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Hi Folk's This video is my home studio set sorry for the out of sync audio. Certain parts were filmed on a HTC1....& for some reason i couldn't get it synced properly in my editing software's aimed at enthusiasts who are limited for SPACE & MONEY..... Hope it helps any would be starters out there. Intro "Fun Energetic Pop" 42 Studio Audiojungle Music provided by Frequency. Track: Lumian - Fly Thanks for watching folk's
4 Sep 2017
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I bought a Canon HV10 HDV camcorder to see how good the video is because I had read some bad things about shooting action in HDV so I set up the camera on a cheap tripod and shot a little of the airshow in HD. I tried to letterbox the video here because I shot in 16X9 but it came out in 4:3 squeezed. I can see that the video looks sharper than my regular DV videos posted here. My camera work with the HV10 was sloppy because it was only the second time I shot anything with it. I didn't see anything too weird with the HDV other than my bad camera work. HD for the same price as SD DV.
12 Oct 2007
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Pro video tip from www.HowToVideoPRO****. Using this easy trick, you can produce smooth camera moves, pans and tilts. Get great results, even with cheap tripods. Great for wildlife videography.
20 Dec 2007
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A favorite of The Digital Media Dude, Barber Tech has the SteddiePod, an inexpensive steady system for your camera rig that also can be used as a mono pod, a "cheap tripod" and a very cheap "crane". Eddie Barber shows you how to use it!
5 Jul 2008
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