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Boy scares guy, Guy chases boy with knife, boy turns the tables and chases the guy with a sword
12 Mar 2007
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The very first Tire Of Death movie. The Guy finds out that tires have more of a life than he thought. The tire comes to life and starts chasing The Guy. What will happen next. Will he escape, or get killed by this restless tire.
25 Feb 2009
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"Two cell salesmen were heading on break when they heard a cry for help from an aging security guard as a shoplifting suspect blazed past them, and instead of ignoring this plea, they chased the guy down, caught him, and held him until mall security and police arrived. Their reward for this heroic action? They were fired." But really, what would you do? Trip the guy, or karate chop, or some type of chop, of course. But according to Sprint's code of conduct, helping a cop catch a thief is a form of misconduct punishable with termination. Kevin, as a former cellular retail employee, shares some insight... but getting fired still doesn't make sense.
22 Apr 2011
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See this protective mama pig who catches a fat guy trying to steal her child piglet, and reacts by chasing the guy to scare the shit out of him.
5 Oct 2017
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