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Boomslang (Dispholidus typus) - venomous and very dangerous. -- I relocated this subadult Boomslang from a place in Bellville earlier today. You may see "snake catchers" on TV haphazardly "necking" snakes the way I do in this video, but PLEASE don't ever try doing this yourself. Not only is it extremely dangerous (some species of snake can reach around and bite you even if you neck them), it's also very stressful on the snake. -- Boomslang are known for their strikingly large eyes - the largest of any African snake. Females are light to olive brown with dirty white to brown bellies, whereas males may have a variety of colors but usually present dark green on top with yellow bellies and black markings in-between their belly scales. Shy and diurnal (active during the day), they spend most of their lives in trees and shrubs where they hunt eggs, birds, frogs, chameleons, and other tree-dwelling lizards. Their venom is haemotoxic, which means that it affects the clotting mechanism in blood and leads to severe internal and external bleeding, or even haemorrhage if untreated. Although potent, the venom is slow-acting and may take more than 24 hours to produce serious symptoms - an effective anti-venom is available in some locations. There are two common myths about the Boomslang: firstly, that they drop from trees onto people who walk by (they don’t), and secondly that because they’re rear-fanged they can only bite you on your little finger (they are rear-fanged, but can open their jaws 170 degrees and bite you almost anywhere on your body).
20 Jan 2018
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17 Feb 2018
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Boney M daddy cool bass cover "Daddy Cool" is a song by the disco band Boney M, which was released as a single on May 31, 1976, promoting their musical debut with the album Take The Heat Off Me. Boney M daddy cool bass cover Based on an animated character from Australian television, the frenetic German producer Frank Farian gave life to his musical project Boney M. that after receiving good reviews for a successful debut single, decided to put together a vocal group to interpret the melodic songs live and in the media. Boney M daddy cool bass cover That's how he recruited Marcia Barrett, Mazie Williams and Liz Mitchell, three beautiful and dark ladies who had something in common beyond a vocal and kinesthetic talent: All three were Boney M daddy cool bass cover immigrants. Later, Farian contacted a young native of Aruba called Bobby Farrell who had a special talent for dancing. These four young people, each with a different talent and chameleon on stage, gave life to the visible face of this musical project that had good results in Europe and Latin America. Boney M daddy cool bass cover Within his first LP, we found a new song, with more tints of instrumental that yes, entitled "Daddy Cool", and that was accredited to the talented Frank Farian and his colleague George Reyam. Boney M daddy cool bass cover Is that "Daddy Cool" had that novelty that in German lands was already going out of style. This system of creating songs with a lyrics based on a few phrases to give greater prominence to the instrumental part and to the most abilable staging was a rage in the rest of the world. Boney M daddy cool bass cover The song begins with a percussion sound effect that had its orig
22 Feb 2019
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Superb Helloween how many tears bass cover It was like a kick in the eggs when Kai Hansen decided to leave Helloween at the end of 1988 to create something new since he was tired of the atmosphere that reigned in his old band. Helloween how many tears bass cover At first, Kai did not want to enter any group, but start a solo career with only the singer Ralph Schepers. The recordings with the musicians of the studio were so good at the same time that the relationships were also good that all that created a new band: GAMMA RAY. The first album "Heading for tomorrow" went on sale in January 1990 and triumphed especially in Germany and Japan. While Helloween changed their musical orientation a bit with one of the worst albums that have been made: "Chameleon", Kai continued with that powerful and melodic heavy metal with optimistic and critical lyrics, great guitars and wonderful voices. Helloween how many tears bass cover It took some time for Gamma Ray to get on stage, as soon as the recording of the album was finished, drummer Mathias Burchardt decided to leave the group to concentrate fully on his studies. A new drummer is incorporated and his name is Uli Kusch (now at Helloween). Helloween how many tears bass cover The complete line-up with Ralph Schepers (vocals), Kai Hansen (guitar and vocals), Dirk Schlachter (guitar), Uwe Wessel (bass) and uli Kusch (drums) performs the first world tour of Gamma Ray. During the tour a mini-LP called "Heaven can wait" was released in September 1990. This EP contained B-faces, a new version of the song that gave title to the EP, songs that were left loose in the recording of the album and a new one song "Who do you ..." Helloween how many tears
28 Feb 2019
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