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How to use the internet to find cheap gas by zip code
11 Dec 2006
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Check Out: *******snurl****/freeelectric - Using the magniwork generator, you will be able to generate absolutely free electric energy. It is easy to construct and doesn't require any external source of energy to power itself. - Details: *******snurl****/freeelectric - Cheap Gas And Electricity | Electric Suppliers | Electricity Power
3 May 2010
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Political satire in the tradition of Twain and Will Rogers.
14 Aug 2008
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Antoine Young hates getting gas when he's broke.
11 Jun 2010
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Get cheap gas with this hybrid technology installed on your car. Amazing results, big money savings and cleaner emissions. Stop global warming!
13 Aug 2008
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cheap gas price advocate home business expert predicted barak obama winfall
13 Nov 2008
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cheap gas internet marketing online business guru predicted barak obama winfall*******members.soundclick****/alpha66
13 Nov 2008
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*******save-on-gas-today****/truckdrivers *******workwithalfredturner**** How To Save Money On Cheap Gas Price and Diesel Fuel for Truckers 5 Ways you are wasting money on Operation and Maintenance. Our main focus is your bottomline. The up and down along with the rise and fall in gas price and diesel prices over the last few years tracks changes in the cost of crude oil and Cheap gas. Those changes are determined in the global crude oil market by the worldwide demand for and supply of crude oil. The struggling economic conditions in the U.S. and around the world in 2008 and into 2009 led to less demand, which helped push prices down.
27 Sep 2012
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The following takes place between 4:58 and 5pm.
31 Mar 2008
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I'll show you the secret to finding the cheapest gas prices anywhere for free! Save your money!
19 May 2008
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We look at the high price of gas and the tools available online to help get the most for your buck. The FU of the Week is served by Elon Musk of Tesla and his new 100% electric supercar! Plus, an awesome indie hip-hop video, and cat ladies! For all the show links and everything EPIC FU, go to *******epicfu****!
18 Jun 2008
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getthedaily**** Up first, a Virginia man dropped 80 pounds in 6 months with the help of good ole’ Mickey-Ds. The 42-year-old ate from the healthier menu at McDonald’s for just about every meal, losing 14 inches from his waist and now weighing in at 199 pounds. His goal is to return to the 185-pound-body he had on his wedding day. There’s a new trend for filling up the gas tank. Many motorists are driving down to Mexico to fill-up their tanks and they’re saving money. On average, gasoline in Tijuana currently costs about 3-dollars-10-cents versus the US-average of 4-dollars-and-60-cents. The money saved equals about 30-dollars per 20-gallon pump. However, the Triple-A Auto Club warns US-drivers to not make the trip across the border for gas fill-ups. Triple-A says that the mixture of gasoline in Mexico differs from the formulas used in the United States. More specifically, the company’s research center says Mexican gas has more sulfur in it and using the gas to fuel American cars will result in future needed repairs of the emission control equipment. Time Magazine reported last week that a group of teenage girls at a Boston high school made a pledge to get pregnant and deliver their babie
25 Jun 2008
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