like minded advisors for the purposes of sharing ideas and networking. Ken Doyle, Tom Hamlin, and Lauren Eichner of Getting Results Coaching facilitate these groups. Current and planned programs include “Success Using Electronic Marketing”, “Success Using Radio”, “Success With Seminars”, and “Success With CPA And Attorney Networks”. Advisors have access to these groups. *******www.wealthvest****/blog
3 Dec 2010
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***********/watch?v=mUAOC6Z-WYU - What is Certificate of Deposits (CD)? A short or medium-term debt investments offered by banks and savings and loans It can be purchased through most brokerage firms Options When Your CD Matures Option 1: They can roll the proceeds into another CD. Option 2: Invest the proceeds into another cash alternative. Option 3: Invest the proceeds in another type of investment.
5 Apr 2013
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How to title and protect your grandma's bank account or cd's from bank failure. How FDIC account insurance for single accounts for under $100,000 works. How to avoid losing money when a bank fails, The video describes how titling your accounts can cause you to be FDIC under insured at time of bank forclosure.
15 Jul 2008
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******* Mukesh Chatter is an engineer and serial entrepreneur, known for building the router company Nextabit and selling to Lucent in 1999 for $900 million. He says the current economic downturn is an opportunity for innovators to find the inefficiencies in business and create new opportunities. Flush with excess in the boom times, this is the right time to dis-intermediate, he told me this morning. Last year, Chatter and Ray Statta, Chairman of Analog Devices founded MoneyAisle, a reverse auction, Web-based application for consumer finance products. The Boston-area company is finding the inefficiencies in the market for certificates of deposits by running reverse auctions where 120 banks are asked to compete on individual consumer requests. In January, some 70,000 visitors went to the MoneyAisle site and spent $45 million on CD purchases. Mary Pilon of Wall Street Journal reports on MoneyAisle today and offers her experience on the site. For an extended video interview with Mukesh, check out this one with Robert Scoble. Here is the launch story in Xconomy. The company was profiled last year in MIT's Technology Review. -- Andy Plesser, Executive Producer Disclaimer: MoneyAisle is a client of Plesser Holland public relations.
11 Feb 2009
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*******etftrendtradingsystems**** For many individuals, the thought of investing their money in stocks, securities and bonds can be a scary proposition. For some, images of Bernard Madoff coupled with the recession makes for a very risky market indeed. You have probably heard of too many banks, insurance companies and investment houses folding under the pressure of the recession as well as the domino effect of fraudulent Ponzi schemes. For others, you probably think that the investment world is so complicated and complex that it is confusing to all but the likes of Warren Buffett. In many ways, it can be, especially with akjargon. However, with proper education and training, you can actually make money investing on your own. Here is how to do it. Begin Your Education Education empowers individuals to take on and succeed at challenges that previously seemed insurmountable. You will learn to understand the technical lingo - bid, ask, spread, annual percentage yield, annual percentage rate, to name a few - that goes with each type of investment whether it is a certificate of deposit or a crude oil future. You must apply what you learn. Just reading on and on without applying your new knowledge is pointless.investing on your own
3 Dec 2009
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FirstCapitalHoldingsLLC**** is conducting a private offering. SECURED INTEREST FUND, LLC Proposes to offer California residents $3,500,000 worth of SECURED INTEREST FUND, LLC Investor Notes At $50,000 per Share Minimum purchase of two units. Current offering Costa Mesa Self Storage Built 5 years ago, 705 Units, 25 RV Spaces, 1 Cell Tower, 96% Occupancy, E Waste Recycler, Featured on TV, Great California Location. This is a excellent Alternative to CD, IRA, 401K and Pension fund. SECURED INTEREST FUND, LLC provides an alternative to investors seeking higher returns than Certificates of Deposit offered by banks while providing security of principal and interest through excess cash flow from our existing self-storage properties in Southern California and Arizona. Again this isnt an Investment in the storage, but rather the notes being offered. The proposed offering is limited to residents of the State of California who are accredited investors. Minimum investment is $100,000. No money or other consideration is being solicited or will be accepted. An indication of interest by prospective investors involves no obligation or commitment of any kind: no sales will be made or commitment to purchase accepted until 5 business days after delivery of a disclosure statement and subscription agreement that accord with California law. INVESTOR RELATIONS: For more complete information about SECURED INTEREST FUND, LLC and SECURED INTEREST FUND, LLC Investor Notes, request for additional information from First Capital Holdings. WEB: FirstCapitalHoldingsLLC**** PHONE/ EMAIL: (949) 833-1505 or Robertfirstcapitalholdingsllc**** ADDRESS: 2082 Michelson Drive, Suite 212-O, Irvine, CA 92612.
22 Dec 2012
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Liquid funds are debt mutual funds that invest your money in very short-term market instruments such as Treasury bills, government securities, Bank Certificate of Deposits, Bank Fixed Deposits, Bill Rediscounting, Commercial Paper, Collateralised Borrowing & Lending Obligation and other debt securities with maturities up to 91 days. There are many liquid mutual funds in the country which provide decent returns with less amount of risk. Indiabulls AMC is one of the best liquid funds to invest in.
22 May 2018
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Liquid fund is a category of mutual fund which invests primarily in money market instruments like certificate of deposits, treasury bills, commercial papers and term deposits. Let’s know about the benefits of liquid funds and how to choose a liquid fund.
12 Jun 2018
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Types of Mutual Funds There are various types of mutual funds that exist, catering to different people based on their needs. They can be categorized into: 1. Growth or Equity Funds: They invest mainly in equities and have a primary objective of wealth creation or capital appreciation. They also have an added potential of generating higher returns over long-term investment. 2. Income Funds: These are funds which invest in fixed income securities such as bonds or government securities, commercial papers and debentures, bank certificates of deposits, as well as money market instruments like commercial paper and treasury bills. 3. Hybrid Funds: They invest in fixed income and equities, offering the best of both worlds. They also have the benefits of growth potential and income generation. The benefits of investing in mutual funds include the wide range of types you can choose from.
22 Feb 2019
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