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girls asking for free food
7 Aug 2008
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Hillary Clinton wants to pick a fight with Barack Obama...or at least pick a debate. Or two. Here's her appeal to the voters of Wisconsin. Cheesus Barack, don't be a brat!
14 Feb 2008
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Cabot cheese is very delicious decades of well know brands www.cabotcheese.blogspot****
15 Apr 2010
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Sam heads north to Montreal, where she stops into Paul Patates where they serve poutine: fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. New episodes of Samantha Brown's Great Weekends air Saturdays at 10PM only on Travel Channel! ***********/TV_Shows/Samantha_Brown
24 Jul 2009
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Second lunch? Most definitely. Sometimes Poutine alone just isn't enough...that's why you add pulled pork, extra cheese curds, bacon bits and many more delicious, delicious foods.
24 Sep 2012
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When we have any health issues, we are advised to eat certain food items and to avoid others. Prostate problems are no exception. The food items given below act as trigger foods in prostate issues and hence, need to be avoided. Red meat and processed meat like pork, sausages, beef, etc. should be avoided as few compounds present in them may increase the risk of cancer. Spicy and acidic food should also be avoided as they can worsen enlarged prostate problems. So watch out your spice intake! Avoid caffeine such as cold drinks, coffee, tea, chocolates, as their consumption may give rise to prostrate problems. Alcohol can also worsen the enlarged prostrate condition and hence, should be avoided. Dairy foods like cheese, curd, etc. though considered healthy, should be avoided if one has prostate problems as the abundant amount of calcium present in them may increase the risk of prostate cancer and worsen the symptoms.
3 Dec 2017
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Well I'm from Minneapolis Minnesota, originally. I moved here about fourteen years from Sioux Falls South Dakota, and we opened our restaurant 16 months ago in Gilbert. I came here for the weather. Wags, short for our last name, Wagner, was my father. He came out it year after I did. He sent me out here to see this is where I wanted to be; we always planned on coming here when he retired and I knew right away when I got off the plane, this is where God wants me. This is where I’m staying. We serve a whole chicken wing, wet battered, deep fried buttered and seasoned. We're known for our Minnesota dry rub. We have seven sauces, for dipping, they're all homemade, that come on the side, if you want the sauce. The seasoning comes on all the food and that’s what we’re known for. The rub has a variety of seasonings. It's a secret recipe Less than 11. and it's not hot it's a little it's hard to explain until you enjoy it; until you taste it. It's just a very good seasoning. A couple of the more popular items on the menu are deep fried cheese curds, deep fried okra, catfish; fried mushrooms. We also serve chicken tenders. All of our meat’s prepared fresh and prepared the same way. Monday through Friday we have lunch specials from 11:00 to 2:00, and Tuesday is our bucket day. We're located at 860 East Warner Road in Gilbert, 480-507-0910. http: // shortywagswings(.)com, and we're on Facebook and Instagram.
26 Mar 2019
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