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Self Proclaimed Heavy Wooden. One of a kind original trio of Electric Violin, Standup bass, and drums. Think a cross between Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Buckley. The Danglers include members of Violent Femmes, The Tossers, and Avalon Four. The premise was simple, don't play your part; play your instrument! When did the brilliant and spiritual notion of finding your voice on your instrument succumb to mundane songs and questionable fashion? And isn't that exactly what is missing from the music we are being bombarded with? The solution seemed simple in the winter 1997 when John Sparrow, Dave Gelting, and Jason Loveall put those questions to the test. The Danglers are a power trio, of Violin, Contrabass and Drums, an unlikely but extremely versatile combination of instruments whose example were few but very helpful in influencing their direction. The band poured through droves of bebop and 20th Century composition while scrutinizing King Crimson, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Frank Zappa, Jeff Buckley, and Led Zeppelin collectively to influence its direction. No Dangler show sounds the same. The Danglers can play a jazz club as efficiently as they can handle a rock stage. Early in their career the band flooded the Milwaukee music scene playing 3 weekly residencies while playing shows and conferences in the Midwest and East coast. Their first release in 1998 was a hand copied cassette called 'Live at Rory's', a stereo mic recording of an early show at the venue that launched the band. Since, the band has recorded two full length studio albums, 'The Danglers', and 'Fade Out/Fade In'. A live and outake collage, 'Cocktales, reflections of the Milwaukee Night Life'. 2 ep's ,'Faux Kack' and 'We Had Heaven' a split 7" as well as compilation records. All Dangler recordings have been self financed as well as self distributed. The Danglers at present are writing their most concise batch of material to date. Only experience can describe a band that operates without rival. See them live!